Some Of The Funniest Parenting Posts Of 2021 (53 PICS)

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"My Son Asked If He Can Make Himself A Hotdog For A Snack After School. I Said Yes. I Hear Him And His Sister Laughing In The Kitchen, And Walk In To Find This"

"My Son Thought It Would Be Funny To Put His Toy In Front Of The Baby Monitor"

Izismile Videos

"Kid Wearing The Wrong Mask In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time."

"My Kid Is So Much Cooler Than I Am"


"Apparently My Daughter Is Good At Science"

""Quack Quack" (Courtesy Of My 7-Year-Old Daughter Who Thought This Was Hilarious And Wanted To Share It With Y'all)"


"My Little Daughter Had To Draw The Wings And Feet Of The Dragon As Homework"

"Just Lost My Foot After A Motorcycle Accident. This Is The Sticker My Son Chose To Decorate My Brace"

"We Were Playing Hide And Seek"


"Playing Hide And Seek With A Toddler Is Always A Thrill"

"This Child Collapsed When Santa And His Elves Showed Up"

"My Daughter Wanted To Paint A “Covid-Inspired” Rock. Wasn’t Expecting That But Loved It"

"My Son Thought This Light Switch Would Control The Lights In The Store"


"My Son Was 6 When He Was Helping Us Move. Each Year This Memory Pops Up And It’s A Family Favourite"

"My Neighbor's Toddler Was A Little Too Quiet"

"I Don't Want To Brag, But My Son Might Be A Math Genius"

"Father To A 5-Year-Old. Glad I Made The Cut"


"Now That The Streets Are Safer To Drive On My Son Is Trying To Cause Accidents In Front Of My House"

"My Daughter Made Me This Bracelet Today"

"My Son Doing What The Sign Says, Haha"

"My Daughter Has Always Been A "Think Later" Kinda Girl"


"My Daughter Thought This Set Of Sherlock Holmes Book Spines Looked Like A Koala Wearing Earrings Playing Maracas"

"My Daughter Just Came Around The Corner Wearing A Lavender Face Mask And Scared The Absolute Hell Out Of Me"

"My Daughter Is At The Ivan The Terrible Torture Museum. I Consider This A Masterpiece"

"Kid Causing A Traffic Jam At Legoland"


"12-Year-Old Daughter Had Some Anxiety With Me Watching Her Guinea Pigs Unsupervised"

"My Kids Inherited My Childhood Toys, And Only My Daughter Wants To Play With “Dolls”. Action Man Is Now Loving The Sweet Life"

"When I Turned 4, My Mom Gave Me The Decision To Either Be Normal And Go To The Zoo For My Birthday, Or To A Fan Store. Guess What 4-Year-Old Me Wanted?"

"I Asked My Kids To Take Some Books Upstairs. This Is My Bedroom Door."


"My Daughter When She Said She Wanted To Be A Transformer For Halloween"

"The First Time My Son's Been In A Toy Store Since The Pandemic Hit Last Year. Rioted Like It Was Toilet Paper"

"My Kid Found A Better Use For Our Halloween Wine Holder At The Cookout Tonight"


"Had A Sneezing Attack (Not Sick) And My Daughter Made Me A “Potion” To Feel Better"

"My Son Asked Why There Was A Picture Of A Woman Throwing A Baby On The Ground"

"Stepped Out Of The Kitchen For A Moment And My Daughter Tried To Help Season The Potatoes"

"My Daughter Gave My Son A Signed Picture Of Herself For Christmas"

"My Daughter Turns 1 Next Week. She Learned To Play Hide And Seek Today"

"If Your Kids Want To Take A Picture Of You, They Will Use It For Evil"

"Things I Fished Out Of My Subwoofer Today"

"My Kid Torturing Our Robot Mop Is How The Robot Revolution Starts"

“This Seat Will Do Nicely For My Diaper Bottom!”

