Against All Odds! (37 PICS)

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“I had a breakup. Started boxing. Came to LA to chase dreams.”

“One of my biggest insecurities was/is my big head and neck. 76 lb later and I am starting to feel beautiful again.”

“After years of working as a ghostwriter, I’m finally a published author!”

“I’m in shock to see how huge I was! So happy I made the decision to change my life!”

“After 5 years of hard work, we finally landed our first office space.”

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“My brother went to a dance a week ago and we finally got the pictures. He got engaged and was waiting for the right time to tell us”.

“It’s been 2 years since I changed my life. I can’t wait to welcome my first child in October!”

“I married the woman of my dreams after fearing for years that she wasn’t out there.”

“After years of being picked on in school, I managed to change for the better.”

“Still got a long way to go, but I’m better off than I was!”


“I finished my last chemotherapy infusion one year ago. Now I speak on behalf of the organization that helped save my life.”

“My 57-year-old grandmother is graduating with a bachelor’s the same year I graduate high school. I’m super proud of her.”

“As I promised, just finished our second #trashtag challenge. Every little action can have a huge impact.”

“These pictures are about 3 years apart.”

“3 years after becoming paralyzed from the chest down, I am now able to stand after getting a special frame that allows me to do so.”


“After 10 years of addiction, I finally have a career, a credit score, bought my first car at 30 years old, and have a place to live.”

“1.5 years later, 70 pounds lighter — my mental and physical health got better, and here you see me at my worst and my best.”

“Same bathroom, different girl”

“Made it to 29 despite mental health issues. Here I am, happy, healthy, and loving my life.”

“9 lb away from my goal of 115 lb, struggling to lose those last few. Also, best practices for a round butt? My bubble butt disappeared!”


“I bought my own house after living in rental apartments in cities for over 34 years.”

“Still got a few months to go, you all hang in there too.”

“Using my passion to push through, and it’s been paying off!”

“I don’t do well with others. But recently I’ve been getting better. This is my new friend, Shadow, trying to eat my head.”

“My first day as a full-time cookie decorator — living the dream!”


“I lost over 40 lb last year and I believe it can really inspire others!”

“It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. Found this old picture today and can’t believe the difference hard work can make.”

“I don’t need this anymore! After 16 surgeries to fix a birth defect and years in a wheelchair, I’ve finally been cleared to start walking! I can walk!!”

“I can’t even recognize the old me.”

“In 1980, my late gran went back to uni to get her Honours in language studies and became a lecturer. I followed in her footsteps.”


“After 9 years of having only a mom, my son finally has a dad.”

“I had a wake-up call that I needed a life change 2 Thanksgivings ago.”

“10 months and still losing weight. It’s getting harder and harder, especially through the holidays.”

“I’ve just finished my first art installation as a professional artist.”

“A year and a half ago, I bought a bike and started riding it. Today, I finished my first sprint triathlon.”


“A lot of hard work. I’m almost to my goal weight!”

“I have autism and various learning difficulties. Recently I got a full-time job, a full driver’s license, and a 2:1 degree at uni.”


Micky 1 year ago
I guess the man on the right is the father?
Micky 1 year ago
Micky, #7

Marion 1 year ago
#11 "Banned" Parenthood saved your life?

Isn't that ironic cry the millions of unborn babies they've killed.
Sher 1 year ago
id ask her "so you made it through chemotherapy, good for you, how many babies do you thing were aborted during "YOUR" struggle to live?"
Deborah 1 year ago

Those "babies" are usually just a cluster of unrecognizable cells when an abortion takes place. A woman has the right to not be pregnant. You can't force other people what to do with their body.
Louis 1 year ago

Well, good thing your momma didn't see YOU as an unrecognizable clump of cells huh? I feel nothing but contempt for you and your feminist brain washing because you can't force another person to feel empathy for human life, either. I hope some day you find your conscience.
Deborah 1 year ago

