Canadian Woman Describes Culture Shocks She Experienced After Moving To Sweden (28 PICS)

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"It is common to see people walking, jogging, pushing strollers, walking dogs, or even meeting friends for fika in the cemeteries. Seeing the way the cemeteries have been adapted to urban life was very new for me"


"This means that when you have a baby you submit your name to the government and they can approve or deny it. Here's some of the banned names:

Ikea, Metallica, Elvis, Superman, Varanda, Q,, Michael Jackson, Token, Ford, Brfxxcxxmnpccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlkb11116 which apparently = Albin"



"I was blown away by how amazing your English is. I was told swedes are the second-best English speakers in the world but I wasn't ready for just how fluent most people are. I know you were exposed to English growing up and taught it in school, but I was taught French most of my life and I'm not fluent in French. Learning a second language is hard so you should be proud of yourselves"



"Did you know? Swedes are the second highest coffee consumers in the world. I always thought that we drank a lot of coffee in Canada but I was never a big coffee drinker.. until I moved here. It feels like Swedes whole days revolve around drinking (very strong) coffee. The coffee in Canada is so weak by comparison"


"This one is a language nuance and I am so CURIOUS if you have noticed this or do this. When I started working my corporate job I would ask yes/no questions and not understand the answer. They would respond to a basic question with a *BREATH IN*. Just a simple breath. I was so confused... like does that mean YES or NO? Over time I realized that it means YES or is a way of agreeing to the question and I know in the north of Sweden this is done much more obviously"



"I was shocked by how different Swedish dialects are depending where you're from and found out I was apparently learning the most difficult dialect. In Canada accents don't vary THAT much (unless you're from the east coast). I always thought my Swedish accent was pretty neutral but you guys told me otherwise. In a video I said: "JAG KOMMER FRÅN KANADA" and everyone said I spoke skånska. This whole accent thing was such a shock for me"


"Sauces are often sold in tubes. You have things like shrimp, bacon or saffron-flavoured tube cheese. You can also find common condiments like mayo in tubes too"


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Greta 2 month s ago
#2, 3, 4: Let's face it, Americans would abuse the $#!T out of any sick/vacation leave offered like that! dash
Cally 2 month s ago
Greta, actually, CERTAIN Americans would abuse it......the same CERTAIN ones that cause most of this cr#p wrong in America.....
Clarinda 2 month s ago
now show us how much taxes are taken out of your paycheck every week and let's see how free all the free stuff really is.
Prue 2 month s ago

You still earn a lot more than in murica... Don't really care about the taxes...
Jessie 2 month s ago
Clarinda, it doesn't matter if government returns to you. Of course they are high taxes, but it is fair.
Monica 2 month s ago

yes taxes are somewhat high but that mean everybody participate into making everybody life easier .. that's not a concept you would understand.
i'm in the uk and the last part of my salary is taxed at 40%, and you know what, it's perfectly fine.
Carolyn 2 month s ago

Taxes are about 34%
Ella 2 month s ago

My effective tax (what I actually pay to tax agency) over a year, with all the rebates like the "jobbskatteavdraget" (tax reduction on salaries from work), is about 26%.

It would be marginally higher on higher salaries, but only goes up to something like 35% if you are making more than 70k€ a year, since only portion of the income above certain level is taxed at the higher percentage (marginal tax).

Let me restate that: The most you could Ever pay in income tax in Sweden is slightly more than a Third of the income.

We get more for less money because a large portion of things tax would be used for are government/local government run at no profit. Healthcare, childcare/education, policing etc are taxed at cost.

I was at a shareholder meeting at the local power/utility company before the 'rona and the director of the company apologized to us for having profit over the 5% mandated by their own by-laws because of the harsh winter they delivered more heat to houses. This could only happen with organisation that intends to provide good service at reasonable price with a target profit slightly above inflation that is used Only to upgrade the infrastructure.
Winnie 2 month s ago
Canadian: <Looks at $800 paycheck>
Canadian: What the? 60% of my paycheck is missing. I should take home more like $1500
Swede: yeah, well kids eat free so…..
Canadian: I don’t have any kids
Swede: my friend Elsa has 6. Thank you for your support.
Asaph 2 month s ago
The average salary in Sweden is 32,800 SEK (3,400 EUR), which makes 25,355 SEK (2,650 EUR) after taxes.
Carolyn 2 month s ago

Taxes are about 34%
Winnie 2 month s ago
Carolyn, taxes are 57%
Carolyn 2 month s ago
Nettie 2 month s ago
That is having a short minded view as a stranger comming to the country.
If you were born in the country (not only Sweden, but France, UK and so many more), you would have received this free education advantage as a kid. Saying "I do not have kids and pay for others" is not relevant as your parents and yourself would have benefited from it anyway. Free education is what allow a society to grow, instead of having its youg generation stuck with student loans for which most will have to work all their life to pay back. You choose your bank system as your master over your own country benefit...
Renius 2 month s ago

Why did they use my tax money for roads and military in America? I live in I don't have a car, a I don't believe in war.

