Do You Know What This Is? (22 PICS)

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Large object revealed in low waters on an island in southern Sweden. Around 3m long, looks to be made of metal with mechanical components, except for a round stone at the end.

A: Skandia hot-bulb engine.

Gauge on a tank, found in a bathroom above the sinks

A: Tank feeding a central liquid soap dispensing system. Was common in American government buildings.

Wife ordered rolls of thank you stickers on ebay. This came instead. Already called for return. What are they? Green cylindrical rolls of what smell like green tea? I’m a big tea drinker and that’s what I think.

A: They’re plant fertilizer sticks

Estwing specialty hammer from BiL cabin shed. He doesn’t know what it’s for either.

A: It’s a discontinued product that Estwing called a “weight forward hammer” designed for more ergonomic hammering. It’s not specifically for roofing.

Izismile Videos

Found on a beach in North Queensland Australia. About doughnut size and there was hundreds of them on a sand bar on low tide. They are pretty much perfectly clear and I couldn’t find anything inside them. Squishy like a gummy lolly.

A: It’s a snail sac

Saw this transparent plastic thing while staying in an airbnb in Italy. It was firmly put in this electrical socket which is at about ankle height. It made no sound, it had the green light on all the time and the plastic thing seems to be a removable lid, but I did not try to force it open.

A: It’s an emergency light

2′ wide, shallow, flat bottom box found buried in a wash in AZ. Black weather guard was bolted down on the top at some point.

A: Looks to me like the tailgate off a pickup truck with a bed liner attached to it.

What is this pipe I found in the wall behind kitchen.

A: It’s an old cast iron vent pipe. For those wondering why vent pipes have to exist. Take a straw and stick it in water. Put your finger over the end of the straw and lift it out of the water. See all of that water in the straw? Lift your finger and watch it flow out. That vent is the lifted finger….


Sealed glass vial with red liquid inside

A: That’s an old style of Christmas light. It’s missing the actual light part, but it would heat up and little bubbles would rise through the tube, looking pretty.

What is this wooden spoon-like thing with two compartments? Over a foot long, phallic in nature.

A: It’s called an Ozhau. Tradition ladle from Kazakhstan.

Tiny bundle of sticks stuck to the siding of my house. I’ve seen these my entire life, and have never known what makes them or what they are for.

A: It’s a Psychidae case

What game is this? You roll dice with colors and numbers and place the colored pegs on the wheel accordingly while trying maintain balance.

A: It’s Dingo Disc


Panel in apartment (USA) appears to be audio visual related but don’t know what the up down and power (?) is for.

A: It’s an input with volume control for a speaker installed in the house.

5 inch long tool bought at estate sell from an antique tractor collector

A: I work for John Deere, this is a grease zerk cleaner tool. We still sell them now. You use them when you need to grease a joint or bearing but the zerk is plugged. You fill the tube with grease, the put the plunger in and whack it with a hammer. It should free it up to accept grease again

This was found at my work (marina) made of stainless steel, the other side has a scale of 24 and 32. Is it some kind of print alignment tool?? Google image had nothing.

A: It is a grinding and centre setting gauge for tooling

What is this flaccid orange hammer?

A: It’s a baseball tee for training hitters that tend to drop their swing. The little cup thing is installed upside down, but would be used to hold the ball.


Large, cube shaped object attached to some sort of duct near a dam. Would normally be under the reservoir water; seems to be made of a translucent material?

A: It’s a strainer for the water intake.

What is this unusual-looking ship with large on-board tower? Sighted anchored less than a mile off-shore of Piraeus, Athens, Greece.

A: Looks like a drillship. You can check marine traffic here to try and get the vessel name.

Some type of reflective blanket maybe? Insulation? Debris from a re-entry capsule? Weird therapy thing? Appx 3 foot wide, by maybe 4 tall. Has some ‘bulk’ but not much – maybe 5 pounds. Back side is grey vinyl. Found in a “Bargain Bins” place, but cant match with anything on Amazon…

A: Hey, I know this one! It’s a grill blanket. It’s for more of a smoker/barrel shaped grill (Traeger is a popular brand). The handle of the grill lid fits into that slot and the straps come around to the front to fully wrap around the grill body. Conserves heat a lot better, especially in the colder months.

Wiggly little spoon with a hole in the bottom. I think it’s some sort of kitchen supply, but I have no idea what it is.

A: It is a tool to shape butter curls.


Small elephant about 14-16″ tall. It is sitting on top of an outdoor walk-in freezer for a restaurant.

A: That’s a baby toy!

Five nested pins. About six inches long. The point of each pin is three sided and looks very sharp.

A: It’s an antique nested trocar kit



Delphia 2 year s ago
#15 In the fire service they call it a frog filter!
Philadelphia 2 year s ago
#18 great website
Kendra 2 year s ago
#14 Looks like a tyre pressure gauge sold here in UK prior to the modern digital type. I still have one in the glove-box of my Jeep. If you take off the rubber cup on the base, it fits onto the valve on the tyre and the top then protrudes out with a gauge showing the pressure.
Lavina 2 year s ago
Looks like a castration tool
Susie 2 year s ago
#8 don't understand the explanation, someone can be more specific?
Adolphus 2 year s ago

google vent pipe and take your pick!





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