If you think it's ok to force people to do something they don't want then I'm sure you must think it's ok if I force YOU to do something you don't want. Right? No. Probably not... Soooo, are you a maninst or whatever now?
I really don't see how it's "brainwashing" if abortion is just a right.
And if you pulled your head out of your @$$ for a second you'd know abortion is usually done for a good reason like after rape for example. Or if a teen girl was pushed into unprotected sex by some smeghead boy. Or doesn't that happen? Is that more "feminist brainwashing"?
Or do you think it's ok if a girl should just have a kid she doesn't want or resents because she was forced to have it? Where is YOUR conscience regarding that?
Louis 1 year ago

Listen to yourself. Parroting the very textbook argument that lead to your current brain washing in the first place. Immediately, it's about being #1 a victim and #2 making someone else accountable for your lack of responsibility. Lost in your cliched little argument is a human life, shifting to the 'what if' game of 'rape' and 'forced' sex and birth which just screams deflection from how you no longer see your sex as life bearers, but instead act like narcissistic harpies screaming about 'manists' and 'smedgehead boys' victimizing you. So what then? The baby pays the price? How convenient. Men are to blame, and the baby takes the hit, so you can keep on doing as you please? You disgust me on a level that few people reach with your self-sustaining persecution to justify aborting babies by the millions. Next you might trout out economic impact, 'too many people' on the planet, or challenge me to adopt. I've heard it all before and it's all fluff. You want your cake and you want to it too, and you discard life like a tissue. That's it. To me, you're less human than how you view the unborn. I'm not coming back here to argue with you any further. The worst thing I can do to you, is leave exactly like you are. Monstrous.
Deborah 1 year ago
Why don't you listen to yourself?
Do you really think there's some list of argument everyone that doesn't think like you follows and repeats? Name which "textbook arguments" I'm "parroting. If you can...
I could say everything you're saying is a textbook argument you're parroting as well.
And yes obviously it's about # 1 a victim because women ARE being raped and DO have unwanted pregnancies because of it which IS a good reason for abortion.
And # 2 if you're really saying that it's a girls responsibility to insist on a guy wearing a condom even though they insist it's not necessary or use other means to pressure her in unprotected sex which you know damn well happens, then you're an @$$hole.
Besides that there there is such a thing as just a lack of basic knowledge about these things by, for example Christians that refuse to give sex ed to kids.
Regardless of ALL that women, have the right not to have a baby if they don't want to no matter WHAT the reason.
You do NOT have a say what someone else does with their body be they man or woman. We call that "Freedom".
You act like every abortion is just a uncaring woman letting some blood thisty doctor ripping a full grown baby out of her uterus limb by limb.
Learn what real abortions are like and not what some right-wing ultra nationalist nutjob on the Internet says it is.
You obviously believe women are all sl#ts that when they get pregnant go "well let's have another abortion" going to a clinic whistling all the way.
As far as sex concerns it's usually men that do as they please. About 90% of the women have had at least once been sexually harassed in one way or another. Not to speak of all the worse things.
THAT is the reality.
Literary no one is saying life isn't worth anything, but I'd say you're the monstrous one if you force people to do what you think is right.
We both know you will read this. You don't have to reply. You are on here a lot with like minded right-wing comments. We will "argue" again because I will not be silent against people like you that spread lies and strife to oppress humanity under what you think everyone should be like.
Louis 1 year ago

