Studying at university: expectation vs reality

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Studying at university: expectation vs reality


Study time is the happiest time


In fact, any time can be the happiest. The brain is arranged so that it forgets the bad and remembers the good. The past is shown to us by our memory through a certain rainbow filter. Which time is the happiest depends only on you.

Nobody checks your homework at university


That's true, but teachers form their attitude towards the student based on the attendance and activity of the student. You are required to complete all assignments on time, and it doesn't matter if you do them yourself or buy expository essays. Remember, you are responsible for absences and uncompleted assignments, and the consequences can be serious. 

College prepares you completely for adulthood


One common education myth. Every student prepares himself or herself. The level of modern education and educational programs in many countries is such that you have to learn a lot on your own, both the theory and the practical part.

For example, many useful practical skills people acquire already in the workplace. And this is normal. University is a base, a kind of school, which allows you to assimilate this knowledge and find applications for it.

A scholarship will give you a great living


Many students, even before they start college, imagine how they will spend their future scholarship on entertainment and fancy clothes. But when they receive it already in high school, they get upset, because it is not the amount of money for which they can buy everything they want. Moreover, often the scholarship is enough only for food, and many students are forced to look for a job as a result. In addition, it is worth saying that getting a scholarship is not so easy. It requires persistence in learning and good grades. 

It's easy to find a job after university


A job is rarely easy to find right away. Especially if you're looking for a job to your liking. And especially for a young professional, when all job openings require employers to have a year or two of experience. Nevertheless, everything is possible. Moreover, a student often has privileges and with a sensible approach, it is quite possible to combine study and work.

Interesting subjects


Let us assume that you have purposefully entered a certain specialty. Profile subjects on this specialty will begin to appear only in the 3-4 years. Before that, a student is waited by many lectures on subjects quite distant from his specialty. Even if you are not interested, you will have to attend them.

Fun college life in the dorms


In American movies, students usually go to college, where they're in for a wild ride. If you've seen that kind of movie, we're going to disappoint you: it's a little different in reality. Although it's fun, too. You'll be greeted first by dorm queues, then by janitors and curfews. 

Diploma - the key to success


The key to success is brains. And a diploma is proof that you have one. The diploma can say anything, but it won't mean anything if your head is empty.

It's hard to study


On the one hand, it really is, but on the other hand, it is not! It really won't be easy for you, but the right approach and motivation will help in this difficult task. But even if you face difficulties and lack of time there are professional services to help you cope with the task even if you have.

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