People Share Their Wild Childhood Beliefs (22 GIFS)

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"That women’s periods stop in water to avoid sharks smelling it"


"That our entire house was covered by cork-sized security cameras and that my parents could see my every move."


"if you swallowed the black watermelon seeds a watermelon would grow in your belly"



"I could not understand how all the deaths scenes in war movies seemed so realistic. So, I asked one of my older brothers how they did it. He proceeded to tell me that they empty out state prisons in the area the movie is being made, dress them up and give them guns and tell them that if they survive the filming then they get to leave jail after."


"My sister told me that if you count all the stones of Stonehenge you will die. I still don’t know how many stones there are in Stonehenge."


"That the hazard button in a car would blow the car up."


"As a kid I had a strangulated hernia, which left me with one testicle. My dad told me if I ever had kids they would be all boys or all girls cos each testicle is for each sex. Believed it for years."


"I once thought academic scholarships were only given to dumb students so that some of them could still attend college. I even told my older brother that he was so stupid, he had to get scholarships to go to college. He went to the Ivy League."


"Lost my stuffed animal (a white dog) in the airport in Miami when I was 5. It was my favorite and I was really sad about it. A few weeks later my mom presented me with a brown dog that otherwise looked exactly like the white one I’d lost. She said the workers at the airport had found it and mailed it to us, but he got a tan because he was in Florida. Bought it hook line and sinker for a few years."


"The button on your armrest on airplanes is the eject button"


"That the draining sound of the water in the bathtub was a monster that would suck you in as well. A lie made to get me out of the bath."


"My older brother pranked me once. I had watched a kids’ TV show (I think it was “The Electric Company”) that featured a guest star who was a tap dancer. My brother convinced me that tap dancers made their tapping sounds — not with their feet — but with their mouths. I spent the next several weeks trying to tap dance with my mouth noises before my mom made me quit."


"When I was a kid I asked my dad if reading enough books really could give you Telekinesis… (Matilda) He said yes. I spent many years after that thinking I just wasn’t doing enough"


"That guacamole was ground up guaca-moles… Dads are great lol"



"I believed that girls pooped and peed out of their butthole. When I was 16yo, I asked my older sister, “When you go pee, how do you keep the turds from sliding right out at the same time?”"


"That if you sit to close to the TV or computer screen you’ll go blind. I was told that during the summer of 5th grade, then got glasses in 6th grade. All I heard was a “told you..” as i tried on my first pair of glasses and was told that my sister (1 yr younger) wont need glasses because she listened. She got her glasses less than a year later."


"My grandmother told me that pinching gave cancer. I got pinched once at recess and yelled at the person because I thought they were going to give me cancer."


"When I was a little fellow my parents used to told me when you smoke you’ll die instantaneously. Unfortunately they forgot this at a campfire organized by our former neighborhood and smoked a cig. I remember I was desperately trying to stop them and cried all the time, because I thought they’re both about to die."


"My mom told me my birth mark was a coffee stain from when she accidentally spilled coffee on me as a baby. I believed it til I was like 11."



"This isn’t a lie but when I was a kid I had no idea how turn signals worked and just thought the cars always knew exactly where we were going."


"My dad told me he was color blind to the extreme when I was 8. The sky is green, the grass is blue. Go was red, stop was green. The ultimate: white people look black and black people look white. My mom made him fix that last statement quick when I asked her, “mommy do I look black to you too?” She was livid but I was so gullible at that age lol"



Virdie 1 year ago
#5 I thought the exact same thing. I also didn't understand how cars worked when I was 5 or 6 and thought the world turned around, up, and down moving the roads beneath the cars and somehow everyone ended up where they needed to go.
Fidelia 1 year ago

Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?




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