Rich People Can Be Really Annoying… (32 PICS)

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When they insist that money doesn’t buy happiness. Maybe it doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy vacations, therapy, adequate medical care, and not having to worry about whether or not you’ll have the money to pay rent and eat every month.

When they act like everybody has the same 24 hours in a day. Like, oh OK, how many hours did you spend at the laundromat last week? Or how many hours did you spend on the bus?

When they don't pay taxes.

Build billion dollar rocketships while their employees pee in bottles

Try to be relatable to "regular" people on social media. Like remember when celebrities were struggling just as much as everyone during covid in their multi-million dollar homes? Yeah, they can [email protected]#k themselves.

Izismile Videos

When they act like or say they’re 'self-made' when they grew up affluent.

Get away with things because they have money for better lawyers/bail/payout etc.

My aunt and her wife both work for the state. Her wife is the Deputy Commisoner of Environmental Protection. And I'm not sure what my aunt did but she was pretty high up and retired right before covid. Never had any kids. Needless to say, they're pretty well off.
They send my 95 year old Grandma a bill every month for what she owes them. When my aunt takes her to Starbucks and "buys" her drink, goes on the bill.
My grandma would offer money on her necessaties, because that's who she is. Pay for her groceries they bring her, etc. But they literally keep record of anything they ever pay for and bill her at the end of the month.
Like...where's your soul?

When they lack perspective. It's shown through the advice they give ('Just borrow money from your parents,' and, 'Go back to school'). It shows that they have no idea how so many people live

Offering the 'You should just…' advice. Having unlimited funds allows for risk taking in a way that working people can’t relate to. No, I can’t just quit my job. I have rent to pay.


Employ others for low pay and bad benefits in an unsafe working environment and think they're doing the people they employ a favor.

Say that we're all on the same boat. Nope. We definitely aren't

Thanking us poor folks for sending them on a trip into space.

Pretend like they work harder than everyone else.

Failing to recognize the extent to which luck (including luck of birth) played into their success.


Use their money and power to make laws and policies to enrich themselves even more, all while keeping the rest of us fighting among ourselves for the scrapes

Assume they deserve and earned everything they have and that consequently, poor people just aren't working hard enough. Even if a person legitimately built their own wealth and jumped socio-economic status on their own, they're still engaging in survivor bias.
Lots of poor people work very hard and take on a lot of misery in service of a better life. And a lot of those people stay poor forever and never get their break.

Assume they are intelligent

Guilt trip the public into donating money (that they may not have much of) to help [Enter charitable cause here] when they could just hand over wads of their own cash without feeling the pinch.

[Mess] up the whole world and then get bailed out when they [mess] up.


Exploit poor people to film themselves acting generous. I’m all for buying homeless people things, but you don’t have to film yourself giving to them and post it all over social media. They are people too, with friends and family. No need to make them feel small when they already struggle in life.

Burn £20 notes in front of a homeless person, after they were asked for money. Ronald Coyne, a Tory Cambridge student did this. Insufferable c**t.

My rich friend orders 20 things from McDonald’s and eats two of them, and then throws the rest away. I’m not exaggerating. She is infinitely kind and generous, but that kind of waste makes me shake my head."

When they complain that people on welfare haven’t earned that money and don’t deserve it; meanwhile rich people spoil their kids or give them comfortable jobs as if they've earned that stuff.

Complain about being stuck in their large mansion with a pool, tennis court, etc. during the pandemic.
My < 700 sq. ft. apartment is probably the size of their closet.


When they tell people, 'Travel and expand their horizons.' Traveling is expensive

When they're so freaking cheap. They won't leave tips or will argue over 10 cents while shopping

Assume that people who have low-paying jobs just didn't work hard enough or aren't smart enough to get any better jobs.

I've known some fairly rich people complain that they have too much money. Give it to me then — I'll put it to good use.

Tell us to “appreciate what we have”.

Lecture us on saving the planet from their big diesel super yachts, private jets and mansions (not counting their city homes and holiday homes) that houses their classic car collection that they drive around for fun.


When rich leaders have fake philosophies like, 'We're in this together,' and, 'First to arrive, last to leave,' etc.

My relatives are fairly well off. I don't know what it is about them but they have a notorious habit of bossing people around. My aunt (who I am very close with) straight up told me to go out and start a walking dogs business out of nowhere and that when she sees me again, I better have a walking dog business. What??? This is the way they function and when you stand up to them you get told you're lazy, don't care etc.
Just for clarity. I'm looking for work. Her method wouldn't work for where I live. It's nowhere near practical. Even if it was, it's extremely bossy.


Phillip 1 year ago
#2 yes, rich people have more hours in a day, they get 28 because they're rich.
Erin 1 year ago
Quote: Phillip

Money absolutely buys you more time.
Patrick 1 year ago
#1 my father used to say "money doesn't make you happy, but it helps you to be less unhappy"
salamoon 1 year ago
Money cant buy happiness, but Id rather cry in a Ferrari than in a bus.

and #30 is the best good
Janice 1 year ago
#3 Nuff said
Duty 1 year ago
#20 makeing money by shitting into living space --And creating goverment-jobs to clean it up.
Parsuny 1 year ago
Feeling jealous of what other people have? Google Happyland in the Philippines. If you're reading this on a phone or a computer, you, my friend, are rich too.
Prue 1 year ago

Actually yes. I agree. Let's not forget that about 1 billion people can't even read and at least 2 billion live on a dollar a day. Not to mention the millions that live in war torn nations, etc, etc. Just because we're not millionaires, or that we have money problems, doesn't mean we don't have it pretty good.
Be grateful for what you DO have, you'll be a lot happier.
Cher 1 year ago
Straight up jealous nonsense. You aren’t wealthy because you don’t have skill, you don’t have motivation, or you have $h#t money management skills so there’s no justification for hate. Pull up your big boy pants and get to work.
Hal 1 year ago
lol this reads like a pathetic Leddit thread.
Dutch 1 year ago
Let's promote class envy along with the racial division that's already being sown.
Arilla 1 year ago

racial division was created and fostered to prevent class envy and struggle.
Morey 1 year ago
The very worst thing is when they use money and power to influence bad policies that affect all citizens or go to other countries to "help". God help the next recipient county of the [email protected]#king Gates foundation. Eat the rich.
Magda 1 year ago
#1 rich people don`t pay rent, they collect it.
Ted 1 year ago
What a lot of whining




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