Good Students Vs Bad Students… (47 PICS)

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"Our school put up a typewriter for the students to interact with, and someone stuck gum in between the letters"

"Joked with my 5th grade students that Friday was “bring your teacher their favorite coffee day” and I guess they decided to make it real! I love my job!"

"Letter to next year's student of my teacher friend"

"Student in my university writing on the walls before the exam begins."

"I’m a teacher and my students noticed that I wasn’t myself for a while. I was in a bad place emotionally. They knew that I was a fan of Billie Eillish and one of them drew me this masterpiece. I would love for her amazing art to be seen by as many people possible, as it still makes me smile!"

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"..all because a student didn’t make the High school Baseball team (coaches truck)"

"Touching photo of Lucky Charms gift from student who had nothing else to give."

"Two “homeless” university students sitting where the homeless normally do and mocking them (UT Austin)"

"What the students do to the school laptops when school is almost over"

"My daughter's teacher is undergoing chemo. This was their first art class this year. I'm so appreciative of how hard this woman works to teach her students about more than just academics. She is a strong and beautiful person (whose permission I requested before posting). More photos in comments."


"Last day of school one of my students gave me this koozie. I'm the math teacher :-/"

"I am a teacher. I am also Jewish. I received this message today from a student after my introductory lesson on the Holocaust."

"I told my students to "Include the word count in your essays.""

"Students care about their teacher"

"The grade 12 students in my school do this every day. Maintenance cleans it, and the next day they do it again. Not only on the ceiling but also on the mirror, walls, etc."


"A former student wrote this about me on a public site. I was touched!"

"“I can’t breath” (typo) signs protesting students having to wear masks on the anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder."

"Recently it was Dress Like A Teacher Day at school because of homecoming dress up days, and I dyed my hair silver, got a whistle and a cup of ice, and went as my PE teacher Mrs. Springer. She said I was the first person that dressed as her. (She’s just gotten her hair coloured, so it wasn’t silver)"

"Present from an OSU student I asked to put on their mask at a restaurant on campus. Its a self service restaurant you are supposed tonput your dishes up when you are done."

"Students giving back to their amazing gyms teacher"


"Student: Miss, do you have a pencil? Me: I don't have any left, you can use my pen, but please return it, it's one of my good ones."

"Students threw their teacher a suprise party with his favorite cheesecake for his 75th birthday and his smile makes my heart happy"

"Former student surprises his vocational teacher with a statue. The inscription reads "You taught me everything about plumbing. Showed me that I could. In a reassuring Finland-Swedish accent you told me that even the sun has it spots when I made mistakes. Thank you.""

"Students started stealing the bathroom sign from that stupid “Devious lock” thing, faculty had to replace the signs with pieces of paper and tape"


"Tree near my school covered in gum by students"

"I'm a relief teacher and generally don't receive a lot of feedback from parents or students outside of a comment here or there. Yesterday I received one of my first gifts and a card from a year six student leaving for high school. I may have gotten a little teary."

"A student takes up 3 seats in a full class with his phone, bag, and himself"

"Students helping a principal be cool"

"A student relieves themselves in the restroom sink, school administrators put up a sign with spelling errors to solve the problem."


"I am so lucky to have these students."

"My Student's "MLA-Style" Works Cited Page"

"Student in my Sex Ed class has my back"

"Students vandalising the keyboards."

"I was out of my class for two weeks with COVID, and my students kept all my plants alive for me."


"Our schools students have ruined the power socket with gum"

"The fine parking job my fellow student did this morning at my university."

"I wasn’t feeling too great about turning 26. I’m not really where I wanted to be at this point in life, and I don’t make much money at the school where I work. But when one of my students handed me this when I came in, I knew that I was just where I needed to be."

"Students keep downloading Minecraft to the school computers"

"I teach the most dreaded course for many uni students: organic chemistry. This student took 4 tries to pass. I never expected to hear from them once they finished my course, but just got this email out of the blue, it definitely made me smile."


"Middle/Elementary students do this to the sinks. Sometimes they are on the drain and the water builds up."

"One of my students got donuts for breakfast. Apparently, she told her mom that I needed donuts too. She was right."

"College students writes a list on wall instead of whiteboard in one of the study rooms smh"

"I work extremely hard at creating a space where my students feel safe to express their emotions. My classroom is a place to feel loved and supported. Today, I received this card and gift."


"The way one of my students writes"

"A random message from my late mom's student 5 years after my mom passed away"


Bedney 11 month s ago
#8 I'm from Austin, and 99% of those "homeless" people on The Drag by UT are homeless by CHOICE. BY CHOICE! Those students are making a point.
Nelle 11 month s ago

Have you interviewed the homeless "by choice" people to confirm this? Or, is this something you heard and, for whatever reason, now choose to believe?
Artelepsa 11 month s ago
"by choice" seems to be yours in being ignorant
Artelepsa 11 month s ago

Brenda 10 month s ago
Artelepsa, no bedney is right. When i was a kid my dad would take me with to drop off food and clothes and stuff for his friend who lived in a park, sleeping on the bench and i told my dad to take him home and give him a job, my dad said no, he sits there drinking because he wants to, and there is nothing stopping him or anyone else from getting off their butt and changing situation, but they don't because they don't want to. And I was a kid and didn't quite understand it at the time, but since then i have always looked at peoples "lot" in life with regards to what he said, and he was right, there is nothing stopping anyone from changing their own life, other than their own comfort of accepting their situation and their lack of ambition to change it.
Vinson 10 month s ago
#46 That's not writing...that's someone trying to BS his teacher.
Midge 10 month s ago
a lot of these are what happens when you teach feelings and propaganda and not how to live and facts.




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