People Share Conspiracy Theories They Believe In (23 PICS)

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"The media is the biggest stirrer of fear and anger and use it in order to stay relevant to keep the funds rolling in"


"That my phone listens to conversations. Far too many situations where I’d talk about something random and see adverts about it on FB and Instagram without me ever searching for it"


"Products are not made to last"


"Aliens 1000% exist, maybe not UFOs and all that but there’s no way in hell we’re the only life in this gigantic galaxy"


"The US doesn't provide free college because military numbers would plummet"


Izismile Videos

"There are people out there hired by companies to make dozens of fake accounts that retweet, reblog, etc and act like real people just to advertise products."


"The “Fine Art” market is a scam used/run by the ultra wealthy to hide and preserve their wealth."


"This might not be a groundbreaking hot take, but i think that applying for disability status/benefits is intentionally made to be a convoluted mess of bureaucratic jargon and endless hoops to jump through SOLELY so that disabled people don’t take advantage of them, either because they give up trying to navigate an intentionally confusing system, or because they make a mistake along the way, and the process gets [email protected]#ked up. I’m really lucky I had my mom helping me with a lot of the paperwork because otherwise I would never be able to get the supports I need in post secondary. It’s like someone purposefully designed the process to be as unobtainable, messy, and overwhelmingly complex for a disabled person as they possibly could."


"Women's clothing doesn't have adequate pockets because the purse and handbag industry wants to ensure women continue to buy bags to carry their things."


"Everyone’s going heavy with theirs but I have one that’s less serious.

Baby wipe containers are purposely made so that you always pull 2-3 wipes out at a time and therefore need to buy more often. It’s definitely something I can see Big Wipe engaging in to get just a few more containers out of us each year!"



"That the government creates or at least promotes crazy conspiracy theories to make the true ones seem crazy by association."


"Apps track your location, even if you have the permission turned off."


"That Facebook’s outage the day before the whistleblower went in front of the Senate was no accident."


"That video game companies got a taste of the kind of money that gambling brings in and changed an entire industry to emulate the casino structure but for children."


"That questions like this are market research, and this question in particular is likely to be used for some pretty nefarious purposes."



"The conspiracy that created the term "conspiracy theory". Think back to the 30s, 40s, 50s. There were stories of the black cars showing up and making people that start finding out too much "disappear". Enter the 60s and 70s. Mass media starts growing at a massive rate. A rate at which the government realizes that they cannot ever fully control. Their genius solution is to open the floodgates of crazy. Push a bunch of conspiracy theories into the populace that makes real conspiracy reports be ignored as just "tinfoil hat crazy". Label ALL reports as conspiracy theory. This over time creates a societal misunderstanding in the form of the term "conspiracy theory" becoming equated with "crazy". An example of this is I believe that there really aren't many people that truly believe the earth is flat. There are just some entities planted that push it as a "theory". This then becomes one of the main examples of "all conspiracy theorists are not to be taken seriously"."



"That the international establishment are not cracking down on the slave trade because too many of them benefit from slaves, wage slaves, debt slaves, indentured servants, passport hostage victims, magdalene laundresses, unpaid internships, etc. themselves."



"The government deliberately works on keeping the populace uneducated. From school funding being tied to local property taxes, to allowing militant religious parties to "politicize" and censor science based education. It's easier to manipulate an uneducated society by pitting it against itself across socio-economic and political lines. In the mean time the civil servants meant to b representing us do favors for the wealthy in return for funding and insider trading privileges."


"Bic doesn't fill their lighters with as much fluid as they used to."



"Marilyn Monroe did not die from an “accidental” overdose."


"The cardboard rolls that toilet paper are on have gotten wider in diameter over the years. This is one way to make the rolls look bigger. Because you know 6 mega rolls equals 32 normal sized rolls..."


"The world stock market is rigged, and most trading happens behind the scenes"


"China is using tiktok to develop a database to experiment and perfect deep fake technology and techniques."



"Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when he was still in office and his advisers told him to write a letter to the American people to be released later after it got too bad to hide. When his condition went public in 1994, they released the letter and it was almost perfect handwriting, spelling, and grammar. Six months later he couldn't carry on a conversation. I'm convinced he didn't progress that fast in 1994 and that the entire thing was constructed over the years to look like he was mentally competent while he was president."


"That the government collaborated with tech companies to promote taking "selfies" to advance facial recognition software."


"Chap stick actually causes your lips to feel more chapped after their affect wears off, causing you to use it more often and buy more chapstick"



"All countries have Ninjas. We only know about Japanese Ninjas bc they're the worst."


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Cameron 6 month s ago
#4 is a cospiracy theory? This is a scientific theory. The only comforting thing is that the aliens do not have, probably, a similar site there
Lib 6 month s ago

There's certainly other life out there, but it's just too far away. The technology to travel between stars is like to simply not exist. Either that or we're in a simulation. Ooooooo...
Verna 6 month s ago
Laugh now "normies", when you learn the truth you will lose your minds but we will be here to help you through it. Everything you think you know is a lie.
Almina 6 month s ago
#1 is actually very true, to a certain extent. I wouldn't say they intentionally stir fear and anger per se, but it's called sensationalism and it absolutely is intended to sell papers. Well, not "papers" so much anymore, but you get the idea.
Curt 6 month s ago
#3 is called "planned obsolescence" and it's real af
Keziah 6 month s ago
"The Waste Makers" - - Vance Packard 1960
Jamie 6 month s ago
Things like #17 and #18 ring true. I don't know about bic or tp, but "shrinkflation" is a real thing. Products portions get smaller and prices either stay the same or go up. Candy bars are smaller, shampoo and detergent bottles are smaller, and many other things as well. Often the package is specifically designed to look like it holds more than it actually does. Look it up.
Mur 6 month s ago

Totally agree. Look at chocolate bars that have whipped air in them like Nestle Aero bars get away with selling you way less chocolate at the same price as a solid bar. And the advertisement makes it sound like a great deal!
Gert 6 month s ago
Everyone believing in a conspiracy theory no matter how insane believes they are true.
*Looks at comments above and below*
Drusilla 6 month s ago
#5 The opposite may actually be true: reaching senior ranks (officer & enlisted) essentially requires an advanced degree, such as a master's. Many new enlistees already have a bachelor's or technical certs, and those who don't are encouraged to get them.
As for making college free: my taxes already go to your K-12 schools. If people need more education, accelerate it there.
Midge 6 month s ago
Lol like most all of these are facts. #22 for instance, it's called a federal grant. working for a Uni you might be surprised at what faculty do for money from the NIH, FDA, NSF etc.



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