Cool Things Found While Dumpster Diving (50 PICS)

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"Found This Rascal Next To A Dumpster, She Made A Great Addition To The Family And Is By Far My Best Dumpster Diving Haul"

"I Found Her Dumpster Diving This Morning I Was Able To Find Homes For Her Two Sisters But Nobody Wanted Her. Looks Like Now I Have A Cat"

"Found In The Alley. It Weighed A Million Tons, Because Those Pillars Are Real Marble"

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"Last Summer I Found 2 China Teacups, And Last Night I Found The Matching Saucers In A Different City!"

"When Out To Dumpsterdive And Play Pokémon Go Last Night, And Found This Little Cutie. Took Her In And Posted About Her On "Lost Pets" On Facebook. After She Had Been Missing For 2 Weeks, She Finally Got Back Home To Her Parents And She Was Only 3 Months Old"

"Husband: “Honey It’s Just An Empty Case, I Am Not Climbing In For That.” Wife (Me): “Just Get In And Get It The Case Might Be Worth Something, Plus I Have A Feeling.” Who Was Right? Well It Was The Wife Of Course"

"Found This 1934 First Edition Mary Poppins In The Trash Of The Building I Work In"


"We Are Such A Wasteful Society, This Was Found In One Cee-Vee-Ess Dumpster"

"I Found This Ring In The Dumpster On Monday! Had It Appraised Yesterday And Found Out It’s A Handmade Gold Ring From The 60s-70s! It’s 14k Gold Band Is Worth $200+ (Stone Is Glass). I Also Found Those Tiny Hands With It Haha"

"Meet Our Special Find From Last Night! She Was Dumpster Diving Too"

"Saved From The Landfill This Weekend!"


"Thought Someone Was Throwing Away An Old Violin. Nope, It's Roulette!"

"It’s Amazing What People Will Throw Away. Late 1960s Schwinn ‘Fair Lady’ Cruiser. My Wife Needed A Bike And Absolutely Loves It!"

"Found This Beauty In A Jewelry Box Mixed In With A Bunch Of Fake Jewelry. 14k Yellow Gold, With A 1k Tanzanite Gem In The Middle, Surrounded By 23 Genuine Baguette Diamonds. Having It Appraised In 2 Days"

"Our First Time Diving Last Night. Only One Find, But We Were Thrilled! (She Hasn’t Stopped Guarding It)"


"Don't Know What I'm Going To Do With It, But Couldn't See This Be Ruined"

"Thought You Guys Might Like My Fav Trash Pick Ever: Made My Dad Drive 25 Mins One Way In His Truck In Spitting Rain While I Sat With It To Make Sure No One Else Took It Has The Original Record Player Inside Also. I Know It’s Not Everyone’s Style But It’s Like It Was Meant To Be In My 50’s Ranch!"

"Drove Around Picking Up Pallets People No Longer Wanted And Made Myself A Headboard Out Of Them"

"Got This Side Table From The Curb. It's Top Was Broken, So I Spend A Little Over 3 Hours And €4 Worth Of Rope And Glue To Upcycle It To This!"


"Tenants In My Apartment Complex Got Evicted. Left This In The Dumpster. Just Needs To Be Cleaned Up A Little"

"I Just Don't Know How You Throw These Away. Too Cool"

"Why Would Someone Throw This Away??"

"My Dad Pulled This Gigantic Canvas Out Of The Dumpster At The School He Works At, I Taped The One Tear It Had, Covered It In Black Gesso And Painted This"


"Little Haul Feed My Kids For Bit .. Hard Times This Blessing Helps Alot"

"Took The Back Way Home This Evening And Stumbled Upon This Beauty. The Boyfriend Has Been Shopping Around For A Gaming Chair, Too!"

"After A $35 Part, 55" Curved Samsung 4k TV Saved From The Dumpster Works Like New!"

"I've Always Wanted A Signed Book By This Author. Never Thought I'd Find It In A Dumpster"


"$175 Watch Was Damaged Out For Having A Broken Clasp. Took It To The Watch Repair Kiosk At The Mall And He Said It Wasn't Broken, They Just Didn't Know How To Work The Self Adjusting Clasp"

"Once Again! I Am Saddened By This, But What’s Really Sad, Is Others Might Say “I’m Gross To Take Stuff Out Of A Dumpster” All The While I’m Thinking, “No The System Is Gross That I Even Have To”"

"Found Two Gift Cards In The Dumpster Of The Local Thrift Shop. I Just Checked The Balance On Them, And Each One Has $100 On It"


"Pulled A Fully Functional 3D Printer While It Was Raining. All It Needed Was New Filament. One Of The Best Things I've Ever Found"

"I Work As A School Photographer. Best Believe That When I Pulled Up At The Elementary School I Was Photographing And Saw The Giant Gorgeous Mirror Near The School Dumpster?? I Snuck Her Into My Back Seat Before Heading Into The School"

"Found This On Top Of A Glass Recycling Bin On My Way To Pick Wildflowers"

"Rescued From A 3 Letter Pharmacy Dumpster And Headed For Donation To A Clothing Charity Run By A Local Church"


"Found In Someone Illegal Dumping, Such An Antique Prize"

"So Excited About This Curbside Find!! The Wife Wanted New Barstools To Replace Our Crappy Wood And Cloth Ones. Found A Set Of 4 Of These With A Sign That Read “Free! I’m Vegan Now” Ha! Cleaned Up The Leather Already Going To Do Some Chrome Repair Good As New! Thank You Vegan Stranger!"

"Okay I Know I've Said This Before And I Know I'll Probably Say This Again, But I Think I Just Made My Best Find. Found A Little Money Pouch With A Bunch Of Old Money In It"

"We Dumpstered Wood Samples From A Floor Store And Created A Counter For Our Tiny House"


"This Beautiful Chair I Saved From A Skip Today!"

"Hand-Carved Vintage Liquor Cabinet On The Curb!"

"Bo Won 6 Medals During The 1991 Special Olympics, Hosted In St Louis Missouri. In 1992 He Died In A Dentist Chair From Complications With The Anesthesia. I Found His Medals In A Dumpster And Now I Would Love To Find Photos Of Him. Stephen "Bo" Anich. He Was Born In 75 And Had Cerebral Palsy"

"Lane Midcentury Modern Desk I Picked Off The Curb Last Night In My Neighborhood"

"Not In The Dumpster But Next To It. Mid Century Cherry Red American Tourister Nesting Suitcases!"

"Found This Dumpster Diving Tonight... Everything But The Chain Strap Marked And Tested As 14k Gold"

"Didn't Even Have To Go Far...sitting Right By My Apartment Dumpster"

"Local Greenhouse Is At It Again"

"One Of My Best Dumpster Finds Ever. 1940s Chest Type Coca Cola Cooler. Another Guy Showed Up With His Wife And Said Too Bad You’re All Alone You Cannot Pick It Up By Yourself. Well It’s In My House So I Guess I Did"

"Found A Very Cool Couch This Morning- Only Had To Dive For The Cushions!!"



Don 1 year ago
#7 then the wife should have dove in for it
Saul 1 year ago
#17 had one in garage for years and #18 recall my folks had one of these first year they were sold




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