Everyday Facts About History (33 PICS)

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"On July 15, 1878, Anna Coleman Ladd graces the world with her presence. Coleman is credited for being the god-mother of Anaplastology. She spent most of her days in Red Cross tents, experiencing first hand the gruesome nature of one of the bloodiest battles of human history during the Battle of the Somme. Coleman assisted soldiers who were battered beyond recognition, sculpting face masks in an attempt to restore them to their former selves. She molded pieces from galvanized copper, tin foil, and human hair by hand. Coleman provided the soldiers of WWI with an invaluable gift, a reflection they could come to terms with."


"In 1955, Rosa Parks gets arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. Parks’ act of disobedience led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The boycott went on for more than a year as African Americans walked or carpooled to work and school. The bus company suffered greatly, since African Americans were 70 percent of their riders. In November of 1956, the US Supreme Court ruled the bus segregation as a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. This called off the protest and Rosa Parks became one of the first to ride the newly desegregated buses."


"In 1957, Elvis Presley gets drafted to the United States Army. Despite thousands of Presley’s fans asking for him to be spared, Elvis still joined the army. Presley’s entrance in the army was widely praised as he was seen as a model for all young Americans. Presley had a massive influence on society. When he received his polio shot by an army doctor on television, vaccination rates increased from 2 to 85 percent by the time he was discharged in 1960."


"In 2010, Miep Gies dies. Gies was the last survivor who helped hide Anne Frank and her family during World War II. Despite Gies’ heroic contributions trying to save the Franks from the Nazis, the Franks were captured. However, Gies protected Anne Frank’s notebooks that described Frank’s experience in her 2 year hideout. These experiences were later published as “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.” The diary became one of the most widely read book on the Holocaust."


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"In 1916, the greatest female sniper of all time, Lyudmila Pavlichenko is born. As a member of the Soviet Army during World War II, she killed 309 Nazis, earning the name “Lady Death.” The feared Germans offered Pavlichenko lots of chocolate and to make her German officer in exchange for her to switch sides. After declining, the Germans said “if we catch you, we will tear you into 309 pieces and scatter them to the winds!” The Germans were unsuccessful and in 1974 Pavlichenko passed due to a stroke."


"In 2004, Shrek the Sheep is finally sheared. The sheep was hiding for 6 years from shearers because of his strong dislike of getting haircuts and was eventually found. The sheep’s fleece weighed a record 60 pounds at the time. The shearing was viewed by millions live on TV."


"In June 1944, 14-year-old George Stinney, was convicted and put to death by the electric chair for the murders of two girls ages 7 and 11. Stinney was questioned in a small room, alone – without his parents, without an attorney. Therefore, people believe Stinney was coerced into confessing the murders. Stinney was then rushed to trial and after a two-hour trial and a 10-minute jury deliberation, Stinney was convicted of murder and sentenced to die. Stinney became the youngest person in modern times to be put to death. 70 years after his death, Stinney was exonerated."


"In 1979, sixteen year old Brenda Spencer shoots at a elementary school from her home. Spencer killed 2 men and wounded 9 kids, as she lived across the street from the school. The rifle that Spencer used was gifted to her for Christmas by her father. When asked why she committed the act, Spencer said “I just don’t like Mondays. I did this because it’s a way to cheer up the day. Nobody likes Mondays.” As of result, Spencer is currently serving two 25 year sentences."



"In the 17th and 18th century, boys usually 6 years old were purchased from their poverty stricken parents by a master sweep in England. These boys would become chimney sweeps. Children would climb up chimneys using their elbows, back, and knees. Unfortunately, some children would get stuck and never get out. Since kids were put in unnatural positions, their growth was stunted and they would suffer from lung problems, soreness, and Chimney Sweep Cancer. In 1864, Parliament passed the “Act for the Regulation of Chimney Sweepers” which ended the use of young boys to clean chimneys."


"In 1913, Harriet Tubman passes away. Tubman is known for escaping slavery and for helping around 300 slaves escape via the Underground Railroad. Among those captured were Tubman’s parents and none of those that escaped were captured again. Due to her success in helping slaves escape, slave owners put a $40,000 reward to capture Tubman."


"In 1992, Whitney Houston’s hit song “I Will Always Love You” premiers. Many associate this song with Whitney Houston. However, the song is a cover of Dolly Parton’s song. Parton agreed to let Houston use it after she was asked by Kevin Costner who co starred “The Bodyguard” with Houston at the time. Parton then heard Houston’s version and was blown away. Houston ended up winning 10 Grammy awards for the song and Parton became a legitimate songwriter."


