Unexpected Answers To Random Questions (20 PICS)

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"What Is The Craziest Coincidence Ever Recorded?"

"I googled what is the craziest coincidence ever recorded. This one will blow your mind. Two identical twins that were separated at birth grew up without knowing each other existed but somehow ended up living identical lives. Both their respective parents named them James Burke called them Jim for short. Both had a brother named Larry, both had a dog named Toy and they both married women named Linda. When this didn't work out they both divorced and went on to marry women named Betty. Both Jims had a son and they chose the same name, James Allen, the only difference being is that one Allen was spelled with two L's. Bear in mind at this point they'd never even met yet. Both Jims were chain smokers. Both suffered from migraines and both drove a Chevrolet. Jim one works as a deputy sheriff, while Jim two was a security guard. It wasn't until the age of 39 that their paths finally crossed. And obviously the crazy coincidences made worldwide news, shocking millions. To understand how this could even be possible, they took part in a scientific study and found that their medical histories and brainwaves are almost identical."


"Why Does Every Single House In Bermuda Have A White Roof?"

"I googled why every single house in Bermuda has a white roof. Here's what I found. Despite being a tropical paradise, Bermuda actually has no real access to fresh water, which normally would come from sources such as rivers and lakes, but the people of Bermuda have come up with an ingenious solution. Turns out the roofs are designed in this odd way to harvest their only source of drinking water: the rain. So those steps slow down the heavy rainfall helping the gutters to collect as much water as possible and the white paint reflects ultraviolet light from the sun which purifies the water. It is then stored in a tank under the house and thanks to this every home in Bermuda is self sufficient. There are no water mains or water rates."


"What Is The Most Important Living Creature On The Planet?"

"I googled what is the most important living creature on the planet. And the answer I found without a doubt is bees. And if all of a sudden they disappeared, it would be absolute carnage. For starters, half of the food in the grocery stores would all disappear as their pollination is responsible for up to 70 to 80% of the world’s crops. The hit the world would take without coffee alone is enough to collapse economies. Say goodbye to beef and all of the dairy products that cows produce, like milk and cheese, as the majority of food that cows consume need pollination. And don’t forget the production of cotton is dependent on pollination, so say goodbye to a lot of clothes, baby diapers, bed sheets, and even toilet paper. And the scariest part about all of this is that in 2015, bees were placed on the endangered list for the first time in history. And the bees' population declined by more than 40%."


"What Are The Most Dangerous Places On Earth To Visit?"

"I googled what are the most dangerous places on earth to visit. Today's destination is the forbidden North Sentinel Island. Unlike most small, remote islands, this one is inhabited by a tribe quite literally untouched by the outside world for hundreds of years. With an estimated 50 to 200 members they are extremely hostile to any visitors from the outside world with a number of recorded events where sailors, fishermen and even missionaries have been attacked and killed just for turning up. The craziest part is because of the isolation of the island for hundreds of years as the world's evolved around them with cars, medicine technology, they remain untouched, and no one can even communicate with them, as nearly nothing is known about their language due to their extremely violent nature towards any outside visitors. This island is one of the most dangerous places on earth."


"Which Country Produces The Most Serial Killers?"

"I googled which country produces the most serial killers. The number one is insane. In the number five is Italy, they have produced 97 serial killers. Finally getting mentioned in one of my lists, I see you, comment section. Canada at number four with 106 - that's a staggering 0.29 per 100,000 people. Now number three is an unfortunate regular on all the my lists, South Africa with 117 murderous individuals. The runner up is England with 166 with the most notable being the infamous "Angel maker" - she killed almost 400 babies in the 19th century. I told you number one was insane and I didn't lie because the USA obliterates this list. They have a staggering 3204 known serial killers, which is approximately 19 times more than the second highest. That means almost one in every 100,000 people is a serial killer in the US."


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"What Are The Safest Countries For Women?What Are The Safest Countries For Women?"

