People Share Why They Lost All Respect Towards Some Celebrities (30 PICS)

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Amber Heard

"Amber Heard - beat on Johnny Depp and then tried to say he beat her, screwing with his career."


Scientologist Celebrities

"After watching Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, any celebrity involved with the Scientology church is pretty off-putting."


Ellen Degeneres

"Ellen DeGeneres, she made Taylor Swift cry and practically bullied her on live TV, outted Mariah Carey’s pregnancy, need I go on? She treats her guests like trash."


Eric Clapton

"I recently found out about Eric Clapton basically bankrupting a little old widow (over 5k in legal fees) for her attempting to sell her late husband's old bootleg DVD of one of his old concerts for $11 online."


Gwyneth Paltrow

"Gwyneth Paltrow and her [email protected]#tty Goop products that are bad for you."


Izismile Videos

Oprah Winfrey

"I'm surprised no one has mentioned Oprah Winfrey yet. Not only did she give a major platform to Dr. Oz & Dr. Phil, she also was good friends with Harvey Weinstein and kept her mouth shut about him, then went on to give a pro-Me-Too speech at the Oscars after he was arrested and got thunderous applause."


Kylie Jenner

"Kylie Jenner for not paying her factory workers at all."


Travis Scott

"Travis Scott, he was a bystander to the deaths of a bunch of his own fans. I just can’t support someone that apathetic to the deaths of his own supporters."


Leonardo DiCaprio

"Leonardo DiCaprio, as he jets around on superyachts (where he literally is currently), which uses like 20 gallons per mile, and private jets, etc. all while talking to the UN and Netflix about climate change."


Dr. Phil

"Now I realize he just uses sick minded people for his own profit. He brought the creator of Bumfights on the show and kicked him off after showing up dressed as Dr. Phil. The guy said Dr. Phil and him did the exact same thing, Phil just hid it better. After seeing that clip, I have no respect for Dr Phil."



Charlie Sheen

"The guy is a self-centred @$$hole. Had an entire show around him and was thrown out after turning on everyone, then some other network just gave him a vehicle show where he barely showed any work ethic and when his co-star called him out on that, he had HER fired! Stop rewarding people for being @$$holes!"


Jared Leto

"Jared Leto, 50 year old guy that preys on teenagers. What's weird is everyone knows, jokes about it, but the guy still books work."


Wendy Williams

"Wendy Williams she is just an ugly person on the inside and in general. She has threatened and belittled staff, farted on national TV and blamed a chair. She outed Method Man's wife for having cancer just to get ratings. Once she started catching heat now she's claiming she may have dementia or mental disorders and that's what caused her to do all the stuff she did. Total cop out those are just a few things."



"He met his ex-wife when she was sixteen (and declared he was going to marry her right then) and then put her on birth control at nineteen after they had “a really deep friendship” (yeah right) for three years. He later made her do an interview a week after their son died, threw that son’s ashes away, refused to let her get medical care for a miscarriage, and dumped her by the time she was twenty four. I love the man’s music, but I wish people would talk more about the hell that he put Mayte Garcia through."


Demi Lovato

"Demi Lovato - constantly playing the victim card, is a little too delusional and don’t get me started on the frozen yogurt place fiasco."



Polanski Petition

"I just today found out about the 2009 Polanski petition and the 100 celebrities that signed it - so all of them."


Nick Cannon

"Nick Cannon. 4 kids by 3 different women in 6 months. Like seriously dude, wrap it up."


Rebel Wilson

"My brother is a d-tier actor in Australia. Has worked with Rebel Wilson a fair bit. Said she’s the most unpleasant person he’s ever encountered. Makes everyone treat her like an absolute diva and runs through assistants like Epstein through massages. I didn’t have an opinion about her before he told me but it’s not an uncommon sentiment in the acting world. She had a body double for a film they were both in. She lost a bunch of weight before filming and became really opinionated about having somebody who accurately represented her idea of her body. She finally settled on somebody (this is usually the role of the casting crew based on your height and weight but she insisted she had final say). The body double showed up on set and Rebel decided the woman had put on weight between casting and filming. She grabbed the poor woman’s hips and stomach on the set and yelled at the casting crew for bringing “a hippopotamus on set” to represent her."


