Newer Generations Will Never Understand… (38 PICS)

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"Being able to be an idiot in your formative years and not worry about it being filmed and/or put on the internet forever"


"There was a time when we felt the world was getting better, not worse."


"Slamming down the receiver on a landline telephone. Pushing the red button is not nearly as satisfying."


"The beauty of being unreachable."


Izismile Videos

"Saturday morning cartoons. I miss sitting in front of the TV and eating a bowl of cereal while Tale Spin, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or whatever Saturday morning cartoon series played. Then getting on my bike once they ended around 10 a.m. and riding over to my friend's house to play till sunset."


"Taking pictures and then waiting for them to be developed to see if they turned out okay."


"Parents not knowing where their kids are and trusting them not to get into trouble."


"MTV played music videos, had music discussion shows, and had news about music 24 hours a day at one point."


"The street lamps means it’s time to go home."



"Having to buy the entire album to get one song you liked, or else wait for it to come on the radio and record it. Missing any part of the song was unacceptable, and you had to wait until it was played again."


"Not being able to watch whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. We actually had to look up the shows schedule in a TV guide and be available when it came on."


“Can so-and-so come out to play?”


"Hows about not knowing who was calling... was it your crush? your grandma? a telemarketer??? It's like a game show every time the phone rings"


"Having to rewind the tape before returning it to the video store or else incurring a fee."



"How to use the card catalog in the library — the ones with the cards in the drawers."


"Having a three-ring binder of CDs for road trips."


"Circling pictures of toys in the Sears catalog as a Christmas list. My brother and my cousin would do this every year at my grandma's house. We also put our initials so our parents knew who wanted what toy."


"Meeting up with a friend at the movies and having no way to communicate once you’ve left the house. Your friend doesn’t show. Is he coming? Should I continue to wait and stand at the precise spot we agreed on? Has he died? Did he forget? I’ll call home using a pay phone and hope my mom is there to tell me whether he left a message on the answering machine."


"That there used to be nine planets in the solar system."



"A thing called encyclopedias"


"Checking the pay phone change return for any forgotten coins."


"How we got around without GPS navigation."


"Why we say "hang up" the phone"


"The frustration of cassette tapes getting mangled."



"Maybe not universal. But how to entertain yourself with your mind and nothing else.

I've noticed something about my friends/people i know in parenting culture where it's now a crime for a child to be bored. When I was a kid my parents laughed and told me to go away when I said I was bored."


"Having to properly time getting a drink and snack before the ad break on TV finished. I still sweat thinking about it."


"Cranking the rear window in a car by hand"


"Getting lost in your car and just having to figure it out"


"Insert Disk #3 and press Return to continue..."



"'Let’s all meet back here at 6:00.' *Looks at watch.* 'I’ve got 4:35. What time do you have?'"


"The difficulty of not being able to instantly find the answer to questions."


"Having to say BRB to all your friends on MSN because your mom wanted to make a call, and then having to disconnect from the internet and dial back up when she was done."



"Having to wait until Monday at school to tell your friends about the crazy [email protected]#t that went down at the party over the weekend. I used to love that. There was nothing like saying “bro, guess what happened”!? Now everyone just instantly sees in it happening in real time on social media."


"Not being able to binge a show unless you literally recorded a bunch of episodes from TV onto a bunch of VHS tapes."



"Turning the dial on the TV to change the channel."


"Making plans to meet friends and having to commit because you didn't have mobile phones to ask where they were, how far, and if they were still coming."



"Texting without looking at your phone because -> abc def ghi jkl mno pqrs tuv wxyz"



"Stay off the [email protected]#kin' phone, I'm on the internet!"



"The perfect balance between playing outside and watching TV."



"Going to the arcade and playing games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. This is my childhood."


"How great Myspace was. It was a million times better than Facebook. You could choose top friends, music, cursors, backgrounds, and images. It was awesome until everyone transitioned over to FB."


"The glory of playing and enjoying snake on a brick phone."



Gert 1 year ago
#2 Is complete nonsense. There has never been a better time to be alive than now.
And yes, that includes with Corona.
Modern medicine, technology, general knowledge, the way how we actually try to take care of the environment and how we accept homosexuality for example.
All of this and more was worse.

And yes, there are still idiots and bad things, but every bit helps.
For example: One person picking up one piece of trash up won't make much difference, but 10.000 people doing it will make an entire city clean which improves the lives of everyone. And this goes for everything.