"Today I googled what are the safest countries for women. The scores are based off of eight factors such as street safety, gender gap, partner violence, etc. So in number five we have Switzerland, great street safety and low levels of homicide. Taking number four is Austria, where 100% of women have at least some level of secondary education. Taking third is Ireland with very low levels of legal discrimination and gender inequality. The runner up is Singapore, where a survey concluded 92% of women felt safe when walking alone at night. And the number one safest country in the entire planet is Spain. In 2018 Spain's government had women outnumbering men with 11 out of the 17 cabinet seats."


"Who Has Served The Longest Prison Sentence In History?"

"I googled who has served the longest prison sentence in history. Number one is still going. So number five is Joseph Legion who served 67 years and 54 days and was released earlier this year. He was sentenced at 15 years old for murder and was released at age 83. And number four, we have John Phillips who served 68 years 236 days. He was convicted in 1952 for the rape of a five year old girl and was released in March 2021 on parole. Taking third by only nine days more is Paul Geidel Jr., who served 68 years 245 days. He was incarcerated for 1911 age 17 and then released in 1980, at 86. Once released, he passed away in a nursing home seven years later at age 93. In second place, and the only non American on the list, is an Aussie man named Charles Foster. He was sentenced to life after murdering an elderly man and stealing his boots. Charles passed away when he was still incarcerated at the age of 92, making this the longest served prison sentence in the world because number one is still going. In that number one spot is Francis Clifford Smith. He's served currently 72 years and 90 something days, and I know the chart says 71, but it's old. He was sentenced to death for the murder of a night watchman during a robbery at a yacht club. His sentence was changed to life in prison in 1954, only two hours before his scheduled execution."


"What Is The Strangest Known Sleep Disorder?"

"I googled what is the strangest known sleep disorder. What I found is insane. Number five is sexsomnia. And it is when individual acts out sexual behaviors during sleep. It could be as minimal as making sexual sounds during sleep or serious as sexual assault all without intention or awareness. Number four is “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome”. This is a rare disorder that forces your body into a reoccurring period of excessive sleep that can last for up to 20 hours a day. In third place is common and well-known sleep paralysis. When we fall asleep, chemicals are released by the brain that paralyzes your muscles so you don’t act out your dreams. Now sleep paralysis disorder is when the individual wakes up but their muscles are still paralyzed by the brain. And just to make things even worse, commonly coupled with sleep paralysis are intense and realistic hallucinations. People with sleep paralysis disorder report not being able to move a muscle while they’re hallucinating that intruders are entering their bedroom and attacking them. Jumping over to second place is sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. This is when you just simply and unexpectedly die in your sleep. Those who suffer from this sleep disorder have been known to scream, moan just before the death occurs, and it is impossible to wake them up. And the number one strangest sleep disorder is called fatal familial insomnia. Now this disorder has no known cures and involves progressively worsening insomnia over a period of months, which leads to hallucinations, delirium, progressive dementia, panic attacks, phobias, lack of appetite, and obviously eventually death. The average survival rate from an on-set of symptoms is only 18 months"


"What Are The Most Dangerous Countries For Women?"

"I googled what are the most dangerous countries for women. Here's what I found out. The following countries are according to the women's danger index, which gets its rating off of several factors - street safety for women, homicide for women, sexual violence, partner violence, just to name a few. So at number five we have Iran which scored the worst in the gender gap. Number four is Mexico which ranked terribly for street safety, homicide and sexual violence. Third most dangerous is Russia with its worst-scoring factor being homicide. The runner up at number two is Brazil, which launched an alarming statistic in 2019, having an average of four women killed a day. The number one leading the pack by a large margin is South Africa. They scored terribly on every single dimension apart from legal discrimination."


"What Is The Most Dangerous Place On Earth To Visit?"

"I googled what is the most dangerous place on earth to visit. Today's destination is the infamous Snake island. This terrifying island just off the coast of Brazil has the highest concentration of venomous snakes in the entire world. It is so dangerous that it's actually prohibited to visit and no one lives there. The only building on the island is an abandoned lighthouse that has no keepers and according to the locals, the last lighthouse keeper and his entire family passed away when a bunch of snakes slithered into his home through the windows at night. So the question is, who's keen?"



"What Is The Happiest And Saddest Country In The World?"