"In 1993, Andre the Giant dies. Andre was a professional wrestler who was 7 ft. and 4 in. tall and weighed 520 pounds. Andre’s massive size was due to a brain tumor that produced large amounts of a human growth hormone. The giant had a high alcohol tolerance, as he was able to drink 108 12 oz beers in one sitting. With the mixture of his tumor and unhealthy lifestyle, Andre died due to heart failure at 46 years old."



"On this day in 1972, the deadliest snow storm in history begins. The 7 day snow storm dropped 10 to 28 ft of snow on Iran. The snow buried thousands of people and two villages had no survivors. By the end of the storm, 200 villages were wiped off of the map and 4,000 people died."


"In 1887, Hellen Keller meets her teacher, Anne Sullivan. When Keller was 19 months old she lost her sight and hearing. Sullivan taught Keller techniques that led Keller to become a college graduate, lecturer, and activist. For this accomplishment, Sullivan became known as “the miracle worker.”"


"In 1926, famous magician and escape artist Harry Houdini dies from a poisoned appendix. Interestingly, two weeks prior to his death Houdini was giving a lecture and commented on how he has the ability to withstand blows. Moments after making the comment a student punched Houdini twice in the stomach. However, Houdini had no time to prepare. These blows ruptured Houdini’s appendix and the bacteria eventually poisoned his system. “Never try to fool children, they expect nothing, and therefore see everything...”-Harry Houdini"


"In June 1871, 8’1 Anna Haining Swan and 7’9 Martin van Buren Bates became the tallest married couple ever. The two fell in love when they met each other as employees of a circus. After moving in to a custom made house, the two were unfortunately unable to have a healthy baby as their first child died in a few hours and their second child that weighed 23 pounds survived for 11 hours. Their second child has the record for being the heaviest baby. When Anna died in 1888, Martin ordered a statute of her from Europe."



"In 1692, the first people are accused of witchcraft as part of the Salem Witch Trials. The trials began when two little girls began having fits and a doctor diagnosed them of suffering the effects of witchcraft. The community then began accusing people of witchcraft, mostly middle aged women. As of result over 150 people were arrested and around 20 people were put to death. The trials finally ended a year later when the governor realized that many innocent lives were being lost."


"Before he became president, Abraham Lincoln was a dominant wrestler. Thanks to his long limbs, in approximately 300 matches Lincoln was only defeated once. Lincoln was known for talking trash in the ring and even challenged an entire crowd: “I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns.” At 21 years old, Lincoln was the wrestling champion of his county in Illinois. In 1992, Lincoln was honored in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame."


"In 2018, former United States Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar is sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for sexual assault. Nassar was found to abuse over 260 women and girls. This case showed the power of the #MeToo movement and was an example of how abusers can escape justice for decades."


"In 1934, Bonnie and Clyde are shot to death by police. The two were known for stringing various robberies together. The public saw Bonnie and Clyde’s as dangerous outlaws and as “Robin Hood” like folk heroes. Their fame was increased by the fact that Bonnie was a woman, an unlikely criminal, and because the couple posed for playful photographs together, which were later found by police and released to the media."



"In 1945, the US Army liberates Buchenwald concentration camp. When the Gestapo headquarters (Germany’s secret police), found out that Americans were close they ordered the camp administrators to blow up all the evidence of the camp including the inmates. However, they did not know that the administrators already fled out of fear. The camp held thousands of Jews. Many died from disease, malnutrition, executions, and were used as test subjects for vaccinations. Among those saved were famous author, Elie Wiesel."


"In 1992, the first smartphone is released. IBM’s Simon launched at $899 and featured a 4.5 in LCD touch screen. The phone was ahead of its time as it could send and receive emails, faxes, and pages. The Simon went on to sell 50,000 units."


"In the 1930s, London parents would use the “baby cage” to hang their babies out the window. Parents would do this because of the conception that babies need to be “aired” to “renew and purify the blood.” Therefore, responding to a lack of outdoor space, some London communities began installing “baby cages.” Eventually due to the growing safety concerns of babies in the 20th century the custom ended."


"In 1942, Anne Frank and her parents hide in a secret apartment behind her father’s business to avoid being captured by the Nazis. In this hiding spot, Anne Frank wrote her diary which went on to become a best seller, that is translated in over 70 languages. Despite hiding for more than 2 years, the Nazis captured the family. However, Anne Frank’s diary was left behind."



