People Share Their Unexpected Celebrity Encounters (45 PICS)

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"I Met Jack Black Tonight. He Looked Into My Eyes And Said 'It's Like Looking In A Young Mirror'"

"He departed with 'goodnight, my doppelgänger'. This is the best night of my life."

"It's Been One Year Since I Trolled Hugh Jackman!"

"And yes, Ryan has seen this: "Both Hugh and Ryan posted the photos on their Instagram accounts""


"My Grandma (99!) Met Her Favorite Actor [Denzel Washington] Today!"

"So story time; my grandma was a librarian in Mt. Vernon, NY Public Library for 50 years. Denzel grew up there. If you've ever met her, she will tell you the story of how she gave Denzel Washington his first library card. And that he was the cutest thing and how wonderful he was. I have heard this story easily 300+ times in my life. :)"

"Fast forward to a month ago and it was her 99th Birthday. The women at her nursing home wanted to do something special so they tried to contact Denzel and get him to come or call, and he ended up calling and talking to her on her birthday. On the call, he said he would be in our city in December and would stop by and voila here he is!"

"He was so nice and caring. Laughing with her and holding her hand like he was old friends with her. He teared up a few times seeing the love and respect she showed for him. She knits a scarf a day and gave him three for him, his wife, and his mother. My mom and I were there with him and my grandma and it was such a cool experience. He kept saying with his publicist 'this is what it's all about.'"


"Last Night I Met Jeff Goldblum"

"We were on a night train to Prague and had some drinks. We ended up in one wagon and were talking and getting softly wasted."


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"I Met Jim Carrey! Awkward..."

"He was seriously awesome! Nice and wonderful! I never thought he would be cool with making faces with me! But he was totally down!"


"Friend Met Beyoncé In New Orleans, She Said 'Whatever Face You Make, I'll Make.'"

"My Friend Met This Gentlemen [Jeff Bridges] At Gallatin Field Airport (Montana, USA) Coincidentally, He Just Happened To Be Wearing This Shirt"

"I Met Patrick Stewart Once. He's The Kindest Celebrity I've Ever Met"


"That One Time We Met Jason Momoa And My Husband Came Up With This Great Idea. Two Years Later And I Haven't Washed My Hair!"

"Dude is super tall, plus it's from a Con so you get exact 2 seconds to get your pic and move the eff out of the way for the next person. Still a great memory though!"


"I Met This Cool Guy [Christian Bale] On A 5 Hour Plane Ride"

"Basically I was just really polite (maybe overly so?) and didn't bother him for the vast majority of the flight. Eventually I just told him I was a big fan of his work and asked his permission for a pic. I kinda wish I would have talked to him a bit more, but i really didn't want to be an annoying guy who doesn't take social cues."


"Met One Of My Favorite Actors [Paul Rudd] Today!"

"My Brother And I Met Our Favorite Super Hero (The Hulk) When We Were 4. We Were P@#$%d Off Because Lou Ferrigno Wasn’t Green"


"Two Years Ago I Met Chris Evans While Deployed To Qatar. As We Wait For The Trailer For (Possibly) His Last Marvel Movie, I Want To Publicly Thank Him For Everything He’s Done For This Franchise. Thanks Cap!"

"First thing I told him was that I loved his work as The Human Torch. He laughed and was a good sport about it. He went around and shook every Soldier’s hand and had dinner with some folks afterwards."


"So Yesterday I Met My Hero Dave Grohl And Took A Selfie With The Foo Fighters. The Tour Manager Nearly Killed Me"

"[The manager] was just quite strict and I guess only has the band's best interests at heart. But when he saw that they were happy he actually took my big camera and took a photo of me taking the selfie. It was quite sweet."


"My Buddy Met This Strange Dude Wearing A Dinosaur Shirt And Zebra Pants [Jeff Goldblum]"

"My Dad Sent Me A Picture Of My Mom And The 'Nice Young Man' [Chris Pratt] At Their Table At A Charity Dinner Last Night"

"My mom said It felt like she was talking to a normal person. He genuinely cared about their lives. Apparently he is super excited as his 6 year old is about to start kindergarten!"



"My Friends Face When She Met Bryan Cranston..."