"What My Aunt Encountered When She Went To Pour Herself A Whiskey On The Rocks"

"My 3-Year-Old Angry Because The Beavers Keep Chomping On The Tree"



Vivian 1 year ago
#31 - nothing says ‘adorable’ like an angry, obese little girl that dresses like a boy
Suzie 1 year ago
#5 Kids don't need masks. The cloth masks do nothing against a virus and they are psychologically damaging. You are a BAD parent.
Margaret 1 year ago
Sounds like you have weak kids, scared by a piece of cloth. No need to call someone with stronger kids a bad parent though. That's just petty.
Brad 1 year ago
Suzie sounds like an anti-vaxxer. Don't cover their face, let them die. You can make more and I'm sure you will.
Vivian 1 year ago
Brad, According to the WHO: “the use of a mask is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19.” As you can see, it’s not a matter of being weak or an anti-vaxxer - it’s about common sense and questioning the popular political narrative. For many it’s easier to just behave like a good sheep - but not everyone is like you - some people can still filter out the bull.
Margaret 1 year ago
No one ever said masks are "adequate". Shoes are not "adequate" to clothe someone. So by your logic, no one should wear shoes. I mean, by your own reasoning, it's common sense and anyone that wears shoes is simply a good sheep.
Adela 1 year ago
Margaret, dash
Shoes are adequate for their intended purpose. Masks are not adequate for their intended purpose. Is that easier for you to understand? This is not a hard concept to grasp. The COVID-19 virus can vary in length from 9 to 12 nm. N95 masks remove 95% of particles at 300 nm - that’s a 3232% - 2400% difference. Water vapor is 70nm. Come on man, think!
Margaret 1 year ago
It hard to understand because they are adequate for their intended purpose. You just don't want to know that. With a reduction in risk of around 70%, they aren't sufficient, but they sure as hell are better than getting a face full of spit. Which is of course their intended purpose. Not to filter out free floating viruses, but the viruses contained in much larger spit droplets. Come on man, think! Drop the ideology and look at the results.

Or to put it in terms even someone as hell bent on ignoring real world results: "Cloth masks not only effectively block most large droplets (i.e., 20-30 microns and larger), but they can also block the exhalation of fine droplets and particles (also often referred to as aerosols) smaller than 10 microns which increase in number with the volume of speech and specific types of phonation. Multi-layer cloth masks can both block 50-70% of these fine droplets and particles and limit the forward spread of those that are not captured. In one study, conducted prior to widespread circulation of the Delta variant, masks worked equally well for blocking aerosolized particles containing both “wild-type” virus and the Alpha variant (a more infectious variant).
Margaret 1 year ago

At least ten studies have confirmed the benefit of universal masking in community level analyses: in a unified hospital system, a German city, two U.S. states, a panel of 15 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., as well as both Canada and the U.S. nationally. Each analysis demonstrated that, following directives from organizational and political leadership for universal masking, new infections fell significantly. Two of these studies and an additional analysis of data from 200 countries that included the U.S. also demonstrated reductions in mortality. Another 10-site study showed reductions in hospitalization growth rates following mask mandate implementation. A separate series of cross-sectional surveys in the U.S. suggested that a 10% increase in self-reported mask wearing tripled the likelihood of stopping community transmission. An economic analysis using U.S. data found that, given these effects, increasing universal masking by 15% could prevent the need for lockdowns and reduce associated losses of up to $1 trillion or about 5% of gross domestic product.

But according to you, the internet genius, they don't provide any protection. And according to Suzie, using this information to protect your kids makes you a bad parent.
Suzie 1 year ago

The COVID mortality rate for school-age children/teenagers is virtually ZERO. More school-age kids died from seasonal flu than COVID. A kid has a higher chance of being killed in a car accident than dying from COVID. If you want to 'save' the children, stop allowing them in cars.
Margaret 1 year ago
Are these kids orphans or something? No older relatives? No interaction with other people? They represent about 17% of all COVID cases in the US. It would be best to limit the spread of the disease.

Around 7 million kids have gotten covid in the US. Only 24 states report on hospitalizations, but their number is about 27,000 kids in hospitals due to COVID. And your right, only 700 or so dead kids, rotting in the ground.

As to cars, I believe quite a few steps have been taken to make them safer and to limit the risk of driving as much as possible. Wearing a mask (that has repeatedly been shown to reduce risk) is using the same logic.
Rube 1 year ago
For fun, I looked up auto death risk for kids. 608 kids 12 and under died in car accidents in 2019, so on par with COVID as a risk. Of those, 38% were not wearing restraints (e.g. taking basic recommended safety precautions).

(Note this leaves teenagers out, who frequently get themselves into trouble driving)
Suzie 1 year ago

If you're that terrified of children potentially giving you COVID, then stay at home. Your fear doesn't dictate our lives. You've already signaled your virtue, so stay home and leave the rest of us alone.
Hessy 1 year ago
After whining about someone else's parenting and then whining about being called out on your aggressive awfulness has got to be one the funniest pieces of ironic hypocrisy I've seen today.
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