These Movies Were Close Enough… (26 PICS)

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"Finding Jesus: The Ten Commandments"

IMDB description: Join faith-fueled friends Muggles and Joy as they visit the beautiful Finding Jesus Bay, a place where Christian stories are told night and day. Guided by the sea's best storyteller, Professor Shark, they hear all about the endless kindness and boundless love of their Creator.


"Funny story: I like this movie"

IMDB description: Sparky is an adventurous young car trying to find his own road through life. Despite his father's attempts to instill the virtues of restraint and caution, Sparky repeatedly follows the deceitful Diesel into problematic situations. Some of which can be deadly!


"Found this at my local Walmart lol"

IMDB description: It's the summer before fifth grade and Henry Hudson hasn't found his place in the world. Then, he meets a group of immature film geeks who give him the courage to lead a battle against the neighborhood bullies and finally become one of the guys.


"Movie was "chop Kick Panda" fyi"

IMDB description: A fat lazy panda named Zibo dreams of becoming a master of martial arts but is stuck as a mere cleaner for a dojo. Little does he know that an evil tiger has plans to take over the kingdom and he must stop him.


Izismile Videos

"The Brother of the Famous Gung Fu Panda"

IMDB description: Fu is telepathically given the ultimate kung fu power after rescuing a martial arts master from a fatal attack with the promise that he would return the tablet to his daughter Penny.


"The Amazing Bulk? This is what you recommend Google?"

IMDB description: Henry "Hank" Howard works as a scientist in a military lab, trying to create a superhuman formula but with little success. He is also in love with the daughter of his boss, a general. In an effort to earn his approval to marry his daughter, Henry tests the formula on himself, inadvertently transforming himself into a purple rage monster and leaving him at the mercy of those who wish to exploit his newfound power.


"Famous Chef Ratatoing!"

IMDB description: Marcelle Toing, owner of the best restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, must go on missions to steal ingredients from human restaurants to keep his meals the best.


"Dollar Tree movies..."

IMDB description: A lonely 9-year-old boy makes a new friend when he discovers a magical little man inside of a cupboard. But when one of the man's spells goes awry, the boy's entire family is shrunk down to four inches in height.



"My favourite film, my fav scene is when Mutant Shrek and the snake from The Wild fight Randall in Monsters Incorporated!"

IMDB description: Fungus's job is to venture above Bogeydom and scare Drycleaners (aka humans). Unfortunately, a crisis happens when a Drycleaner discovers the existence of Bogeys.


"The worst animated movie ripoff in history- not even joking…"

IMDB description: Walter Pembroke III is a pampered pig who enjoys free food, a posh pen, and a flattering entry in the exclusive Barnyard Social Registry. Walt's best friend is Tiffany, a tough-talking spider who gets little respect and few handouts. But it is not the disapproval of Walt's snobby pals that is driving this pair of unlikely friends apart. It is Walt's expanding web of lies. When a pie disappears, Walt blames UFOs. When a bowl breaks, it's the ghost's fault. When homework goes missing, well, the dog was involved. Now Walt has fallen under the spell of Noiman Ja Rahr, a sneaky snake who schemes to take Walt to the corrupt Viperwood. Can the spider convince the pig that lying doesn't pay or will Walt end up trapped in a frightening world where no one can be trusted? And nothing is as it seems.


"Couldn’t find The Great Mouse Detective but I found THIS"

IMDB description: A teenage girl living in the ruins of the Romanovs' palace finds herself running from the secret police with her four magic instruments, who are all she has left of her family, whom she can't remember. In a baggage car on a freight train, the young girl Anastasia finds the former general of the Tzar's army Vladimir Ichonovitch stowing away in a suitcase. Ichonovitch assumes from the beginning that Anastasia is out to prove that she's the heir to the Romanov throne and that she wants the fortune. Anastasia, of course, knows nothing of this but gets sucked into the con with Ichonovitch, who teaches her family history and dresses her up.


"Wtf did I just find in a thriftstore in Denmark..."

IMDB description: A story of Don Quijote told by a donkey of Sancho Panza.



"Ah, yes.... My favorite movie. Captain Battle! LEGACY WAR!!!"

