Look At These Curious Finds! (33 PICS + 1 GIF)

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A humpback whale jaw I found this weekend in New England.


Our dog found a pacifier.


A gray wolf day bed in very fine snow, which captured extraordinary detail including her ribs and fur. One of the most beautiful tracks I’ve ever seen!


A wall was removed in a Victorian house we are working at which revealed an old cast iron fireplace.


This fossilized imprint of a fern i found in dry @$$ North Dakota.


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I found a miniature telephone box on the street.


Look how large this tree frog I found is.


This 129 y/o penny came out of a roll today.


This brooch I found while metal detecting.


Bought a vintage stove and found a newspaper from 1954 in it!



This old color pencil box after termites ate all the wood.


I found a six-headed Daffodil growing in my garden.


Ordered fried oysters from a takeout restaurant and found a pearl in one.


My Grandmother lived through WWII in her teenage years, and she found one of her issues of Life Magazine from 1941.


I present today’s seaglass findings from a stormy day in the cove. Cape Breton Island, NS, Canada.



I found these stacked in a secret drawer left in my 1885 house.


While renovating an office in DC, I found a stack of uncashed checks dated July-August 1910.


This rock I found has a shell inside it and it’s been worn away to a flat spiral in appearance.


While renovating an office in DC, I found a stack of uncashed checks dated July-August 1910.




Removed a wall fixture that came with the house to repaint the wall and realized this room used to be this exact color. Old color in the middle, new paint on left edge.


These vintage items I found in a mouse nest in my wall.


Small starfish with four arms instead of five.


 I just found a marriage certificate from 1841 in my house in the attic.


Found this tiny mushroom growing out of a sweet gum ball.



I found an original 1985 Back To The Future skateboard at the back of my parents shed today. Shame about the condition but still great!


Found an edge-piece in my bag of Goldfish.


Found a nice honeycomb amber brooch today. Amber is quite hard to find, such an interesting material.


Found a little piece of history during a hike in France : A Roman shoe nail.


Telegram Abbreviations found in my Great Grandpa’s Notebook.



Some old Russian Pepsi that I found.


I’m redoing my kitchen and the old owners put a wall over an exterior door.


I found my great great grandfathers WWI medals the other day.


Credits:  old.reddit.com

Delphia 1 year ago
#1 It's September in New England this weekend. Ooooold repost.
Prue 1 year ago

Soooo, you obviously never saw the pic before but you deduced it is old? Great job, Sherlock! But what does it matter? This isn't the London Times.
A funny pic is a funny pic no matter when it's from.
And even IF you remember seeing it before, not everyone sees or remembers every pic posted on the Internet.
Now stop whining about "reposts". And it's only a repost if it was posted on this site. Which you obviously don't even know...
Delphia 1 year ago
Do YOU know, Prue? Or are you just feeling bored and snippy tonight?

There hasn't been snow here in New England in six months, which, by internet-standards, makes this pic OLD...even assuming it was taken this last winter and not years ago.

And IF it's already been posted on the net ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, even once (and how could it not be...it's a cool pic), then it IS a repost.
Delphia 1 year ago
If you want the last word, Prue, be my guest, but I'm done with this discussion.
Prue 1 year ago
Seems you wanted the last word seeing as you made two comments. And I just commented on your whining. You made it in a discussion... Or imagine it is a discussion at least.
But I like discussions. And since I just found out it was one, I'm not tired of it yet.
Soooo; do I know what? What exactly is this "what "?

And maybe you didn't understand it before so let me repeat it. This isn't the news. No one is asking for new pics taken a day before. Plus there whole posts with old pics. A bit further down is a post with nostalgia pics. Surely ALL of them have been posted on the Internet before. I even remember seeing a few before. Why are you not whining about reposts there?
Oh. And LOADS of articles on here are taken from other sites including THIS VERY ARTICLE. You can tell by the names of the people that sent them in. Often you see the site it was taken from. Izismile often posts the source. If hate reposts this much, why do you keep coming back? Or hadn't you deduced that fact yet?

And another thing I obviously need to repeat... nay, REPOST:) Not everyone has all the time you obviously have and watch every picdump on the net daily.

Well, since you gave me the last word I hoped you thought it was good.
dance3 dance3
Shame you can't tell me now...
But I'll no doubt see you in a another comment section when you think there was another "repost".
Talk to you then, Shirley.
Micajah 1 year ago
#31 It's from late Soviet Union times. We also had similar FANTA. But the quality was very bad.
Clarence 1 year ago
#7. Your tats are horrible.




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