Making Our Planet A Better Place (50 PICS)

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"A woman donated her hair to a foundation that works with sick people suffering from hair loss."

"Tomorrow I’m opening my first grocery store in a Title One school. I doubt I sleep tonight - imagine a parent between checks who can order dinner and breakfast for their family thru our app and their child bring it home. I’m changing lives man, no one does it like me. Just wait!"

"This dad went online to give free advice to anyone who needs, well, dad advice."

"Rob Kenney is the creator of a YouTube channel called “Dad, how do I?” His content covers lots of topics, like teaching how to tie a tie, how to shave for the first time, how to restore a bike, and he even reads children’s books. His own father left when he was a teenager, and he says he is trying to give the stuff he missed the most while growing up. The channel has almost 4 million subscribers and some great feedback from people all around the world."


“I’ve collected hundreds of plastic bottles floating in this lake!”

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"These firefighters saved the animals that were left behind after a wildfire by bringing them food and water."

"A day worker takes extra time to give a lesson in flint building to a father and his kids."

“One of my customers left me a card, some homemade mini muffins, a candy bar, and one of my favorite sodas!”

"They left out over 10 puzzles for anyone to take."


"Thanking the people who pulled over to help rescue a kitty by showing his before and after pictures"

“Crying during lunch”

"An anesthesiologist that had been working in the hospital for 27 days in a row received a really sweet comment from the new foodservice today. She looked at him and told him: “You are so big! Reminds me of my son,” while loading his food tray with extra food. He was so touched by her kind words, he shared his food tray picture describing himself crying in the workroom during lunch."


"A sweet message from employees can really turn the day around."


"Customers that thank delivery workers by leaving cold drinks for them"

"A man posted about being robbed and some kind people on Reddit mailed him new tools."

"This is a cleaned-up and ready-to-use vehicle after a bad experience, thanks to the kindness of a stranger."

"A single dad got his Jeep stolen, and he posted on Facebook groups asking for help recovering it. When it was finally recovered, it was really filthy and could not be used safely. A guy from a local cleaning company saw the post and reached out to him. He cleaned up everything and left the vehicle even better than it was before being stolen."


"A man decided to spend his lunch break cleaning up his community."


"This guy decided to spend his twenty-third birthday making small good things for random people."

"Instead of having a party on his twenty-third birthday, this guy, Lewis Mitchell, decided to do 23 random acts of kindness. He went from writing personalized letters to his friends and teachers, helping strangers load their groceries, and putting money on expired parking meters to giving random hugs throughout the day, telling someone they looked beautiful, and volunteering at the local retirement center for 2.5 hours. It was a full day."


“I lost my wallet. These boys found it and wouldn’t accept any reward. People are good!”

“Joked with my fifth-graders that Friday was ’bring your teacher their favorite coffee day,’ and I guess they decided to make it real!”

"Goodness is still present in this world"

“So my sister found out no one came to my baby shower and a bunch of women from her mom group came together found my baby registry on Amazon and sent these items plus more! I had no idea until they started showing up at my door! I’m so grateful and thankful! They have helped me out so much!”.



"It is not every day that we have the opportunity to help Mother Nature."

“This little guy got hit by something and ended up laying in my driveway. Brought him in, warmed him up, spent hours on the phone. Finally got in touch with a wild bird rehabber who will help get this little guy fixed up! Glad I got the chance to have this little guy’s back!”.


"All animals deserve to be treated with love"

“Went biking today and found these 2 just lying in the grass 3 feet from the road and the bike trail where they intersect. I cleared out one side of my pack and put them in. Rode 14 miles back with them. Neighbor runs a rescue. Currently quarantining in my garage. They’ve eaten a ton.”


“Me and the boy doing our thing, we found a free ball with today’s trash.”

"There are little details that make others feel good."

“So I am a larger woman and I am at the Crayola Experience with my daughter having a good time and another younger girl looks at me and says, ‘Mom look at her.’ The mom looks at me and smiles and says, ‘Yeah, she’s beautiful isn’t she!’ Omg, my heart!”



“I packed over 250 meals yesterday for donation. We served rice, lentils, and kheer to the poor.”

“This young lady wanted to help foster kids.”

“She started a project that collected over 50 backpacks filled with personal care items for local foster kids.”


“My daughter donated her hair today.”

"Animals sometimes need help."

“My mom and I found a dangerously dehydrated baby squirrel on the sidewalk yesterday. We took her home, cooled her off, and gave her Pedialyte. Today she went to a squirrel rescue and they said she would do great!!!”



"A great initiative that we could all do at home"

“Saw that every time I watered the plants there were bees drinking from the ground so I made a bee bath out of a bowl and rocks. Every day when I get home there are a bunch of them drinking and buzzing around. They are my cute little friends now!”


“My son comforting his best friend at the vet”

“Regular customer caught me crying last week, came in today and gave me this.”

"Coincidences often lead to good things."

“I met a cat a few weeks ago during my travels to and from work. I noticed a missing poster today on my way home from work and it was the stray I pet each day! She’s reunited with her owner tonight after a long time away! So, so happy right now!”



"We all know someone who “didn’t want any pets.”"

“Rescued this puppy from traffic on the way home 2 days ago. Never wanted a dog but I can’t give her to anyone with a clear conscience, so guess who has a dog now. I made a sling for her as she always wants cuddles.”


“I found this taped to a bus stop on my walk home from work.”

“This amazing family showed up to one of the largest homeless encampments in my city and handed out free food, water, and toiletries.”

“Some jobs suck but at least it sucks less when delivering to my house.”


"An excellent birthday tradition"

“On my birthday, I always try to do an act of service. This year, I chopped off 10” of hair to donate to Children With Hair Loss, a charity that makes wigs for children. It’s easy to donate with them because they need a minimum of 7″ and will take treated, dyed, grey hair too."


“A nice person keeps a basket of apples in front of their house. Brightens my commute every morning.”



Gabrielle 2 year s ago
#34 - please stop making signs like that. No one needs your permission. I know it makes you feel virtuous for making the sign but it’s just so fake it’s unbearable.
Paula 2 year s ago
Gabrielle, There, there. It's okay.
Ronnie 2 year s ago

Seriously.. Its ok to be sad and cry. We know you will feel better when you allow yourself to be human. :O)
Paula 2 year s ago
Thanks, Izi.
Dennison 2 year s ago
#37 oh, two brave ladies donating their pubic hair
Danielle 2 year s ago
Isn't the point of a selfless act that it doesn't need validation?

Especially you Mr "I'm changing lives" Grocery man.
Ivy 2 year s ago
Danielle, bringing attention to positive things can inspire others.
Tessie 2 year s ago
Let me take a #helpie dirol dirol dirol

#22 I’m guessing that you would have rode the 14 miles home anyway, unless you were running away from home.
Id 2 year s ago
Don't shake da baby
Lawrence 2 year s ago
donate your OnlyFans income to those who can't afford prostitutes.
Katelyn 2 year s ago
#12 I would fire you for disclosing private information to your co workers. Then i would let everykone know that they are replacable. People like you cause trouble





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