People Think These Actors And Actresses Are Overrated… (19 GIFS)

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"Jessica Alba is absolutely horrendous. Go watch good luck chuck and try to not cringe every time she does anything at all"


"Gal Gadot. She is astoundingly beautiful, but between her accent and her deadpan “reaction” face, I can’t stand her being a major role. She is a really bad actress and after however many years since her debut, I am constantly annoyed that she is taking roles from actual talents in acting because she’s pretty."



"Charlie Sheen is an interesting example of a nepotic (is that a word?) actor whose acting gets worse instead of better as his career continues."


"Shailene Woodley. I just will never understand how her performance in The Descendants was as critically acclaimed as it was. Big Little Lies – same thing."



"Kevin hart is severely overrated"


"John Wayne. Same guy every role and period."


"Vanessa Hudgens

She is in so many movies but her acting is not very enjoyable. Especially if she plays a [email protected]$$."


"Jared Leto. Not all method actors are good actors."


"Steven Seagal.

He’s the absolute worst version of an 80s action star. Has always been terribly out of shape and a god-awful actor.

I think he got away with it because people always assume he was some [email protected]$$ martial artist. Which is weird because he’s actually far worse of a martial artist than he is an actor."


"Makes me think of Bruce Willis. He seems to have completely stopped caring about his roles as his career goes on."


"She hasn’t done anything recently as far as I know but Madonna is absolute trash as an actor."


"Gonna get absolutely [email protected]#t on for this, but:

Keanu Reeves

Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy. Genuinely one of the best souls in Hollywood, he’s compassionate, charitable and got a great personality. 100% deserving of the love he gets.

But he is absolutely a wooden actor."


"James Corden is the number one answer right now. Smh."


"Emma Watson. Tired of seeing her in those [email protected]$$ roles."


"She’s good as Hermione in the first movie, mostly by virtue of looking the part and just being a precocious child actor. But as the series progresses, she fails to grow into an adult actor and falls way behind Grint and Radcliffe.

She basically has one move: the huffy, exasperated, out-of-breath panicky appeals to the other characters. Her dialogue never sounds like a real person. She looks like… well… a mediocre child actor, over-delivering every line. Maybe the writing is part of the problem, but her performance is very bad."


"The Rock. Nice guy but awful actor"



"Mark Wahlberg. He was so bad in the Happening I’ll never forget it."


"Maybe not the most overrated, but Diane Keaton has basically been Annie Hall her entire career. Her role in The Godfather strayed a little, but not dramatically."


"Paul Walker. I kinda get why he’s loved but his acting movies were terrible, now Vin diesel milks his death"


"This might be an unpopular opinion but I don’t think Will Ferrell is that funny. I might even go as far as to say he’s more annoying than funny to me"



"I hate everything he’s ever been in, I almost dropped The Office, thankfully he disappeared quickly"



Andy 5 month s ago
I think people are unclear what "overrated" means vs "I want to dump on someone who is more famous than I am". Steven Seagal is "overrated"?? On what planet has he ever been "rated"? When has he ever been thought to be a great actor? good actor? decent? At best he's considered "not the worst ever".

I definitely agree with John Wayne and Kevin Hart tho.
Virdie 5 month s ago

John Wayne, the Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvestor Stallone, and many more are entertainers, not actors. You don't find them in movies directed by Martin Scorcese, Spike Lee, Kathryn Bigelow, etc. People have never rated them on any list as a great actor, people watch their movies to be entertained. Their movies are enjoyable to watch, kind of like popcorn or cotton candy. Look at how many great actors failed in action movies: Sean Penn, Ethan Hawke, Collin Farrell, George Clooney, Jennifer Garner, and others.
Monna 5 month s ago
Claire Danes. Exact same ugly cry face all through Homeland. I Hate,Hate,Hate her.
Chat 5 month s ago
Of those listed, Kevin Hart. He isn't close to being funny. His entire "performance" is screaming. How he got to where he is today is beyond me. Stick Will Ferrell in there too just for good measure.
Arminda 4 month s ago
I'm so content that I am not the only one who finds LIL Kevin Hart annoying. He rose to fame making jokes about his wife and kids, and then the half pint divorced his wife of many years. I don't support him, think he is funny and wonder what the hell he did to rise so quickly. Dude ain't funny, although the yelling indicates he is hard of hearing. Have not and will not in the future watch his movies, stand ups or anything he appears in. Dude is annoying as hell.
Rich 5 month s ago
Every actress is overrated but all we expect from her is to be hot.
Jos 5 month s ago
Sadly, in the US, actors and actresses get hired for their looks more than for their acting ability.

In the UK, and I won’t single them out, there are some great actors and actresses who are famous, who got there because they actually know how to act, not because they are nice to look at.
Vinny 5 month s ago
Wayne had more range than he's given credit for but he's not there to act, he's there to entertain and bring a certain type of character to life.
Hetty 5 month s ago
Whoever made this list is stupid
Emily 5 month s ago
The reality of it is, that not all these people are bad actors but a lot of them are cast into bad roles. There is also a difference between being a bad actor, a decent actor and a very talented actor. There's a lot of opinion involved. But I think this list is mostly from ignorance.
Myrti 5 month s ago
#6 John Wayne would have agreed with you. He saw himself as Duke Morrison playing John Wayne. It was an expectation that trapped him at times.
Darkey 5 month s ago
#14 She's a horrible, horrible actress, and now she's incredibly fat. Like, really super fat. Unpopular opinion, maybe, but I can't stand her.
Liley 5 month s ago
#14 Emma Watson? She isn’t at all fat, and never has been!
Louis 5 month s ago
Sophie Turner. "The Stark children" in general couldn't act their way out of a paper bag. Sophie Turner is a beady eyed peacock posing as a card board box. She CAN NOT act.
Roxanna 5 month s ago
#9 I studied Aikido for a short bit. Whoever could tell the best steven seagul joke would get to lead the warm up.
Sally 5 month s ago
I consider Aikido a martial art even if it's pretty useless in a real fight. I took Tae Kwon Do for years and later realized it alone is not enough in a real fight. Too flashy and slow.

I cut some of these actors some slack if they are only good at one thing. As long as they are good at it I don't feel they should be criticized for it.



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