History Facts Can Be Really Weird… (29 PICS)

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"Most people have 16 great great parents, Cleopatra had 2. She's lucky to have developed working lungs, let alone be competent enough to accomplish anything. That was a family tree was a wreath"


"40% of all homeless people in America still goes to work every day"


"Australia went to war with Emus. The Emus won."


"That literally ever race of people that have ever existed on this planet have been slaves to another at some point in history and most of them have overlapping time frames with other races.

And this is never talked about."


Izismile Videos

"Adolph hitler was an animal rights advocate who banned the live boiling of lobsters."


"Sharks have been around longer than trees."


"Some ancient cultures knew that they could control population growth by denying fertile females both fats and carbohydrates. This process guaranteed that embryos would not mature in the womb due to the lack of food energy derived from carrying mothers. The embryos would self-abort. A certain ratio of body fat is required for successful pregnancies."


"There are books in the Harvard University library which are bound in human flesh"



"There are more people in slavery today than at any other time in history."


"Due to Fresh drinking water being so scarce on the Galápagos Islands, some bird species, such as the Galapagos Hawk, have adapted by drinking the blood of other animals."


"The US Government has a literal gigantic dossier of classified operations hidden from the public, no brainer. What's shocking are things they've actually declassified.

Among these documents is the detailing of one of the largest human experiments in history, when the US dropped a bacteria-infused fog on the city of San Francisco to test how well "germ-based" biological warfare could prove by masking it with natural fog, which occurred back in the 1950s.

It was widely successful. A specific case is that of Edward Nevin, who passed away from Serratia marcescens, a bacteria that makes bread turn red. It had spread to his heart from a UTI and he passed away

In 1977, the government released a thoroughly detailed report at the testament of Nevin's grandson. Nevin's grandson tried to sue the government for wrongful death, but the court held that the government was immune to a lawsuit for negligence and that they were justified in conducting tests without subjects' knowledge. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Army stated that infections must have occurred inside the hospital and the US Attorney argued that they had to conduct tests in a populated area to see how a biological agent would affect that area.

Imagine what they're hiding."


"That we've been on the brink of a global nuclear exchange several times. And that in one case (Cuban blockade), it was only because a single man (Vasily Arkhipov), disagreed with standing orders, that a nuclear exchange was likely averted."



"The Mayans partied hard. They would take alcohol and hallucinogenic enemas.

In Social Studies they had us watch a special on them and I vividly remember an artists rendering of a Mayan doing a handstand while getting an enema.

The original keg-stand."


"Cleopatra lived closer to the moon landing than to the building of the pyramids."


"Up until the early 1980s doctors did not think newborn babies could feel pain. They didn't use anesthetic only used muscle relaxers on newborns."


"From the fall of the Roman empire up until the mid 19th century, not a single city in Europe had a sewer system to dispose of human feces.

City planners didn't build sewers until it was proven in 1855 that the cause for all the cholera epidemics was drinking water contaminated by human feces."



"Russia still has not recovered its population prior to WWII"


"Rainbow Valley of Mount Everest is named for the rainbow colors of clothing of passed away people there"


"Spartans bathed their newborn babies in red wine instead of warm water"


"The United States injected unknowing Puerto Rican’s with cancer cells to see how the illness worked"



"The ability to tell time (circadian rythm) is an evolutionary reaponse.

Cells that learned to replicate at night and rest during the day ultimately survived.

I'm bastardizing it but I find that amazing."


"The founding fathers of the USA didn't know dinosaurs existed."


"Not so much disturbing as it is funny (at least to me).

The Kettle War. Long story short, Spain (The Holy Roman Empire) and the Netherlands (The Seven Republics of the Netherlands) were beefing. One boat from Spain engaged in a fight with a Dutch naval ship. One shot was fired. The only victim of that cannonball was a pot of soup that was cooking. The Spanish ship then surrendered."


"If you lined up this history of earth on a 12 hour clock, modern humans making an impact on the planet would be about 1/10 of a second ago."



"Adolf Hitler was saved from drowning at age nine in a fountain by a priest"


"Ireland exported potato’s during the great potato famine."


"The baltic states conquest was buried in history (not many people know it) because ww2 and the holocaust happened at about the same time."


"That in UK, some time in the 12th century, two children of unusual GREEN skin colour appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England.

The girl later communicated she and her brother had come from Saint Martin's Land, a subterranean world inhabited by green people. This actually happened!"



"The Germans smuggling Lenin into Tsarist Russia, to bring it down."



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Angelica 1 year ago
#13 Ah, I remember my youthful days filled with hallucinogenic enemas. Good times.
Hipsie 1 year ago
“Ireland exported potato’s during the great potato famine."- BECAUSE THE BRITISH RULED IRELAND & COMMITTED GENOCIDE BY CAUSING A FORCED FAMINE
Lissia 1 year ago
#8 Nope! That would be human skin.
Please do just a bare minimum of research before posting BS like this.




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