These Facts Are So Creepy! (29 GIFS)

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“Flies don’t have teeth. So, when they land on your sandwich and want to eat some, they barf up the contents of their stomach (often containing another animal’s [email protected]#t) so the digestive enzymes can get on the food and then they eat.”


"There is a very specific fetish for men that involves them cutting off their… yeah."


“Anything can happen to anyone at any moment. I had my first seizure at 18. No family member has had epilepsy before. Never take anything for granted. It can all change in an instant.”


"Hippo milk is pink."



"About 1100 people will get murdered today. A little less than one per minute."


“Female spotted hyenas have what’s known as a “pseudo penis.” It’s really a clitoris that has grown up to 7 inches outside the body, making it resemble the real thing. They also have to give birth through it.”


“Do you know how often money is washed? Yeah, not often. It’s extremely rare in fact; and everyone touches it! if you touch a dollar right now you will have traces of cocaine, 10 various drugs, blood, sweat, saliva, vaginal fluid, semen, poop, piss, and countless other horrors. I mean think about it, how often do you think about what’s on your hands before handling money? how often do you think the other hundred million people think about it?”


"The human body has a ton of parasites on it all the time."


"You can go from being stable and well off to pretty much homeless in a single instance of bad luck if you don’t have a good support network or anyone to rely on."


“If your eyeballs were to pop out of your head, but stay connected and are dangling like pendulums, there’s nothing you can do to stop your spinny vision. You wouldn’t be able to close your eyes to make it all stop. You’d just be stuck in your disorienting, chaotic hell until you grab your hanging eyeballs and hold them still.”


"If you tried to pick a human brain up with your bare hands, it would fall apart."


"When you eat eggs, you are eating unfertilized chicken periods."


"At any given moment, one of your lungs could randomly decide to burst in what is called a spontaneous pneumothorax."


“When you smell something nasty it means particles from the offending substance are contacting receptors in your nose. Some of those particles in the air are also contacting the tear film on your eyes and you’re breathing them into your lungs.”


“We’re all just dead people that haven’t died yet.”



"Statistically speaking, most people die within a 20 mile radius from their childhood home."


“During the Cold War, there was a missile siren malfunction, and if it wasn’t for one Stalinslav Petrov’s intuition, the Soviets would have sent nuclear missiles to the US, resulting in an all out nuclear war, where millions would have been killed.”


"There’s an amoeba (Naegleria fowleri) that will eat your brain. They live in warm water, and can enter through your nose."


"The Strid at the River Wharfe in Yorkshire, England has a 100% mortality rate, or close to it. The river basically turns on its side and if you fall in you’re very likely to wind up dead in it."


“At any time, you could contract Creutzfelt-Jakob Disease and nothing could be done. It’s caused by an error in proteins and can happen to anyone. 100 percent fatality rate, and no vaccine or cure.”



"Deaths via a can of food are startlingly high."


"A 9.x earthquake can and will hit the Pacific Northwest at any time."


“The fact that no matter how good your life is, that rug can be pulled out from under you in a flash.”


"An octopus is flexible enough to enter your mouth, navigate your digestive system and leave through your anus."


"Memories are subject to change. You can even convince yourself that a story you heard is an actual memory of yours."



"Bears can run as fast as horses."


"Butterflies have been known to drink blood."


"There was a woman that had a mummified baby in her body for 46 years until she learned it was there."


"Our lips and our buttholes are made out of the same type of skin."


Hallie 1 year ago
So many untruths, false reports and outright lies.
Augustina 1 year ago

Yeah, #20 is mad cow disease, you won't get it unless you eat steak from cattle that have been fed dead cattle meat.
Arzada 1 year ago
You will never get the last few minutes of your life back. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Augustina 1 year ago
#12 - Unless they are fertilised, then you are eating chicken embryos.
Really, if you must eat eggs, buy free range, apart from the immense cruelty inherent in keeping chickens in cages, the food they are fed is made of waste cattle parts. I only buy organic free range because I only want quality food.
Trina 1 year ago
#11 Not true. Unless maybe the pia mater is dissected. Source: assisted on about a dozen autopsies. Brains are very cool!




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