"I googled what is the happiest and saddest country in the world. The following is according to the World Happiness Report where results are determined by a survey conducted in 149 countries so in the number five is the Netherlands and it might just be the weed but they scored a happiness average of 7.46. For number four is Iceland scoring a solid 7.554. And in third place is the country that hasn't participated in a foreign war since 1815. And that is Switzerland. The runner up is Denmark, they scored 7.62. They're also commonly labeled the least corrupt country in the world and are famous for their liberal policies. And the happiest country in the entire world also happens to be the world's biggest coffee drinkers, and that is Finland. They scored a whopping 7.842 and are clearly loving life."


"What Are The Most Liked Posts On Each Social Media Platform?"

"I googled what are the most liked posts on each social media platform. Starting with Twitter, the most liked tweet to date with a whopping 7.3 million likes is the tragic announcement that Chadwick Boseman had passed away, which was posted on the 28th of August 2020. Moving over to Instagram, the most liked post with a whopping 55.5 million is of an egg. The person woke up in the morning and wanted to set a world record and 55 million people, including myself, helped out. Now the most liked post on Facebook was bloody hard to find. But it belongs to a man named Nick Vujicic who was born limbless, and his post with his wife and child has over 15 million likes. People over on Reddit have always been a niche bunch and this proves it, as the most upvoted thing on Reddit is a picture of Rick Astley, which, I'll be honest, I didn't even know who he was, with a total of 438,000 upvotes. Heading over to YouTube and we all probably know this - it is Despacito with 45.2 million likes and 6.6 billion views and counting, but since it was obvious the most liked non-music video on YouTube is of the bloody egg again, it was posted by Mr. Beast and has 17.9 million likes. And if you're watching this on TikTok, I think you already know what the answer is going to be. It is, yes, Bella Poarch with a huge 50 million likes on her lip synching video."


"What Is The Safest City In The World In 2021?"

"I googled what is the safest city in the world in 2021. And as always, here's what I found now The following are according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, and are ranked off of five securities, health, infrastructure, personal, environmental and digital security. So coming in at number five is Tokyo, Japan, they scored the best in the world for health, security. Just scraping fourth is Sydney, Australia. They scored the best in the world for digital security. At number three is Singapore. Their infrastructure scored the second highest globally behind only Hong Kong. The runner up for safest city is Toronto, Canada. Their best scoring factor was environmental security. And the winner of the safest city in 2021 is Copenhagen, Denmark. They scored in the top five in most of the categories but scored the highest globally for their personal security."


"Who Has Been Given The Most Life Sentences In History?"

"I googled who was been given the most life sentences in history. Just so you know a life sentence is only given for the worst crimes and to be given multiple life sentences means that you really did something horrific. So when number five is the Green River killer, Gary Ridgway, who confessed to having murdered 71 women. And in 2003 was given 49 life sentences plus 480 years. Number four on the list is Brenton Tarrant. He is the guy responsible for the Christ Church mosque shootings in 2019. He killed 50 people and injured over 40 and last year he was given 52 life sentences plus 480 years without parole. Taking third is Abdullah Barghouti. He was given 67 life sentences plus 5200 years without parole. He is responsible for the death of 66 Israelis and was chief bomb maker of Hamas' Izz al-Qassam brigades. The sentence he is held in solitary confinement and is denied all visits. The runner up on the list is Michael J. Devlin and get ready he was convicted of multiple counts of child kidnapping, armed criminal action, forcible sodomy, child pornography, transportation of minors across state lines to engage in sexual activity, attempted murder, and attempted for sodomy. He was given 74 life sentences plus 2020 years in prison. And the number one most life sentences given to a person goes to a man named Terry Nichols in 1995. He was convicted of 161 counts of first degree murder, first degree arson, terrorism, and for his part in the Oklahoma City bombing. He was given one life sentence for each victim killed which brings his total up to 161 life sentences plus 9300 years without parole."


"What Would Happen If You Gave A Homeless Man $100k?"