...well sure I came back and read it. I didn't say I would stay away, I said I wouldn't come back and argue, and your lengthy reply is why. Only you and I are bothering with this, so you can't shame me not to respond lol. Anyhoo, you are just screaming the same thing over, but with more words, and working yourself up with it, locked so deep in contrived persecution, I doubt you hardly recognize yourself anymore. Abortion is no longer the point even. You are. And the way you've brought it around to include man hating, religion, patriotism, right wingers, I think all women are sl#ts, I force people to my views, referring to my other comments as right wing, and finally, what, self-rightousness? Going on about how 'you will not be silent against people who oppress humanity' is delusional and borderline grotesque, considering your lack of it and the life you reduce to a clump of cells. You haven't made a case for anything except how you are culpable of the very behaviors and assumptions you profess to fight against. You twist the argument about the sanctity of life in to so much deflection, I can't even see a point in it except you feeding your own rage at everything you listed off, when I didn't bring up any of that. Go back. Read it. No, I think you're more than lost already and it's pointless. It's not even about a womens rights anymore so why argue indeed? It's about your rage, and you need an audience, and I'm it. So enjoy it while you can. For me, there's nothing much more here but I'll be back to check, if just so you keep screaming about it. Here I'll toss you a bone to work aren't even coming close to convincing me of anything in your argument, except you love to hate, and you've chosen who. I don't hate you. I pity you. I really do hope that some day you DO find your conscience.
Deborah 1 year ago

I quote "I'm not coming back here to argue with you any further". Soooo you actually DID say you weren't coming back...But I'm sure you'll find a way to twist it in your mind. We also both know you meant you weren't going to reply. But obviously you're not here to argue but to "tell me the truth" or (fill in justification here), right?
And really trying to make a point that it's stupid that my replies are lenghty? Look at your own replies. Pot, kettle and all that...
I wasn't "shaming you not to respond. You flat out told me you weren't coming back no doubt in an attempt to get me not to bother with replying hoping I would believe you...
Well, like I said before I can say the same thing about you that you're just screaming the same thing over and over. But you're right. I AM saying the same thing. Because I'm right.
And of course you're not "working yourself up" in your lenghty reply...
Naaaaah, you're just chilling writing up what in your mind is a calm reply full of "truthbombs" which you don't even have to back up with facts because their "self evident", correct?
Well I could reply to all your nonsense like how I love to hate after I repeatedly said that I believe that everyone should have the right to do with their body what they want but what's the point? The fact I already had to write that makes it clear you're trying to twist everything to your viewpoint.
I will however do what you cannot do. Leave this comment section to not reply or even read if you'll reply.
I'm sure I'll reply to another one of your right wing incel rants soon enough anyway. Not to convince you to see reason of course. You are far away from that though I believe you're able to become a better person than you are now.
No, I reply to you and those like you to show others the truth. To show other people most do not believe in your ways. To point out your lies and back that up with logic and facts.
I hope that one day that you will see the light as well.
Until that day, we will "argue".
Ta-ta for now.
Louis 1 year ago

lol Sensing some kind of 'win' here about me coming back to reply, you're practically crowing about it, and then smugly wrapping your own words up in the fashion you accuse me of? Self awarded truth bombs, I'm doing the twisting, and how now I can become a better person? Ending with more self rightousness about 'logic and facts' when it's all been just opinionated rage. Get over yourself. You're parroting ME now lol and I begin to suspect you're not too bright. I can't say anything more about you that you're not showing about yourself smh...oh, but using another account to add weight to 'your' side is so lame. Nice try 'Angeline'. XD I know You ARE reading this, because no one else is going to bother. The same way you signed in several more times and down voted me across the board. What do you need me to say for you to keep kidding yourself? You win or something? You think the way you're wrapped up in your self delusion would be enough, but your need to come out on top online is just sad. Ok, everybody Debby wins! lol Up votes for Debby! Yay! lol
Angeline 1 year ago

oh god the americans with their hate are at it again ..
abortion is a personal choice, leave it to this, don't get involved in their lives and let them do their own choice. leave your stupid religions and feeling out of their problems.

it's really is a shame to see america reverting back to the 40-50's with the soon defunt roe vs wade ...
Quillie 1 year ago

this takes me 2kg of popcorn to get through...
Winton 1 year ago
The guy in #5 in the wheelchair is looking so happy, it's heartwarming ❤




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