Tips on Data Breaches: The Risks of The Internet

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Using the internet is a great experience that allows people to do endless activities. However, despite all its benefits, the internet could be quite dangerous if it is used without caution and without being aware of its possible threats. Unfortunately, no one on the internet can be trusted and much less on deals that seem too good to be true.


We cannot deny that one of the advantages of the extensive list that the internet has is that it allows its users to be connected on a global level. However, this represents a constant threat especially if it is taken into account that many people in an innocent and unconscious way put their personal data on the internet, especially on social networks, which would greatly facilitate the work of criminals who wish to obtain their private information for unscrupulous purposes.


The Dangers of Personal Data Being Reachable


In recent years, the vast majority of platforms of all kinds have progressively begun to request a greater amount of personal information in order to be able to use them. One of the principal nightmares that individuals, businesses, and government agencies have in common are data breaches. In today’s digitized and networked world, where everything is hyper-connected, it represents a very big and serious problem. The technology of hacking itself is constantly evolving in the same way as hackers do when looking for forms to reach sensitive data and break into private accounts in order to use any piece of personal information to profit at the cost of its victims.


On the internet, it is relatively easy to find a lot of personal data that users share consciously or unconsciously. Some users feel that being constantly present on social media by sharing their life experiences is the best way to communicate with the world and stay in touch with friends. In other words, netizens can provide personal identifying information such as date of birth, names, locations, workplace, and more or, on the other hand, non-personal identifying information such as behavior and preferences on websites. With a deficient internet privacy, all the user’s information and activities are likely to be collected by third parties to be analyzed. Sharing some pieces of information may seem harmless to some users but the reality is that hackers are capable of using a small amount of information to compromise their security by gaining access to more sensitive data such as finances.


It is important to encourage different measures to maintain and guarantee privacy online. Information leaks can cause financial and even emotional problems. The consequences of these complications due to hacks range from monetary loss or identity theft to even cyberbullying. Many times, security measures such as double authentication and secure passwords are taken for granted. However, sometimes it seems that when it is the cybercriminals’ turn, no measure is strong and secure enough to stop them. That is why users must be kept in a state of constant alert.


Be Safe With Non-VoIP Numbers


Data security is an issue applicable to many businesses and individuals. Internet privacy needs to become a growing concern between users and it is necessary that they begin to take the appropriate measures to avoid security breaches. It is important to remember that criminals are around every corner just waiting for the victim to lower their guard in order to attack them.


Although all this information can cause users to change their perspective and feel a little overwhelmed, the intention is not to panic and become paranoid every time they surf the internet. No, on the contrary, the idea is to make them more aware of the problems that constantly lurk on the internet cyberspace so that they may have a better experience when using this technology that undoubtedly generates a strong daily impact in the simplest of everyday activities.


That is why it is a good idea for users to better start protecting themselves by acquiring a Non-VoIP number. Operated by the Epsilon Technology LTD company, VerifyWithSMS is a U.S. Non VoIP provider that offers users a verify phone number verification service to help them validate their accounts on different platforms, such as Instagram, Discord, Telegram, Facebook and many more.

Tips on Data Breaches: The Risks of The Internet

The Internet and social media have given people the opportunity to connect with others regardless of the distance between them. This service is a perfect option to maintain personal data private since it will allow users to enjoy and have fun on social media without the need of exposing their real phone number: by getting one of their disposable numbers, users will be able to bypass the verification process at a very affordable price with no risks since they will be using a trustworthy service.


VerifyWithSMS helps their customers much further than protecting their privacy, it also allows them to enjoy a first-class service that will help them to save money and time due to its inexpensive and efficient service with a simple interface. Another of the multiple advantages of this service is that it is not necessary to provide any identification document in order to get it, which guarantees greater privacy since to start using it, it is not necessary to enter any personal data. To create an account, it is only required to provide an email and a password.


Without a doubt this service is simple, fast and reliable. Security breaches show the value and advantages of using temporary numbers in order to protect private data. Sign up now and start protecting your privacy!



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No boobs?
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Commercials in the posts now? Raaasssclaaarts!
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A crummy commercial?!?!
Manda 2 year s ago
izi just understands its user base.

They know the site is full of geriatric boomers so they are pushing products to help them stop being such a liability.

Why do you think ransomware attacks are so successful? It's because of all the senile fossils with no concept of digital security.
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Manda, More like millennial morons (oops, redundant) with zero attention span who will click on anything...
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Manda, yeah, sure. Like all those geezer fossils over at Colonial Pipeline and JBS Meats that let the hackers have their way. Dipsh#t. Go invest in more Bitcoins.
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You know one you'll be the 'boomer', right? One day you will be mocked by youngsters because you can't work out how to use new technology. Go back to your toys, child.
Gail 2 year s ago
SMS is the poorest security choice to make, with the exception of username-and-password-only access. if you have a smartphone, download and install one of the well-known time-based-one-time-password applications (google authenticator is one) then enable 2fa on all of the online accounts that support it. If you don't have a smart phone, you can install similar applications on your tablets (first alternate) or pc (last resort).
When you log into sites that require logins before you can use/comment/purchase/etc, unless the information is going to be used to verify credit card purchases, make everything up. To do this, and remember what you entered for every site, you should use a password manager, and for gods sake, don't make the password you use to unlock your password easy or simple. With a password manager, you can create random data for all of the questions you have to answer online, and you won't have to remember them all since you'll have them in your password manager.

Between work and personal accounts, I have more than 300 logins and passwords, but the only one that I have to remember is the one to my password manager. Yes, I back it up, and I have verified that I can restore from that backup.
Pinckney 2 year s ago
#first - get a pi hole...
#second - get keepass...
#third - think before click....




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