Chrissy Teigen

"Chrissy Teigen - was an advocate for being kind to people online and then had been cyber bullying Courtney Stodden amongst others."


Justin Timberlake

"The stories coming out about Justin Timberlake being a flat out [email protected]#khead and literally spitting on women have really changed my opinion of him."




"Drake. The ghostwriting. The supposed grooming of the Stranger Things girl. How he pretty much shunned his child and then would always talk about his dad leaving him and his mom. He also has gotten complacent with his music. He's like the personification of Pop Hop now. He kind of just style jacks whatever is popular rn instead of having his own style."


Nicki Minaj

"Nicki Minaj because she seems to align herself with sexually violent people."


James Corden 

"I used to be a real big fan of him and his old Gavin and Stacy stuff and I even liked the lesbian vampire movie too even though a lot of people hated it. And then the stories of how he treats people even his own family started to roll out and I'm like [email protected]#k this guy."


Shia Labeouf

"Shia LaBeouf, I was one of the holdouts who argued he was misunderstood as an artist and a person. Soon as the FKA Twigs story came out I couldn’t bring myself to continue being a fan. Dude needs help and if we’re being real, probably needs to do time."


Lea Michele

"I got pretty into the TV show Glee in 2020 and I didn't know most of the cast beforehand, so It's not like I was a fan of anyone, but after I heard about Lea Michele's ugly behavior I was truly appalled. I don't know how anyone can support her.

In a nutshell, she disrespected a ton of people she have worked with, ever since she was a little girl. She threatened to fire people, belittled the staff, called them cockroaches, told a coworker she would "sh*t in her wig" and other nasty things. Shame, since she's a talented singer."



John Mulaney

"He left his wife he always claimed to love so much for the mistress that he got pregnant while still married to his wife. And she wasn't the only woman he had cheated on her with."


Armie Hammer

"Armie Hammer. I don’t agree with cannibalism!"


Melissa Gilbert

"Melissa Gilbert. My mother loved her in the 70s so one year I got her Gilbert’s cookbook and surprised mom by taking her to a book signing near where we live in the Midwest. She was over the moon excited to meet her. We finally get up to the table and Ms. Gilbert was rude to my mother, and hurried her through. Mom was crushed. I now will not watch anything with her in it. My mind goes back to the rude entitled woman she was."


Chris Pratt

"Chris Pratt. Making an Instagram post praising your new wife for “having a healthy child” when your ex-wife had major health issues delivering your other child is such a sc#mbag move."


Mark Wahlberg

"Mark Wahlberg. He blinded some guy and showed no remorse."



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Bazaleel 1 year ago
#30 I had some questions about some of these reported stories. I look Mark Wahlberg up. Apparently this story is not true. He did punch a guy (at 16?) in they eye. But the guy stated he was already blind in that eye. So....
Melissa 1 year ago
Lots of gossip here, no proof of any of it...
Gussie 1 year ago
Melissa, let's not destroy some good celebrity bashing by adding facts, ok?
Abednego 1 year ago
Gussie, yep, celebrities are a unique group of people that should get a free pass from bashing. The rest of us - not so much.
Artelepsa 1 year ago
Jos 1 year ago
#13 Serious question: Was Wendy Williams born a man?

#19 Ugly on the inside and the outside. She was a model???
Beverly 1 year ago

LOL I am not pro any of these people but come on .... cyber bullying?!?!
Edyth 1 year ago
Who had respect for Kylie Jenner to begin with???
Yulan 1 year ago
So Chris Pratt should not be happy about a healthy child?
If that is his big fault....
He's a great guy compared to most of the ass hats mention above him.
Prudence 1 year ago

Except for his tendency to go all super-mega-church and refuse to socialize with people outside of it; engages in misogynistic practices within the church; and acts like an entitled scumbag as he brings in other weak-minded actors to the mega-cult...

so, ya - sure - happy about a healthy child. Is a dick to anyone who doesn't adhere to his particular version of spirituality. dirol
Prudence 1 year ago
Sandy 1 year ago
Oh, so now cannibalism is wrong too??
Political correctness pukes have ruined the world.
Myrtle 1 year ago
Never met any of these people, so who knows?
Josetta 1 year ago
Myrtle, And who cares?
Abednego 1 year ago
#19 - wow, Chrissy got really fat.
Norby 1 year ago
Agreed on all of em. Trash people




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