The most influential languages relevant to the ones who study

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The most influential languages relevant to the ones who study


Foreign languages are very important for a novice specialist today. Having a good command of several foreign languages is useful when applying for a job, especially if it is one or more of such influential languages as English, German or French. This is due not only to the fact that most firms cooperate with foreign partners and investors but also to the fact that knowledge of foreign languages significantly expands the horizons of a specialist, the language framework does not prevent him from self-improvement and being interested in things that are not peculiar to a person who speaks one language only. Besides, in the current computer era, knowledge of a foreign language allows you to get information from almost any source. It is the poet's knowledge of a foreign language that is so important for a person.


Many students studying languages at college get multiple comprehensive writing assignments. In some cases they can’t deal with all of them, so they can get qualifies essay help.


But which language should I give preference to? After all, there are not so few languages in the world, some are more used, some are less. The languages that are most popular among students, allowing them to expand the scope of their capabilities, are called influential.

Which languages are classified as "influential"? Let's figure it out.

Despite the huge number of existing languages, only some of them are chosen for study. According to Eurydice, an organization for monitoring and collecting information on education in the member states of the European Union, today French, Spanish, English, German and Russian are the most popular among the languages. At the same time, English is studied as a traditional language in some countries. Also, according to Eurydice data, it can be judged that as many as 90% of high school students choose English as a second language to study. This is natural because it is an international language. This is the language of science, and if you decide to write, for example, a course project in it, the teacher will be pleasantly surprised.


Next, 17% of high school students choose French, and 5% each choose German and Spanish.


According to the data, Germanic languages are more popular among northerners (the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries), and French is more popular among southerners (Spain, Italy).

When asked which language Europeans find the most useful for learning, not counting their native language, 75% of them note English, 40% - German, 23% — French, 18% — Spanish.

English is chosen mainly by students, white-collar managers, French-by workers and housewives, German - by entrepreneurs who have their own business, and students.


Also, a small number of students noted the fact that they would like to study Chinese or Japanese, since these languages are one of the most difficult to learn, and therefore there are not many people who speak them. This means that a person who speaks Chinese or Japanese will have no problems with employment, which is extremely important for a young specialist.


It is clear that by studying influential languages, a person has a great chance of getting a higher-paid and prestigious job. Therefore, go ahead and remember that any learning activity will turn out great and bring pleasure only when you like it.

When studying a foreign language you need a lot of motivation and a clear goal in front of you. Most students from time to time face a lack of motivation. The reasons can be very diverse: laziness, a stormy student life, as well as the lack of a specific goal, which makes many young people study much worse than their abilities.


To motivate yourself and force you to start studying, first of all, you will need willpower (which is the most important thing). Not everyone has this trait from birth, but if there is a desire, it can be trained.

It should be noted that our education system has a fairly wide profile, which means that a student has to learn a huge number of subjects, which in most cases will not be useful to him in any way during further employment. However, although the subjects are boring and unnecessary, you will still have to take them to get an education. To force yourself to do this, it is enough to contact history homework help and follow the recommendations that will be listed below.

1. First of all, it is a clear goal. If you have a desire to quit school, you need to remember for what purpose you originally entered the educational institution and what a good education can give you specifically.


2. Then you need to allocate a workplace. You need to choose a place that will be used only for studying, you can not engage in any other activities on this territory, so the place should be completely separate from other zones.


3. In addition, in the workplace, you need to get rid of everything that can distract you. In no case should you throw away the TV or computer, just turn it off and forget about them for a while. It is worth allocating a clear period of time for studying and at this time devote exclusively to it.


4. Reward yourself. Anything can serve as a reward. Let's say that after graduation, allow yourself to play a computer game for half an hour or eat sweets. Any, even the smallest bonus will give the necessary feeling of the upcoming reward. 

The most difficult student time is the exam time. It is when you take all exams and tests that it is most difficult to force yourself to study because the brain is already tired and refuses to accept a large amount of information in a short time. During this period, it is better to teach yourself to relax properly and avoid everything that can wait a couple of days. This does not mean that you need to forget about studying and run around clubs, it is better to sleep a lot, eat right and do some sports.

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