If we all make this world a tiny bit better that combined effort will make a huge improvement in the future.
Lina 1 year ago
Gert,Really? things are better now?

when i grew up people didnt smash your car windows because of the politicians sticker on it was the other party
people weren't as fat and actually healthier then they are today
your mom made a sit down dinner
your dad came home from work
there were decent shows on TV the whole family could watch together
you had to walk to your friends house if you wanted to see them
kids were more respectful
there were only 2 genders
you looked forward to going to a drive in with your friends or girlfriend
people dated not just hooked up
taking a girl out for dinner was a big deal
everybody celeibrated the 4rh of july
no one put up Christmas decorations before thanksgiving
families had "get together" where you saw your cousins
school taught life skills not how to be a radical
girls and women were feminine
woman wore dresses and never left the house without "putting on their face"
you never seen a woman shopping in sweatpants and flip flops
you never seen a woman covered with tattoos
there was actual food in shopping carts, not junk food
there were farm stands where you could buy fresh fruit and vegetables
politicians from both sides were civil to each other and actually tried to get things done in the interest of their constituents
the mentally ill were in asylums, not running around on the streets
people watched out for and knew each other in your neighborhood
kids could make money cutting grass, delivering news papers or shoveling snow
the news was actual news, not opinion propaganda
there weren't as many shootings and high schools had gun clubs where you learned how to properly use a firearm
people looked forward to going outside and getting fresh air
Gert 1 year ago

Yes. Really. Things are really better now.

Politicians have been bastards and people have been killing each other for "not being like us" all through history.
(The Keating five in 1989, Paul Powell, the shoebox scandal 1965-1970, Warren G. Harding in 1921 just a few examples just from your own country.)
People have been identifying as something other than the "male and female" all through time. Wikipedia "Third gender " for just one example. And I really don't understand what it matters to you what people you will never associate with identify as.
And yes , women are free to wear clothes they like and have tattoos they want. Just like you, man. They are not obligated to only get out of the house if they look sexy enough for your taste and are not responsible to cook your food. I thought America was the land of the free?
If you want a sit-down dinner, watch a step by step YouTube video of a recipe,cook it, invite people and sit down for dinner.
There are enough healthy options. Be smart enough not to buy junk food.
Kids were more respectful? "The children now love luxury, they have bad manners, contempt for authority, they show disrespect for elders and love chatter instead of exercise. Children are now tyrants...and tyrannize their teachers." - Socrates
People have been whining about "kids these days" since the dawn of civilization.

I can refute every one of your points with examples from all over the world and throughout time just as I can give many examples why the time we live in now is pretty damn good.
But I'm not here for a discussion about who is right with you or anyone. My original comment just as this is a message. If you only see darkness, despair, and evil (or as in your case "people are not enough like me"), then my message is not for you.
There are many bad, and many good things in the world. And things are improving. The world is different yes, but not worse.
But more importantly, it can be better. My message is for those that can see that. I am talking to you. The believer. The people that can see their version of a better world. To you, one of the creators.
Throughout history there have been people that have made the world around them better in many ways. Big and small. Those people are around you now. Join us.
For example; One person picking up one piece of trash doesn't make much of a difference. A 100.000 people picking up one piece of trash leaves a clean city that makes it a better place for anyone.
I'm sure I'll get more downvotes for this, but votes up or down don't matter. If only one person is inspired by this, progress is made, a new link is formed, and a new fire has been lit. I hope that you are a part of that, whoever you are.
Lina 1 year ago
Quote: Gert
I can give many examples why the time we live in now is pretty damn good.

suicide is at an all time high, ya really good times there, sm_80
Midge 1 year ago
hmm from your comments you must be a very young kid or addicted to social media... like if it's not there then it didn't happen. spend more time going thru police records. 3 people get raped in my city every week, constant DV, suicides etc
Gert 1 year ago
I literally said bad things still happen.
People have been getting raped all through human existence. In your own words; just because you didn't know it doesn't mean it didn't happen. And it's only been since very recently that women actually had a chance of getting justice. Suicides are not new either.
And yes, obviously if you go through police records you only find bad things. Very few police investigations are about guerrilla gardening. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
Martine 1 year ago
*insert handsome squidward picture here* heart
Jacqueline 1 year ago
One thing I absolutely love doing to this very day, is going for a Sunday drive, just drive into the country and have the roof down and not give two sh*ts about Monday.
Ursula 1 year ago
Those were good old days
But say what you want past generations made the whole world worst fir the next generations
Midge 1 year ago
nah just a few bad apples can ruin the bunch. times were great but weren't sustainable for a long time
Mathilda 1 year ago
Ursula, Are you on drugs?
Manerva 1 year ago
#11 45rpm's




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