Why Are Some Women Called Cougars?

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Why Are Some Women Called Cougars?


A "cougar" is typically an older woman seeking opportunities to engage in a relationship with younger men. There is no specific lower or upper age limit, but most women are at least 35 years old and date men at least eight years younger than they are. Not everyone agrees with this definition, and many people even consider the word "cougar" a bit sexist. Many women would consider it a derogatory term, but ultimately, it depends on the person because the meaning may vary from empowering to the offensive.

The truth is that cougars can present negative and positive images, but they are usually very confident and independent. Some may not want to conform to the socially acceptable norms of youth and beauty, but it all depends on the person. Quite interestingly, some younger guys would do everything to enjoy a cougar hookup. Dating an older, mature woman can actually be an enlightening experience for a younger guy or a "cub' in this situation. But, it all comes down to where one should enjoy mature dating and connect with older women seeking younger men for dating. Here are some options to consider:

     •    Go Online to Enjoy Cougar Dating

When you are a young guy and cannot spend enough time out of the college campus, you may want to try dating sites to find cougars. So many dating platforms are entirely dedicated to older women seeking younger men. Those sites are easy to join and do not require a lot of information to set up your profile. You can search members right away and use search filters to find cougars seeking partners. Similarly, you can look for younger men if you are a mature woman. As these sites make local search a breeze, you can even meet someone special living in your own area. Overall, online cougar dating sites work great for mature women, as they can find partners without being judged for their sexual preferences.

     •    Join Yoga Classes

Yoga is among the healthiest activities out there, and while it helps improve your muscle strength and flexibility, it allows you to hone your flirting skills as well. Older women are more conscious about their health, so they are more likely to be part of these yoga classes. A cougar who wants to be in great shape is likely to fall for you more quickly.

     •    Try Upscale Bars

Whether you are looking for older women for cougar dating or you are after rich "sugar mommas," hitting upscale bars may help a lot. Remember, not any bar would work because classy cougars are extremely picky and, as they have more money than younger women, they are more likely to spend nights at expensive places. Try to look your best and be the center of attraction because cougars are naturally attracted to younger guys with a high sexual market value. 

Picking the best cougar dating site increases your chances of finding a mature woman for dating. You need to socialize more and be in the right places to find cougars in the real world, though. Wherever you go, always move with confidence, and approach them with a positive frame of mind. Online, you should create a killer profile and show what you bring to a relationship. Show your naughty side and let them feel attracted to you just by looking at your photos. When in conversation, do not be shy and be as assertive as you. Be very careful and know that though you are on a cougar dating site, most of them may not be very happy about being "labeled." Some women may find it offensive, so keep it simple, and you will win a date.

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