That’s Not What It Was Designed For! (20 PICS)

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"The royal dansk danish cookie container, used by many for storing sewing/ knitting supplies"


"Amputee here. VR systems have been shown to reduce phantom pain. The proprioceptive illusion of a VR system is similar to mirror therapy but more effective."


"Press and Seal s#cks for food use in my experience, but we use it to apply numbing cream on my son's chest at home before he gets blood drawn from his port at the oncology clinic each week. It holds the cream in place and adheres to his skin well enough that the film doesn't get dislodged by the seat belt on the ride to the hospital. It comes off painlessly, which is not the case for any medical films we have tried. It's a strange little miracle in the pediatric oncology world."


"Sugar free gummy bears would be better marketed as gummy laxatives"


Izismile Videos

"Tampons were invented to plug bullet wounds and bloody noses. Then the nurses started using them to plug a different bloody hole."


"Shaving cream, the super foamy cheap kind, cleans glass shower doors better than any cleaner!"


"I was prescribed a diabetes medication called Metformin, despite not having diabetes, which helped me to fall pregnant after almost 1.5 years of unexplained infertility so that’s pretty cool."'


"Congested? Vicks Vapor Rub. Cough? Vicks Vapor Rub. Headache? Vicks Vapor Rub. Squeaky door hinge? Vicks Vapor Rub. Dry skin? Vicks Vapor Rub. Anything stuck? Vicks Vapor Rub."



"Botox. Originally used to control crossed eyes, then to control spasming facial muscles, when it was noticed it alleviated wrinkles. Now also used as a migraine treatment. Who would have thought injecting a toxin that temporarily paralyzes muscles would find such widespread usage?"


"There's a prostate drug that my wife's doctor prescribed her for passing kidney stones. It relaxes the ureter, which let her pass the stones, which made surgery or other options unnecessary. I thought that was pretty neat.

Also, doc gave her another drug to lower her blood pressure (beta blocker), which reduced her anxiety almost immediately. All the time I've known her, she's been a nervous wreck over the most mundane things. Now she lives normally. She became a different person instantly. I could always see the shell she lived in and now it's broken away and gone. She's the person I saw behind the shell. Amazing.

Lebatolol (the BB) and flomax for the kidney stones."



"There used to be a rat poison that would make the blood in the vermin stop clotting and literally let it bleed to death on the inside and lacking vitamin k. It's also odorless and tasteless, so the rest or mouse would come back and have more blood thinning until it died. Well, eventually rats and mice became resistant to this poison (because the smart survive and learn to avoid it or they had higher forms of vitamin k), and this, combined with a Navy officer attempting suicide by taking this four blocks of this poison and being just fine after getting vitamin k to stop the blood thinnig effects led to the creators taking a different path for this now ineffective rat poison...

And that's the story of the popular heart drug Warfarin."



"I very, very seldom use flathead screwdrivers for their actual purpose. They’re just so useful - chisels, scrapers, punches, exploratory instruments, very small crowbars, s@#tty chopsticks... the possibilities are endless!"


"If you’re in an Asian household, dishwashers serve as excellent drying racks, as do empty ovens."


"Ketchup cleans up brass and gold better than most toxic chemicals sold as cleaners."



"I used to clean cars at a rental company. We obviously didn't have enough time to deeply clean every car, and sometimes people would bring their dogs. We had a rubber brush for removing dog hair, but it hardly worked. Wearing a rubber glove and rubbing the hair off the seats and carpet worked wonders."



"Talcum powder is great for getting excess sand off your feet when you get off the beach and want to put your shoes on without getting sandy socks and shoes for the rest of the day"


"Sticky notes were invented on accident when the adhesive used in them was rejected as a glue because it wasn’t strong. The inventor had a musician friend who loved how easy it made pinning his sheet music up, and now we have post-its"



"Thalidomide. Originally developed as treatment for morning sickness, Thalidomide infamously caused serious birth defects in thousands of children. However, a cancer research lab in the 90s found out that Thalidomide cut off blood vessels shortly after the same lab discovered that solid tumors need new blood vessels to grow. Thalidomide has turned out to be a good potential treatment for multiple myeloma."



"Binder clips. I use them for everything except holding documents- closing chip bags, holding parking stubs or packets of headache powder on my visor in my truck, keeping cables bundled, keeping the trash bag from slipping down into the trashcan, holding up my mini Spider-Man bobblehead so it looks like he's clinging upside-down on the bottom of a shelf, keeping rubberbands contained so they can't take over my junk drawer..."


"A disposable razor will get all the loose bobbles from your clothes."


"Melon baller. It's for making balls from melons but works perfectly to take the core out of apples and pears."



"Hairspray takes toddler ink pen doodles off my couch. While it makes my hair look just awful sometimes."



"Pipe cleaners. As a teacher and a pipe smoker, I can safely say I use them for arts and crafts about 1000x more often than I use them to clean out my pipe."



"Q-tips are meant for cleaning my ears and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise"


"Play doh was wallpaper cleaner before it was a kid toy"



"Vacuum sealers.

My FoodSaver never sees anything edible. Instead, I use it to protect infrequently used items from dust & moisture, and to make archived papers (taxes, passport, etc.) easier to store. It's also very useful to repackage bulky or specialized cleaning products & supplies & emergency items.

Food, that just gets eaten, usually."


"Bubblewrap initially was just fancy wallpaper.

Also, superglue was invented by accident, when engineers couldn't separate glass sheets after attempting to make clear plastic. Later it was used in battlefields to temporarily close wounds."



"My dad bought a fruit scale specifically for the purpose of weighing meatballs. His reasoning was that, if all the meatballs he prepared are the same weight, he'd only have to poke one to know whether or not they were all cooked because the heat absorption would be more or less identical."


"Scarf hanger = camisole holder."




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Theodore 2 year s ago
#11 until someone turns the oven on not expecting it to be full of plastic dishes.
salamoon 2 year s ago

i always check the oven before turning it on.... however its stupid to use it as a drying rack... you dont want water to sit in oven.
Didi 2 year s ago
#17 Elnet Hairspray makes 3D printing easier as it makes the print stick better to the plate while it is being printed, and comes of easily when it cools down. It is also an excellent propellant for a potato cannon. Since both use cases involves heat they both make it smell like your grandma caught on fire.
Bertha 2 year s ago
#5 no way? Seriously?
Tim 2 year s ago
#4 that is because of the sugar replacement used it takes some time for your body to get used to it.
Mittie 2 year s ago
#14 nu-uh, it was Romy and Michele that invented post-its!
Judie 2 year s ago

nu-uh, siegfried and roy did~!
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