See, that's how stupid you sound.
Denise 2 month s ago
Nice advertisement for socialism. The title said culture shock. None of this sh#te has to do with culture.
Monica 2 month s ago

actually yes in most civilised countries that are social democracy, it's part of the culture to pay your taxes and have the governement support you.

while in america it's all about corporation and how much they can screw you over with you having no rights to complain and no support because your government only support them.
salamoon 2 month s ago
#11 #24 So do i. good
Ben 2 month s ago
Very short-sighted, close-minded comments about taxes. Yes, these advantages are financed through taxes, nothing really is for free, and yes, one has money taxed from their income to finance measures one won't necessarily benefit from, like the education of others' children or medical treatment for other people's illnesses. The point is that even from an egoistic point of view, one benefits from this in the end by living in a better society that provides benefits one will also benefit from, like safety, better working conditions leaving room for one's own personal development, or companies finding qualified employees more easily. The lower the Gini coefficient in a society, the better for EVERYBODY.
Colie 2 month s ago
Ben, Tell that to Alfie Evans and Michael Hickson.
Cedric 2 month s ago
These are common across the Nordic nations. Part of the reason that the Nordics always rate highly in the annual «happiest countries in the world» lists. Yes the taxes are high, but we get alot for our tax money in relation to our population bases. Especially with respect to education and welfare. A healthy work-life balance is also part of the culture. But a downside is that it gets fekking cold for 9 months of the year!
Hal 2 month s ago
why did the nordics immigrate to America early on then? weird.
Ella 2 month s ago
Because that happened over 100-200 years ago and Swedenland today is not the agrarian nightmare it was then?
Daphie 2 month s ago
Whether you have it taken out of your paycheck by taxes, or “choose” to pay for things yourself (health insurance, education) you are still paying. It all evens out. I would argue that the difference is that in some countries (not all), you actually get what you pay for. Sounds like Sweden does some things well, I’m sure Canada and the United States do some things well too. There’s a large lack of trust of government in the U.S., so any ideas of giving the government more money is often viewed negatively; people want results the they can see, that are tangible and frankly the U.S. under delivers. If someone could legitimately see their tax money results in (food at school, free tuition, lower/non-existent medical costs) maybe views would change. But, in part due to the distrust of the government , the U.S. is largely a greed and wealth driven system that values “self” over “whole”. A way of thinking more akin to “I had better take care of me and mine, because no one else will.”
Everyone should just take a deep breath and try to do a little good each day. Everything is OK.
Monica 2 month s ago

indeed, if you pay for your own insurance that will actively work in denying your claim it's a self imposed form of tax at the end of the day.

this is why bernie's plan to raise taxes a bit for universal healtcare would save money overall to each person in the us as you would waste in other self imposed expenses and have better coverage/care. you can't go as a single person negotiate the price down of meds, but if a government does it on behalf of 300m of people they have a lot more weight ...

this is why for the NHS we only pay 9.35 for prescriptions for any meds.
Jacob 2 month s ago
She is cute...!
Augustina 2 month s ago

No she's not.
Philinda 2 month s ago

Tell a bit of a difference between the actual photographs of her and whatever filter she was using for video did ya>
Carolyn 2 month s ago
#28 Isn't sauce, its melted cheese in a tube. Mjukost.
Meant to spread on bread.
Gatsy 2 month s ago
lets see how the immigrant youth of malmo likes sweden......or ask them why they continously burn cars in protest when sweden is so great,these are the questions that need to be asked!
Daphie 2 month s ago

There are hooligans in every country. Protesters causing chaos don’t represent the whole of a country, or even the whole of one side of an issue.
Violence and destruction are one way of showing discontent. Civil discussion, peaceful protests, voting with your money (not supporting business that goes against your values and preferences) is another.

Violence makes for better news TV, so we see it more.

And, no matter how “good” a country is, there will always be things that people don’t like. And, people will always be trying to leave a country. People will always be trying to enter it too. Again, one makes for better TV news.

Keep calm. Take a breath. Everything is OK.
Alanson 2 month s ago
This is not about a culture shock. It's just a list of things which are different, but nowhere she describes how it makes her feel and how her feeling develop over the time she lives there. A real culture shock can have quite a big impact on a persons (mental) health.

Maybe it's just the honeymoon stage where's shes currently in and everything she experiences gives her a big high. That's why she has to share everything with her face in it.
Middy 2 month s ago
Not a lot of diversity over there! Diversity is our strength! Lol



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