IMDB description: Sam Battle is injured during his tour of duty in the Gulf War. ... His good friend Brandon Storm, who is a scientist, injects him with a secret serum that he has been developing that will save his life. ... Sam soon learns that the town is being overrun with neo-Nazis. He teams up with Brandon's sister Jane, who is a news reporter. Soon, Sam learns ... he has gained superhuman strength and agility. Brandon is kidnapped by the neo-Nazis' leader, the Necromancer. ... He is forced to help raise the cloned body of Heinrich Himmler from the dead. Now, Sam must don the persona of Captain Battle, a crime-fighting hero alter ego that started with Sam's grandfather Jonathan Battle in World War II. ... Together with Jane, they must face the army of neo-Nazi henchmen and, what's worse, the army of living dead soldiers from the Third Reich! They must stop the Necromancer before she succeeds at her ultimate goal of raising the cloned corpse of Adolf Hitler!


"Why would a streaming site even have these type of movies?"

IMDB description: When terrorists plant a bomb on a commercial flight, the passengers aboard the plane must fight to keep the plane in the air and all the passengers alive: The bomb is rigged to detonate whenever the plane dips below 800 feet.


"This new Fast and Furious movie is the worst."

IMDB description: Jack Tyson is a young man partaking in an illegal Mexico-to-California car race when a desperate woman, fleeing from her abusive gangster boyfriend who is financing the tournament, jumps into his car pleading for his help and has an incriminating USB drive that could send her thug boyfriend, among others, to prison.


"Ah yes.. Metal Man... This movie is... MWA perfect..."

IMDB description: Kyle Finn has the ultimate combat machine, a metal suit with superhuman powers, and he uses it to defend the good and fight evil. That "evil" comes in the form of Reed, his ninja henchmen, and the Mecha Terror robot: Has the Metal Man finally met his match?



"This movie ripped off Shark Tale and Finding Nemo..."

IMDB description: One fish must find his destiny to save his home and the love of his life from a bullying shark.



"Mum can we get the bee movie? mum: NO we have the bee movie at home. The bee movie at home:"

IMDB description: This film follows the epic journey of BBing the BBee as he tries to escape the harsh rule of the queen.


"A terrible ripoff of the bee movie. movie is hot garbage aswell."

IMDB description: When a war threatens a beehive, peace may come from unexpected places. A honey-maker wants to fight and a soldier wants to make honey. What happens when these bees decide to follow their hearts instead of the rules?


"Fast and Furious 9 do be looking fine"

IMDb description: The Little Cars are racing into action again. They learn the value of friendship and honesty, still managing to win the races along the way! The whole family can enjoy these delightful stories together.




IMDb description: A 36-foot crocodile goes on the rampage in Beijing after being moved from a peaceful Crocodile Farm and onto the menu of a local gangster.


"That’s the scariest movie I have ever seen!"

"Guardian of the Universe. A movie so bad I couldn’t get past the first 30 minutes."

Hop Film Catalog summary: In a madcap future era, the world's greatest secret agent must race through time to rescue his son from the clutches of his infamous former mentor.


"Forget Endgame, this is the biggest superhero movie ever."

IMDb description: The Star Paws team is back and this time the entire galaxy is at stake! When an evil cat named Marlon Butterpaws makes plans to destroy the universe, it's up to an elite space dog team known as Star Paws to find and stop him.



"Bone Alone"

IMDb description: When a family visits grandma's house on Christmas Eve, they leave their dog at home alone. And when burglars try to take the presents from under the tree, the dog must use every trick it knows to stop them.


"Who's excited for movie night?"

IMDb description: Simba and Buckshot discover that the King of Eagles has been seen flying around the peak of the mountain. They journey up the mountain to meet the king, facing many obstacles along the way.



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Mickey 2 year s ago
In all fairness #18 & #19 were probably better than the bee movie.
Eleanor 2 year s ago
Fungus the bogeyman was first published in 1977. Created by Raymond Briggs.
Titia 2 year s ago
I don't know about you, but sometimes I do enjoy watching a cringey sh#t movie.
Bridie 2 year s ago
If you really want a pile of sh#t film to watch then look up Bullets of Justice. I'm still not sure how I made it to the end of that it was awful.
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