"In 1952, the Great Smog of 1952 begins. The heavy smog began when residents burned coal to stay warm and with the mixture of smoke, soot, and sulfur dioxide from the industries and cars nearby caused a heavy smog that covered the city. The smog lasted for 5 days and killed more than 4,000 people. The high death totals occurred due to respiratory issues that it caused, as people had problems with breathing and were vomiting phlegm. Also, visibility was limited as there was no sunlight. When the smog finally blew away, the British government passed laws to stop residents from using coal to heat their homes."


"In 2012, 17 year old Trayvon Martin is shot and killed by the captain of the neighborhood patrol, George Zimmerman. Martin was on his way home from a convenience store and was spotted by Zimmerman who was patrolling the area after a series of break ins have occurred. Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin and contacted the police, who told him not to follow the man. Zimmerman disobeyed the order and moments later shot Martin. When the police arrived, Martin was dead and Zimmerman had a bloody nose and cuts on the back of his head. Zimmerman. Is es self defense as an excuse and as of result was found not guilty an a charge for second degree murder. In 2013, the city where the incident happened ruled that it is now forbidden for neighborhood watch volunteers to carry a gun and pursue suspects."


"In 1974, one of America’s most famous serial killers Ted Bundy strikes again. Bundy used his charm to pick up his young victims. When Bundy was finally recaptured in 1979 after escaping jail twice, he confessed to killing 36 people. However, some claim that he killed over 100 people. Eventually, in 1989 Bundy was executed."


"In 1945, Soviet troops enter Auschwitz. The Soviets freed over 7,000 survivors of the concentration camps and as of result, they revealed to the world the horrors that occurred in the camps. During the existence of the camp over 1 million Jews were brutally murdered. Prior to the Soviets entrance, the Germans were aware that the Soviets were on their way and therefore they tried to cover their crimes by shooting sick prisoners and blowing up crematoria."



"In 1865, slavery gets abolished in America. The 13th Amendment was adopted and ruled that “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude… shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” 246 years after the first shipment of slaves to Jamestown slavery was abolished. However, issues to overcome slavery was an issue for America for over a century with the Reconstruction era and African American civil rights movement in the 1950 and 60s."


"In 1961, Princess Diana is born. During her marriage, the “People’s Princess” was president or patron of over 100 charities. The Princess publicized work on behalf of homeless and also disabled people, children and people with HIV/Aids. Princess Diana was also known for her renowned style and was closely associated with the fashion world, patronising and raising the profile of younger British designers."


"In 1999, two teenagers kill 13 people in Columbine High School. Prior to the incident the two killers, recorded videos stating what they would do and apologized to their parents for their actions. The two would both kill themselves after the shooting. Since this incident there has been an average of 10 school shootings a year in the US."


"In 1992, President George H.W. Bush vomits on Japan’s Prime Minister. Bush was invited for dinner by the Prime Minister. During dinner, Bush felt ill and and then fell to his side. Bush ended up vomiting on the lap of the Prime Minister. This incident became one of the most widely ridiculed moments against a president."



"In 1967, the Detroit riots begin. In what is considered as one of the bloodiest riots in U.S. history, as 43 people died and more than 1,400 people were injured. The weeklong riots stem from high levels of frustration and anger from African Americans by extreme poverty, racism and racial segregation, police brutality, and lack of economic and educational opportunities. After the police raided a party for Vietnam War veterans, violence broke out. Eventually, the National Guard was called to end the violence."



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Rich 1 year ago
# 26
There was an investigation and a lot of media pressure to charge Zimmerman. despite everything and no doubt despite the wishes of the court, he was cleared.
Are you against justice? Do you think Zimmerman should have been hung just because he's white and Martin was black?
Jake 1 year ago

Getting into a fist fight with an unarmed person then pulling out a gun and killing that person is wrong.

I think he should have been hung for acting as a vigilante.
Di 1 year ago
Rich,remember the MSM tried saying Zimmerman was and i quote "a white Hispanic"
Indy 1 year ago
The reason Zimmerman was cleared is because the prosecutor was pressured into bringing more severe charges requiring a higher standard of evidence. Had the prosecutor not caved Zimmerman would have been charged with something like manslaughter instead of murder and would have served jail time. The reason for this entire clusterf@#k is that Zimmerman was a racist @$$hole, Martin lost his sh#t and beat the cr#p out of Zimmerman, and the prosecutor caved to public pressure. Plenty of blame to spread around here.
Em 1 year ago
This looked like the most uninteresting, hyped-up, boring tripe I could've imagined reading. Lucky for me, I didn't.
Kaye 1 year ago
So now we have vaccine segregation. Guess not much has changed.




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