Old School Stuff That Refuses To Die! (27 PICS)

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"Update on my $5 thrift store Allen Edmond shoes. Spent the afternoon focusing on the right shoe just to get this picture. They had some deep discoloration so I decided to re-dye since I don’t have any dark brown shoes"


"Restoring the wooden beams of my house and found this. (More like “Buy it for the next 6 generations”)"


"My great uncle’s watch that lived through combat in WW2. Wound it up and it still works perfectly"


"Flip-clock. Bought in the 60s, outlived my grandfather, and hopefully will outlive me as well."


"30 year Igloo vs. 4 months"


Izismile Videos

"Coleman 4 person tent I won in the 8th grade. This has seen abuse camping as a kid, high-school parties, college canoe trips and hunting trips in the Rockies in 3 seasons, and now it’s being abused by my 3 and 6 year old nephew and niece. Well over 100 camping trips and no rips or tears. 10/10"


"My Luchesse 1883 boots I bought in 2004. They are still gorgeous after all these years and just keep getting better."


"Waffles for life! Almost 100 years old, and still going strong!"


"BIFG (Buy It For Generations): My Viking Husqvarna 21a, from early 1960’s. Belonged to my Grandma. My son is the 4th generation to use this machine… spending quality father-son time teaching him how to sew useful and beautiful things that will also last a long time."


"My 49-year-old Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman folding spincasting rod/reel combo; brought in another ten fish today"



"This camping table set bought by my grandparents in the -60s just saw its fourth generation of users. The tent is on generation two."


"Fram 112 refrigerator – wedding gift for my parents from 1970."


"Had the one on the right for 10 years, left is brand new. Been playing erryday for 12 years for 1-6 hours a day. Really a testament to their durability. Gravity picks"


"Grandpa would be happy that his old Universal Camera Corporation binoculars are getting good use 79 years after they were made"


"I bought a Pelican case for my phone. After the charging port cover ripped off, I tested the warranty claim on the inside of the case. Pelican asked for proof of purchase, then told me I’d recieve a new case in 2-3 days. Two days later, a brand new one appeared at the door."



"Thule sling backpack – black one lasted about 20 years and zippers are having problems. Blue is probably the last backpack until I die (60M)"


"A hammer from back when Stanley made really great lifelong tools"


"Joining you all with yesterday’s $10 find at goodwill – coleman powerhouse lamp from 1995"


"Ohh, we’re doing reversible cloth belts now? I’ve been waiting for this. Patagonia, purchased summer of ’93. I wear it most days."


"My father’s Leatherman, only 15 years old but doesn’t have a hint of giving up."



"Aeropress coffee maker. Cost around $35 CAD. I’ve been using it for about 4 years and it still functions perfectly."


"Vorwerk Tiger 251. Built in 1982 and still sucks harder than your mother’s."


"I’m nearly 30 and I have had these Reef brand sandles since I was at least 15, perhaps 14. They have been around the world while I was in the Marines and have been attached to my feet every weather permitting day I’ve gone outside. They are still strong and show no signs of slowing down 10/10"


"My towel that I’m still using today was made in West Germany, making it at least 32 years old."


"Here’s the before and after finished product on my $5 Allen Edmond’s. These BIFL shoes were destined for the dumpster but I was able to bring them back to life. The dye color is uneven between the left and right, but I’m just gonna let it bug me for a while until I get around to fixing it"



"If only I could find a pencil sharpener like this one. My dad has had it in his office since the early 90s (if not before). As a teacher, I’m in awe. They don’t make them like this anymore."


"Giving my 74 year old Coleman 415D camp stove a workout after rescuing it from a thrift store"


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David 1 year ago
Coleman makes good stuff.
Prescott 1 year ago
#3 in 1999 I put a swatch watch in a draw cause my BF didn't like me wearing it because it was a gift from my ex. In 2015 we broke up and I put my watch back on, it was still ticking and the time was still correct, the first time I changed the battery was in 2019.
Cordelia 1 year ago
#3 Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction: "And now, little man, I give this watch to you."



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