Avoid These Tourist Traps! (27 PICS)

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"If you're planning a trip to Croatia, don't bother with Dubrovnik. It's extremely pretty from afar... but far from pretty. The Old Town is just one mess of tacky cafes, restaurants catering to tourists, and tour agencies. People almost had to line up to navigate their way through the narrow streets because so many cruise ships were docked. And it was even a struggle to see the landmarks because crowds of people were hovered around with selfie sticks in the air."

London: "Avoid the Heathrow Express. You pay a lot more for only a slightly faster journey to the airport. Just look online or ask a staff member how to get to the airport another way. They will help you get the right and much more affordable ticket."

"Throughout Italy, try to avoid restaurants on big, popular squares or near major tourist attractions. If the menu features multiple languages and/or photos of the food, that's another red flag. If there are waiters outside telling you to come eat, it's a universal sign that the restaurant in question is a tourist trap."

"Hallstatt, Austria. If you‘ve seen photos of it online (they're all taken from the same two angles) then you‘ve seen the town. It is pretty, but it is overrun by tourists and cheap souvenir shops. There are so many more authentic villages by lakes in that region. You can skip Hallstatt all together."

"Leicester Square in London. It's not just touristy... it actually is a tourist trap designed to rip you off. Most of the bars are very expensive, the restaurants are horrible, and you can find higher quality versions of everything sold in the area for a lower price elsewhere. Sure, it might be nice to walk through, but just don't spend any money there."

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"In Paris, don't go to any restaurant near a big tourist attraction like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, etc... You will likely eat frozen food at an absurdly high price. Stick to restaurants on side streets and quieter areas instead."

"If you're visiting Tuscany, avoid the torture museums that are scattered around the various Medieval towns. They are poor attempts to scare (and scam) tourists. If you've seen one, you've seen them all."

"In Spain, if a restaurant is serving lunch at noon, chances are it's a tourist trap. Here we eat lunch between 2:30 and 4 pm. As a rule of thumb, look for locals. If no locals are eating there, avoid it."

"Mykonos and Santorini are just tourist traps shaped like islands. Greece is filled to the brim with amazing islands. You don't have to spend a fortune visiting Santorini and Mykonos when there are literally thousands of other islands that are just as beautiful, much cheaper, and almost empty of tourists."

"In Brussels, avoid the street called "Rue des Bouchers/Beenhouwersstraat and the surrounding neighborhood. Tourists are tricked into thinking it's a maze of cute pedestrian streets, but actually you will find the worst restaurants in town there. The menus are written in 12 different languages and the waiters try to hail you inside. They are total overpriced, touristy eateries to avoid."


"Oktoberfest in Munich. Avoid it...especially the Hofbräuhaus. You can have a much better time at beer, wine, and Oktoberfests in smaller towns all over Bavaria. I'd suggest going to the Allgäu where there's a brewery in every village."

"I lived in Berlin for a decade, which is home to plenty of tourist traps. The biggest one, IMO, is Checkpoint Charlie. The museum is mediocre, the 'actors' you can take photos with are incredibly expensive, and the fake Soviet merch can be found for much cheaper elsewhere."

"The Bran (Dracula) Castle in Romania is overrated. It's just like any other castle in the mountains of Transylvania, except more expensive and crowded to visit."

"For Iceland it’s the blue lagoon. It's way too expensive (40-60€ for a visit) in a country that boasts so many natural hot springs. Not only is the entrance fee hefty, but everything there is expensive from the massages to 20€ avocado toast."

"When I visited Iceland in 2019, the Blue Lagoon was €100 so I skipped it and ate a nice dinner instead. I still visited three other natural hot springs for free."


"Take it from an Italian and don't spend much time in Venice. It's extremely overpriced and caters to tourists who don't know any better. Don't plan on doing your shopping there and don't eat out in fancy restaurants. Above all, don't order fish or seafood à la carte. Restaurants are constantly trying to scam tourists for hundreds of Euros because in fine print the menu says the price is per 100g, not per plate."


"Temple Bar in Dublin is huge with tourists, but it's massively overpriced. Thankfully there are countless other pubs in the city, many of them just steps from Temple Bar."

"In Edinburgh, be aware that the Royal Mile is very touristy. It's nice to visit at dawn while it's still quiet to enjoy the view, but don't buy anything there. It's all expensive. Also I don't think it's worth the price to go inside the Castle. You can get good views of the Mile and the rest of the city from the parking lot."

"In Copenhagen, avoid eating in Nyhavn. Definitely feel free to go there to walk around and enjoy the views, but don't sit down at a restaurant. It's expensive and you can easily find better food close by."

"In Spain, walk away from any restaurants that serve paella for dinner. We only eat paella at lunch, folks, and that is a sign of a tourist trap. And if there are photos of the food out front, that's a bad sign."

"In Amsterdam, stay away from the 'smartshops.' They sell products that they claim contain THC, but the truth is smartshops do not sell weed. If you're not buying that THC from a coffeeshop, it's probably a scam."


