These Facts Are So Creepy! (29 GIFS)

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“There is a recorded case of hysteria in a large French convent in 1844. One nun began meowing like a cat, and shortly thereafter, every nun in the convent began meowing together for several hours at a time.

This lasted until soldiers accompanied police to the entrance of the convent, and the nuns were informed that they would be whipped by the soldiers until they stopped meowing.”


"Chainsaws were originally invented for childbirth."


” Cotard’s syndrome, also called walking corpse syndrome, is a condition wherein the patient believes they are dead, dying, missing parts of their bodies, or don’t exist. Some people with Cotard’s syndrome may stop speaking or eating since they believe they’re dead.”

"There is an Island of the Dolls in Mexico City that has thousands of creepy dolls to honor a little girl who drowned in the 1950s. The island is said to be one of the most haunted places."


"The only person to have survived death by electric chair, 17-year-old Willie Francis, reportedly described, “I tried to say goodbye but my tongue got stuck in the peanut butter, and I felt a burnin’ in my head and my left leg, and I jumped against the straps.”"


“You have a bunch of microscopic parasites called Demodex on your eyelashes and in the pores on your face. They come out at night to lay eggs and eat the oils on your face.”


"A human body could be skeletonized in less than four days in highly oxygenated deeper water, according to a study done by Simon Fraser University."


“There is a rare genetic disease called fatal familial insomnia where over the course of months you literally cannot go or be put to sleep no matter what you take or what you do. The symptoms get progressively worse until your brain deteriorates and you die from exhaustion.”


“When anglerfish mate, the male literally deforms its body and fuses with the female, and they live together for the rest of their lives.”


“The bodies of the 29 crew members of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank suddenly in Lake Superior in 1975, were never recovered and remain entombed in the freighter. In a 1994 submarine expedition, Fred Shannon’s team spotted a body on the lake bottom outside of the ship.”


"Indian followers of Zoroastrianism don’t bury or burn their dead. Instead they leave the bodies in special towers, exposed to the elements to be eaten by vultures."


“Theoretically, it would take approximately 400 humans to have enough iron to forge a sword from blood. This is based on the fact that the average human has about 3.5 to 4 grams of iron in their body, and one hand-and-a-half sword weighs 1.5 kilograms (1,500 grams). So 1,500 grams divided by 3.75 grams is 400.”


"Patchouli was used to cover up the smell of decaying flesh during the Black Plague."


“In 2015, former chief of the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit John Douglas said, “A very conservative estimate is that there are between 25 and 50 active serial killers in the United States” at any given time.”


"Tarantulas can swim."


"Often, burnt bodies are found in the same stance, known as the “Boxer Pose” due to muscles contracting from heat."


“Cyanide poisoning is an incredibly painful way to die Cyanide was what Jonestown consumed for mass suicide. Parents were instructed to give it to their children and convinced the crying was just fear.”


“Pelicans will go into other birds nests, shove the parents out of the nest. They will then swallow babies whole, fly back to their own nests, and regurgitate the still half alive, partially digested babies, to their own babies for them to consume. Some pelicans are literally raised on the partially digested, living flesh of other baby birds.”


"1/3 of all people who break their hip die within the year."


"If you try to grab the brain in its natural state it will fall apart, when you see scientists pick up the brain they have used chemicals to harden it."


"Polar bears are the only bear species that actively hunt and kill humans for food."


"Hotels rarely clean their ice machines."


“Llama spit is actually projectile vomit.”


"There are spiders that capture bats in South America. There are also spiders that eat birds in Australia."


“There is value to the human body as a commodity. While corneas are small, they fetch a large price (£15,000, or about $22,450), whereas our skeleton garners significantly less (£5,000, about $7,483). The price also depends on whether the body part is sold for specimen use, transplants, or on the black market.”


"A dying person’s eyes will sometimes go from closed to shooting wide open as they pass."


"A cardiac tamponade is when your heart literally chokes itself to death."


"That there is anywhere between 25-50 active serial killers in the United States, according to the FBI. Yet you’re still far more likely to be murdered by someone you know and trust."


“If we see a life-threatening meteor is going to strike us in a few years, we probably, at least at the moment, couldn’t do anything about it. They’ve had training simulations with this exact scenario, and they only got it right like 10% of the time, they need more like 10 years to reliably and consistently stop it.”


Phillip 1 year ago
#22 most businesses lease their ice machines because they are so difficult to clean. Instead of tearing them apart to wash, they trade in for a new model, and the company cleans them.
Crissy 1 year ago
I worked in a very popular restaurant for 9 years, and the ice machine was never cleaned or replaced. Been in the business 22 years, and I've never heard of it happening.
Sandy 1 year ago
Well why don't you clean it then? I've been in the hospitality trade for 18 years, and the ice machine always gets a weekly deep clean.
Midge 1 year ago
#29 so like global warming thing.. you know, 10 more years
Leanne 1 year ago

Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?
Gina 1 year ago
#28 I trust no one and know anybody. I must be a serial killer. Kellogg come here.
Hallie 1 year ago
so much nope, starting with #2
Sebastian 1 year ago
Sort of true, but maybe not quite what you were thinking. The early concept of a saw with a chain was invented to aid in widening the pelvis (symphysiotomy) to assist in child birth, but it was small and hand operated. This was before caesarians were possible, so thank you modern science.
Griselda 1 year ago
#1 gave me a bloody seizure
Zebedee 1 year ago
#22 Also, you should know that the lemons that go in your water are never washed. Often there are several lemons in the box that are bad and covered in mold. Those are just thrown out, and the rest are cut up without washing them.
Cilla 1 year ago
#30 In 2020 the president of the united states suggested to inject bleach into living humans to counter a virus infection.
Ronny 1 year ago

and in 2021 the Resident of the white house pulled all of the troops and left thousands of civilians, military gear and millions of dollars in afganistan.
Bryant 1 year ago
18 That is not a pelican.



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