No Idea What That Is… (34 PICS)

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"Plastic and hollow, size of a big SUV, the tide never reach it, attached to the ground."

"Large Ship bumper/fender. The are Used to keep huge ships from smashing int the pier. It must have washed up during a storm."


"What is this thing hanging outside my fireplace. It seems to have gears inside of it, and pivots into the fireplace."

"It’s a clockwork spit turner for turning a roast or other meat automatically."


"About 4″ high. Lever lifts up and can be unwound from cylinder which is leather covered and has a company name on it. Made in England."

"Looks like a reusable Expanding cork for glassware/wine bottles."


"Empty red metal frame on sidewalk"

"It used to hold a fire department call box."


Izismile Videos

"Any ideas as to what this item is? Made of plastic. Roughly 8cm in length. Was found at work (veterinary practice) in a cupboard. No one has been able to figure it out for a few weeks. Someone has suggested that it might be made to fit on the tip of a finger, so could be related to its use?"

"It’s an applicator from a veterinarian’s office. Most likely for an anal application."


"A wooden box 165 x 145x 20mm with compartments – well made with LC and UC written on the side in pen, any idea what it is? Has cotton wool in the lid with 5mm round indentations in. its strangely lovely having an innate tactile beauty and is very well made. but I have no idea what it does."

"It’s cases for number/letter punches."


"Unsure what this thing is that’s sticking out of my tire? It’s small, about the size of a battery. Looks like maybe it has a drill bit or bullet?? It’s letting air out of the tire. CAA & family don’t know what it is either. We drove through a construction site but not sure if it’s from that?"

"The picture you provided is a 1/4” driver. The OP has a 1/4” bit holder in their tire. Complete with a sleeve to hold the fastener in place for those who don’t screw good."


"Yellow NWA Zipper Bag hidden in wall of basement. Approximately 3 feet tall with heavy black zipper on top."

"Looks like a ballast bag. Filled with Sand up to 50lb. Usually needed when there are too few passengers on a flight. Those weights are used to balance the overall weight of the flight to optimize fuel usage and prevent catastrophic situations."



"Glass hollow oval with clear glass stopper and three glass legs. It has an indentation on the bottom with a hole in the middle of it. What is this?"

"It’s a fly trap. ou add sugary water to the inside, put the stopper in, and then the wasps fly in through the hole in the base, but can’t get out again."


"Small, pendant-like, carved into some kind of reddish material. About an inch across or two. What are these?"

"An Ayatul Kursi necklace. The Ayatul kursi is 255th verse of Al-Baqara Sura, the second chapter of Quran."


"Small thin silver shoes found in recently deceased’s closest personal belongings (Pen for scale)"

"My mum had these. Commonly they were wedding cake decorations along with horseshoes and the like and were then given to guests as favours. I think around the 70s."


"Metal cylinder, open on one end with metal brushing inside, some knurling outside."

"It’s a car battery terminal cleaner."



"Bought this 10 years ago in Taiwan. It looks and feels like glass but I’ve dropped it many times without it shattering. It glows in the dark as well. What is it?"

"It’s blown glass"


"Western Style Hollow Triangles Each With A Screw On The Back"

"Collar points. That’s old world country."


"Round, metallic looking piece, halfway stuck in the ground, placed in west Germany. Was afraid to get closer. Explosive? I called the police. They cleared the area and send me away."

"Possible anti-armor/tank mine. It looks in good condition and does not have a fuze or place for a fuse. The lack of rust indicates it is either concrete or some non-ferrous metal. It is very similar to a USA produced training mine except it isn’t painted/marked as inert."


"There were some guys who worked in between our 2 ponds in our apartment complex and when they left there were 2 boxes? ( zoom into first picture, it’s towards the top of the picture). I also noticed there’s a disturbance In the water in two different places (second picture) . What’s goin on?"

"Aerator. Helps keep the water column from becoming anoxic. “Pond Hawk” is one type powered by solar."



"Found in 100y/o house. Wooden planks connected with a hinge. Can “close” completely in both directions."

"For squeezing the water out of a bag or pillowcase full of wet laundry."


"I found this today buried in the hard packed dirt of my horse shed today. It’s about the same size as this Artline220 pen and made of stainless steel. There are grooves cut into the side of the head maybe for an attachment or as a guide for twine?"

"It’s a scalpel handle."


"Found at rummage sale. About the size of pen in length. Tip on end is spring loaded but doesn’t act like a punch. Cork like ball that spins. Engraving on side includes a sun with squiggles. Novelty or functional?"