"Aaaaaaay! Look Who I Met At Work Today. [Henry Winkler]"

"My Dad With Muhammad Ali 1970s"

"I Met Brie Larson Working The Night Shift At My Local AMC"


"I Also Recently Met A Ghostbuster [Bill Murray]"

"Well I Have Met Some Interesting People In My Time But This One Has Just Made My Night! [András Arató, A.k.a Hide The Pain Harold]"

"Met The Nicest Guy [Peter Dinklage] While Playing Soccer In Toronto. I Was A Little Too Excited I Think"

"Met The Nicest Guy [Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson] At Work Today"


"Just Met Steve Buscemi And Told Him He Was A Reddit Legend And He Wasn’t Sure What That Meant But He Said He Was Happy About It!"

"I Met Forest Whittaker In Uganda"

"He walked by me and my friends and we were like wait a second that's Forest Whittaker but when we were walking over to ask him for a photo one of the staff where we were said not to bother him. So we went back to eating. Before he left he walked up to us and said it would be okay for a photo now. It was really cool to meet him."

"I was there to help Father's heart mobility charity which works in Uganda. for anyone interested in donating etc. He is there for a documentary about the last Rhino sanctuary."


"Look Who I Met [Tom Hanks]! Explaining The Banana To Him Was Pretty Awkward, But Banana For Scale"

"He walked into the bar I was at and, luckily, the 711 next door sold bananas. Walked back into the bar and told him I had a really awkward picture request and he was more than happy to oblige. Really nice guy."


"I Met A Heart Surgeon [Hidetoshi Imura] While Shopping"

"I looked at the shirt before I noticed him and my heart stopped when I noticed it was him"



"Met An Absolute Legend. Got Him To Say, 'Well I Don’t Think That’s Such A Good Idea, Tim.' Mr. Al Borland [Richard Karn]"

"He laughed and was overall a super nice guy. All smiles the whole time."


"I Met The Great Hello There Himself [Ewan McGregor]"

"I Met Bruce Campbell At A Wedding Reception In 1996. Here's Us Sharing A Strawberry"

"Met [Arnold Schwarzenegger] At The Gym. Gave Me Props For Being Female And Doing Frontal Raises"


"I Met A Man At A Food Court [Adam Sandler]"

"I tried not to be obnoxious and made it really quick. He said thanks bro."


"Met 007 [Pierce Brosnan] This Evening. He Felt Bad For Interrupting My B'day Party!"

"I thought of so many amazing things to say to him, AFTER he'd left. I even have his initials tattooed to my wrist (granted they symbolise another 'PB' but still!) definitely could have won some points with that!"


"I Just Met The Mayor Of Flavortown [Guy Fieri] Wearing A Dungeons & Diners & Dragons & Drive-Ins & Dives Shirt!!!!"

"Guy was super cool. I only got to talk to him for a couple minutes, but he was really down to Earth."


"I Just Met Hodor [Kristian Nairn] At The Airport!"


"On My Way To A Boy Scout Camp I Met Lil Pump He Was High As F@#k And Thought I Was In The Military"

"I Met Sarah Connor [Linda Hamilton] The Other Day"

"I own a taxi business in Loudoun County Virginia, her niece called a cab and the driver went to pick up the niece. He brought her to this large farm house and he see's this woman coming down the stairs. The niece says her aunt is going to pay for the cab ride and she got closer, then he realized who she was. About 3 hours later another call comes in for the niece to be picked up. I ride along with him for the return trip so I get to meet her myself. That's my driver in the picture."


"Met My Idol John Cena At A Restaurant!"

"I Met Aunt May [Rosemary Harris] Today"


"Ran Into Someone This Past Weekend, Thanks For Making Our Day Angela [Kinsey]! Such A Sweetheart!"

"I Ran Into Jay [Jason Mewes] And Silent Bob [Kevin Smith] Today In Seattle At The Dispensary!"

"Met My Idols At Uf [Oscar Nunez And Brian Baumgartner]"

"It Was Too Late To Ask" [Bill Murray]

"Last Night I Met Wes [Anderson]"

"We were on a night train to Prague and had some drinks. We ended up in one wagon and were talking and getting softly wasted."




Isabelle 2 year s ago
#39 I don't see anyone in the picture with you.
Jos 2 year s ago
#36 Photobomb!
Hal 2 year s ago
that woman on the prague train definitely slept with every celeb she met
Elbert 2 year s ago
Hal, you think they were that hard-up?
Cole 2 year s ago
#45 and #4 hummmmm yeahhh ...
Cleatus 2 year s ago
But why not if she was happy...
Reba 2 year s ago
I got a smile
Petronella 2 year s ago
#45 & #4 "We were on a night train to Prague and had some drinks. We ended up in one wagon and were talking and getting softly wasted."
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