Truths That No One Wants To Hear… (31 PICS)

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"You aren’t a hero or even a good person just because you’re in the military"


"Time doesn't heal wounds, it builds scar tissue."


"Not all babies are cute."


"You are much closer to being poor and homeless than you are to being super rich"


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"Bad people don’t always “get what they deserve”."


"“I don't know” is a perfectly valid answer to many questions."


"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not weakness, that is life."


"Some people are bad parents.

Being funny or smart doesn’t mean you’re ready to take care if a human being (maybe even multiple) for a good chunk of your life.

Please don’t get kids to fix a relationship either, I’ve seen this too much and it doesn’t work."


"Most people genuinely do not care about you or your opinions, which is just fine"



"No matter how likeable you may be, there are always going to be certain people who don't like you, sometimes for no particular reason."



"Most people shouldn’t have kids."


"Having a University degree doesn't guarantee you a job"


"Life will never be exactly like it was before the pandemic started."



"You can't run from yourself. Moving towns, cities or even countries won't automatically change who you are"



"All your bones are wet right now"


"Friends will come and go. You will have many friends who one day you will never see again."


"You are the main character in your life but you're just an extra in everone else's"



"It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice."


"Climate change is an exponential curve and we are entering the shoulder. Natural disasters are expected to increase 8x in the next couple decades. It gets worse after that."



"It just takes a second to destroy what has taken years or even centuries to make."


"War can come to your doorstep, everything can change. No country is immune. History clearly demonstrates this."


"Not everything happens "for a reason" or because of something you have (or have not) done.

Sometimes, things in life and the Universe go sideways and it's just your time to be caught in the crossfire."



"The world is 100% being run by corruption."


"If you don’t take care of your teeth when you’re young, you’ll regret it when you’re old. Brush twice a day, goddamnit."



"You’re not special… but that’s okay because everyone is not special together."


"There's no "health in every size". If you're over/under certain weight limit, you have a higher risk in getting sick. There's no "but-"."


"If you’re chasing a romance or friendship… the other person doesn’t want to be with you."


"The odds that you die tomorrow is wayyy higher than winning on that lottery ticket."


"You won’t be young and beautiful forever."



"That you need to stop procrastinating and get that thing you've been needing to do done already."


"Your boyfriend/husband is always going to find other women attractive."


"People will hurt you"



"You can't make someone love you if they don't"



"We’ll eventually be alone, so it’s either being comfortable with ourselves or being tormented by loneliness later in life"



"Staying with someone who cheated on you is never a good idea"


"Your belly button was your old mouth."



"There are some people who just are NOT going to like you. And you will have done nothing to deserve, cause or warrant it. Its not your fault."


"Life is as much unfair and unjust as it is possible for it to be"



"Oxytocin, the “love hormone”, also increases animosity towards those you regard as “others”"



"It’s not gonna be okay unless you make it okay. I often hear people say: it’s gonna be okay. Well, it’s probably gonna be okay, if you actually put the effort to make it okay. And sometimes, you have to let go, even the big things."



Samuel 1 week ago
"The world is 100% being run by corruption."

True that ...
Sarilla 1 week ago
Life isn't short, it's the longest thing you'll ever do

No matter who you are surrounded by everyone dies alone. Death is a solo event.
Tim 1 week ago

what about a plane crash that is a group event 35
Lurana 1 week ago
Tim, a flying container full of people you don't know. You die alone.

Maybe this will help - think "personal" rather than the stated "solo".
Anthony 1 week ago
#17 The truth about the f****n climate change is, that there has always been a climate change. Climate did never care about humans. There have been ice ages way before the humans hit the earth and it never has or had an "exponential curve".

When I grew up, the exact same "scientist" talked about a coming ice age and the dying of the woods. Never happened.
Gert 1 week ago
I don't think anyone says climate change cares about humans.
Just about every scientist agrees climate change is a thing, we are the cause, and it WILL have an effect on us all. How large the effect we and our children will have to live with depends on what we, big companies, but us as individuals do to halt it.

Each action you do may seem like a drop on a forest fire, but a tsunami is millions of drops working together.
Midge 1 week ago
lmao i think you're confusing weather with climate.
also idk where you get your claim of "about every scientist" when i have found its close to half.
Gert 1 week ago
Nope. I'm not confusing weather with climate like you confused that remark as a valid argument.
How about you substantiate your claim of "close to half" first?
And no, conspiracy YouTube vids, Alex Jones articles, and Trump rants don't count.
Oh, and saying about every scientist that knows climate change is a thing must be either stupid, brainwashed, or bribed is not a good argument either.
Ally 5 days ago
#17 enough that the government is pushing climate change bs now it has seeped into every form of media as well.
Fran 1 week ago
The best estimates we have for historic temperatures (ice cores, etc.) have averaging windows wider than the time we have precise data for.
Aaron 1 week ago
Fran, Your second statement is completely false.
Freda 1 week ago
Time does heal wounds. A persons incapability of dealing properly dealing with wounds builds scar tissue.

The world is full of $h#tty people. You’re a $hitty person at times. When you perceive yourself to be a victim you are on the receiving end of $h#tty behavior, just like someone else is the receiver when you are acting $h#tty. No one gets a free pass through life that exempts them from others $h#tty behavior so stop whining.
Theodora 1 week ago
The "climate change" discussions proves only how tv brainwashed people are. The same is: war on terrorism, on drugs, on viruses. Just get the poke, you deserve it!
Lamont 1 week ago
Awfully harsh judgment on people who spend a portion of their lives defending this country. My guess is anyone who has this thought has never actually met someone who served. Or has a rather wide jealous streak. Most people who wear or have worn, our nations uniform do not think of themselves as heros. They are willing to do a job that 99% are not will to do.



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