"In Paris, don't pay to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. You'll be shelling out 25€ and waiting when you can get the same view for free from the roof of Printemps Haussmann department store."

"In Portugal, the Algarve can be very touristy. As someone who is from there, here's what to avoid and what to seek out instead. Stay away from the main towns, especially Albufeira, which is full of crowded beaches, tons of British tourists, and bars. Instead, visit the area around Sagres and the Vicentina coast, which are dotted with castles and gorgeous scenery. Monchique, Aljezur, Loulé and Tavira are great places to visit for nature and small, traditional villages."

"I’m from Portugal and everyone loves going to the Algarve on holiday., I can understand some of the hype because the beaches are great and you can pretty much count on good weather, but it is seriously overrated. Everything is crowded, the food is not that good, and everything is expensive. Instead, I would recommend the coast of Alentejo which has the same nice weather, much better food, nicer people, and is all around more fun."


"In Budapest, never ever hail a cab from the street. Instead go with a ridesharing app like Bolt and use that. I've gotten into a lot of uncomfortable and shady situations by hailing street cabs."

"In Athens, all of Monastiraki Market near the Acropolis is filled with tacky tourist shops with overpriced, poor quality souvenirs. Not to mention there are tons of pick pockets in the square and the narrow roads around it. Don't bother stopping here."

"When in Barcelona, don't bother visiting Las Ramblas. It's just a street filled with stereotypical "Catalan" shops that really have nothing to do with the culture here (restaurants serving frozen paella, Flamenco shops, and overpriced cr#p. Locals avoid these places like the plague and would never eat anywhere on Las Ramblas."


"The Champs Elysées in Paris. It's an impressively big avenue, but it's just made up of overpriced stores, crowded sidewalks and pickpockets. The only reason to go near this street is to see the Arc de Triomphe."

"Pisa. It's basically just a photo opportunity, which is severely over-crowded by tourists and street vendors. Once you've taken the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa picture there's not much else to do. Sienna, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni and Lucca are all way better places to spend your time in the region."

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Emanuel 1 year ago
#11 Oktoberfest is actually genuine. Lots of locals there. And they love it. If you like this kind of amusement get into a tent, drink lots of beer, be sick and thus experience a fine tradition. Also check "Teufelsrad" on youtube. Only in Bavaria...

Not saying that you will have fun, I wouldn't. Still genuine.
Emanuel 1 year ago
#18 Restaurants are always super expensive in Denmark.
Nicholas 1 year ago
99.9% of people taking a picture of the Leaning Tower: "Ermahgerd look, iz penis lol"
Clarence 1 year ago
#3 it is not a trap, it is just expensive, since you are trying to enjoy the view. You pay the price! It is a option.

#4 I already got this in the first 10 photos I saw, but I still want to visit there. Period! Stay 1 night and then continue the trip.

#15 Venice is a dead city that only exists for tourist. Once you understand that, you will be happy there! It is a unique place and got this "charm". I really enjoy to go there. It is expensive? Yes! But also beautiful too!

#26 kind true. To much people on it and expensive stores, buuuuuttt you are on the most famous street in Paris, so there is always a price for that.

The true is: you need to visit those places at least once in your life so you can enjoy the things you most liked.
People who tell you to not visit those places are the real douches... go, visit and then decide for yourself what you want to do when you visit again the city. Enjoy the moment!
Rollo 1 year ago
Calling BS on #23. taxis in Budapest have city mandated prices and are yellow. Rip-offs are rare. If you do not trust your driver put the address in your phone and make sure you follow the trajectory. If you think city mandated prices are high then you just use public transport.
Manerva 1 year ago
#11 Complete B.S.! I am an American that has been to the Munich Oktoberfest with German friends and it is an absolute blast. If you can get into any of the beer tents they are loads of fun and always have bands playing sing along tunes.

#20 While true, Amsterdam Smartshops do not sell THC products...that is pretty common knowledge and I haven't seen any of them advertise that they do. The Smartshops used to be where you could buy magic mushrooms until it was outlawed. Plenty of them went out of business then but some just changed their product offerings to herbals and vitamins. But you can also buy psilocybin spores and pot seeds to grow at home and magic truffles that were not outlawed but aren't as strong.
Vonnie 1 year ago
Avoid Sicilia at all costs! We get robbed five minutes after we had left the airport. Police officers at the airport pretended not to speak german or even english. No one helped us, not even the hotel staff. Because it's pretty "normal" there. Browser history of the hotel computer was full of "robbery", "Embassy" and related topics. The whole island was Mafia, is Mafia and will always be Mafia.
Birdie 1 year ago
i had fun at Checkpoint Charlie
salamoon 1 year ago

If the menu features....photos of the food, that's another red flag.

i think this is a great feature and i would prefer every menu that way....

#8 so if i eat lunch around noon-1pm, i should just wait until 4pm because locals eat lunch at that time? 36

#11 avoiding Oktoberfest? You go there because it the Oktoberfest!

i dont even read further.... we can sumarize this BS article:
dont eat at expensive places, you can eat somewhere at cheaper price. dont visit famous places, there are way too many people... sm_80




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