"It’s a massage/sensory/accupressure spring needle rolle"


"Found buried in the back yard, the cord runs underground, along the fence, and was plugged into the house. Seems hollow, something is loose inside when shake it."

"It looks like a junction box that’s commonly used for local connection from buried cable to above ground fixture"



“Found four of these capsules filled with what appears to be metal shavings?”

"It’s a pill for ruminant animals. It helps kill parasites, the big one being barber pole worms."


“Primitive structure off the sound side of the outer banks North Carolina.”

"It’s a duck hunting blind."


“Shallow tub with two sides. When the button is pressed, one side lights up with a red light and hot water for about 30 seconds. Then the other side lights up with blue light and cold water and shuts off .”

"This is very common in Germany. We call it “Wechselbad”. You’re supposed to keep your feet in the warm water first and then quickly put them in the cold water (repeat a few times). This is supposed to help with circulation, although I’m not sure if there’s actually scientific evidence for that.

We usually have these in spas and other wellness or health-related facilities."


“Found this digging around the mouth of a major Caribbean harbor (on my property). Did this come out of a cannon?”

"There’s a lot of cannonballs in the bottom of the ocean around the Caribbeans. They’ve been known to wash up on beaches from North America to South America. I have a friend that found one on a beach in South Carolina."



“What is the hollow part of this for? Never seen anything like it before. Cat for size reference.”

"A phone table with storage space for the phone book."


“Small red container. The lid has a small spoon attached to the inside.”

"Snuff container. This is really established in the Mongol culture. My parents told me that it’s used because the winters are so cold and when you enter someone’s house it is a way to clear your nose."


“Found on a hike in the Highlands in Scotland. Looks and feels handmade, wooden handle and mesh made of wire.”

"Fire beaters. Used to extinguish small fires."


“These small ’rooms’ that are raised up from the ground are all over the Spanish countryside. Many of the old houses have one. What was/is it used for?”

"They’re grain stores called “hórreos.” A vast majority of them are located in “Galicia” and “Asturias” the northwest of Spain. But there are differences between them. A common “hórreo” in Asturias used to be square, while those in Galicia are rectangular."



“Door with a hinged section a quarter through horizontally?”

"So it can fold around the corner when it’s open, and not stick out into the room."


“I found these in my grandmother’s house (Germany), they are made of thin glass. Unfortunately, there is no box cover explaining what they are.”

"They are for flower decoration. One singular flower goes in the tube. There is probably a stand for them somewhere around, but some people like to stick them in foam together with other decorations, or in pieces of driftwood with holes drilled into them, or even into other flowerpots.

I saw very similar ones in the Bodenmais Glasmanufaktur."


“Friend received this passed down from his great great grandfather. It’s believed to be from Persia & about 2,000 years old.”

"It’s a hairpin or a clothespin/brooch. If it’s something 2000 years old, you need to see a professional at a museum/institute of archaeology to get it evaluated and then get it insured."


“Blue/brown crystallized looking chunk came out of my milk?”

"Someone is in trouble. This is a resin commonly used in machine work, especially as glue, to help hold machine parts together. As for side effects, you should be fine. It’s mostly just plastic."



“Found this while cleaning a basement, it doesn’t open or anything. Any ideas?”

"Got it open!! It’s a lighter."


“Found this glass-like tube ’shell’ washed up on a beach in North Caroline, any idea what it is?”

"Stingray teeth. Stingrays eat crabs and shellfish! These flat teeth are used for crushing their shells and grinding them up."




Tish 2 year s ago
#15 Newer Mines have plastic shell and pressure plate. So fuse is hidden and do not rust. Mine can be also upside down.
Delf 2 year s ago
Tish, container. No mine has this particular imprint on the housing. For pressure you install AP or frog type device under, and pressurize with AT.
Eddie 2 year s ago
#1 is called a Yokahama fender. I worked offshore Iran during the Iran/Iraq war offloading damaged supertankers into lighters. These fenders, which usually come in strings of 5 or 6 depending on the length of the ships, were put between the 2 ships-can't have any sparks from 2 ships rubbing against each other when you are sitting on 4million barrels of very flammable crude oil.
Elisha 2 year s ago

They are used all over to prevent damage to ships in general.
We use yokohama fenders while repairing the regular fenders on the jetty.
Elaine 2 year s ago
#1 Your mums buttplug.
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