"I googled what would happen if you gave a homeless man $100k. Well, I actually found the exact answer to this question because a documentary was recorded in 2005 when they gave a homeless man $100k as a social experiment. The only conditions were that they could record him and document his everyday life after he had been given the money. Obviously, he accepted. But instead of getting his life back on track like the producers had hoped, he spends loads of time in a local bar, he purchased a $35,000 Dodge Ram and another truck for one of his recently acquired girlfriends. In the documentary, he goes to see a financial planner, but then firmly announces to him that he has no intention of getting a job and does not wish to plan ahead as he’s only concerned with today. Within a couple of months not only was he dead broke and homeless again, but he was also in debt. The documentary concluded by him saying that he was happy and relieved to be back on the streets."



"Which Is The Happiest And Saddest Country In The World?"

"I googled which is the happiest and saddest country in the world. Today we've got to see who occupies the bottom spaces of that extensive 149 country list. So in at 145 on the list is a country that I actually spent a lot of time in growing up and that is Lesotho. They scored an extremely low 3.512. At 146 is Botswana which is surprising as they are labeled Africa's miracle thanks to the huge economic growth in the last couple of decades, they scored a 3.467. Taking the 147 spot is Rwanda where almost 40% of people live below the poverty line. Second to last on the list is yet another African country Zimbabwe most popular for some of the most extreme and devastating hyperinflation the world has ever witnessed. They scored 3.145. And the most unhappy country in the world right now by a large margin is Afghanistan. They scored a shocking 2.523 and this was before the Taliban takeover and the US and UK military evacuation."


"What Are The Most Dangerous States In The US For Women?"

"I googled what are the most dangerous states in the US for women. Based off the statistics of the FBI and the CDC and ranks of the five factors such as rape, stalking, unwanted sexual contact, etc. So in number five we have Arkansas with the most reported rape cases out of all top five states. Number four is New Mexico with the worst factor being intimate partner violence. Number three is Maine scoring very high in reported sexual violence. Number two is Oregon scoring the worst in America for reported sexual violence. And the number one most dangerous state in the US for women is Alaska. A staggering 59% of adult women in Alaska have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual violence or both."


"What Are Some Of The Best Study Hacks Backed By Research?"

"I googled what are some of the best study hacks backed by research. So tip number one: a study at Cardiff uni found that chewing gum can improve your ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. People who chewed gum performed better and more accurately on longer tasks than those who didn’t. Tip number two: change your fonts. Because research has shown that a ‘harder to read’ font can actually help retain the information more easily. Scientists think that this is because it actually gets us to think about the information as opposed to just reading it. Tip number three: ditch the reading altogether. Studies have shown that the majority of students prefer to listen to information as opposed to read it."


"What Is Rated The Number One Scariest Movie Ever Made?"

"I googled what is rated the number one scariest movie ever made. So actually I found a scientific study that also answers this question where subjects were strapped to a heart rate monitor, and these are the top five that got their heart beating the fastest. Number five is "Paranormal activity" with the average heart rate of 82 beats per minute. Number four is "Hereditary" with 83 beats per minute. The number three is "the Conjuring" with 84. The runner up the scariest movie is "Insidious" with the average of 85 beats per minute. And the number one scariest movie according to science is "Sinister" with an average of 86 beats per minute. And as a bonus, the winner of the biggest jumpscare was "Insidious" and it got people's heart rate up to 133 beats per minute."


"Which Month Produces The Sexiest People?"

"Today I googled which month produces the sexiest people. So a scientific research group called “From Mars” has revealed the months of the year which produced the sexiest people and its rankings are based on 500 of the world’s sexiest celebrities. To start with the ones that produce the least amount of sexy people. In seventh place is October. In eighth place is November. Ninth is January. Tenth is May. Eleventh is July and the last place is June. And now for the winners. In number six is March. Fifth is September. Fourth is December. Third and my birth month is February. Second August. And the winner actually by a large margin is April. So the question is, is this list correct?"



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Randy 1 year ago
#15 Proof positive the homeless are primarily a scourge.
Nabby 1 year ago
Yes of course you are so correct, the actions of one single person is always the best way to judge a group of people.
Gert 1 year ago
The first one is actually pretty common.




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