Things That Are Slowly Disappearing From Our Lives (5 PICS + 15 GIFS)

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"Arcades, but more specifically, arcade games. Now in arcades, it’s just rigged claw games which only drops a plush if you put enough money in, sad to see really."


"Iodine in Salt. Seriously, go to the grocery store and see how many brands of salt show “this salt does not provide Iodine, a necessary nutrient. “"


"Telephone booths are prob completely gone by now I haven’t seen any in years"


Izismile Videos

"Traditional Cable TV"




"Sending mail or receiving it. Writing checks. Cashiers at the grocery store as automated self-checkout are in most stores now."


"Coral reefs"


"In 2008 I went snorkeling off the Florida keys and was so impressed by all of the beautiful colors. It’s seriously one of the greatest memories of mine. It was like an underwater all-natural circus and everything was so vibrant and wonderful. I went back with my girlfriend about 3 years ago so excited and really hyping it up. I was crushed. In the same spot and the same time of year nearly everything was bone white with just a few brown, dark purple and green live corals still hanging in there.

I can’t begin to say how disappointed I was and still am."





"It’s funny that there are so many laws n s@#t that say they “value” our privacy while in reality some s@#t-@$$ Facebook will still steal your data even though that’s against your privacy."


"Roller skating rinks :("


"Which is so sad because we have one in my town that used to be the life of the party, every night it was going up. It’s HUGE, it has a 3 story “crazy maze” too. Everyone had their bday parties there! Now it’s only open some obscure hours like Wednesdays from 12pm-2pm."


"Small restaurants and cafes. One of my favorite cafes was a victim of the pandemic. It was literally a one-woman operation with cozy seating (which of course wasn’t utilized during the pandemic) and had dozens of latte flavors that you could combine to make a bunch of different drinks. I still miss it."


"Giraffes – they’ve become an endangered species."


"I was looking for this comment. I work with two giraffes: a Masai giraffe & a Reticulated giraffe. Both subspecies are endangered. I love them so much, & it’s so sad seeing what’s happening."



"Free parking. Even the smaller suburbs in their town center started charging for parking."


"Christmas cards We used to get and send a ton and year by year it gets smaller"


"The amount of people actually getting married and having children is decreasing amongst millennials and the generations going forward."


"Family Reunions.

I was born in ’83 and I can remember going to one every year for both sides of my pop’s family and just one side of my mom’s.

It’s definitely a dying tradition since now you can keep up with everyone online."



"E-commerce has been going crazy and Covid I feel was the final nail in the coffin. I saw a shirt for 25$ in the mall in a store and saw it for $13.99 on Amazon it also took a day to have it shipped to me."


"Interesting. I feel like the malls around me are massive and killing it. My local mall has been getting reno’d for like 2 years now"


"It really just depends on your area. The outdoor shopping plazas do really well in my area, and the “outlet” malls do really, really well.

But I went to a mall a few days ago (one of your classic JCPenny, Target, Macys on each corner, Hot Topic and other stores in the center) and it was just….. dead. Not good at all and really weird feeling."


"Drive-In theaters. I loved these as a kid. There’s still a few left, and a couple popped-up during covid here and there, but you have to hunt them down more and be willing to drive out a ways sometimes. There’s nothing like loading snacks, throwing some extra cushions and pillows in your vehicle, pulling up, and taking in 2-3 movies on the big screen under the stars. Also a good adventure for dates."


"Cars with manual transmissions."


"Attention spans"


" I realized over the past few weeks how f@#ked mine is. Watching a ten-minute YouTube video is hard, and I’ll shift through songs for ages then listen to the same one obsessively. Can’t sit still either."





Jos 1 year ago
Living WW2 veterans
Didi 1 year ago
#7 writing checks?? I thought that died out like 30 years ago! Almost the same with cash. It has been years since I used any.
Gert 1 year ago
Well, yeah. Things change. Always happening. But I think small restaurants will come back after the pandemic and new people will begin new places that will replace the ones that went under.
In my country most places begin to get loads of traffic again and are already screaming for new staff to work there. Where there's demand people will provide.
Biddy 1 year ago
#10 I grew up in the 80's and I've never even seen a roller rink. I though they were long gone. I've seen many an ice rink, though. (I live in the south, btw)

#7 As long as there is junk mail to be sent, there will be mail. Also, if we fired all the postal workers, they'd go, you know, postal...

#18 You guys have drive-ins?
Midge 1 year ago
whats wrong with junk mail? it keeps mail free or else everyone will need to pay for a PO box.
Muriel 1 year ago
Quote: Biddy
there are two drive in theaters where I live at. I guess some places are still lucky to have them.
Midge 1 year ago
um what? there are still plenty of manual cars, especially high-end ones.
And coral reefs disappearing is BS, they are evolving. The great barrier reef is more colorful than ever before.
Melchizedek 1 year ago
#19 Sad, but it's a good millennial anti-theft device... 41
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