Any Idea What That Is? (22 PICS)

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"Found at an older persons house. Made of wood. Very heavy (40lbs?). Has some type of mechanical section on the back. Thanks!"

A: "Speakers. Yours don’t have the covers, or they are a slightly different model with different covers. The marble tops, which they came with, probably broke."


"Little metal figurines in a wooden tube"

A: "Those are just metal frozen Charlottes / penny dolls."


"This built in wooden shelf/storage thing in our new house."

A: "Fold down is for a seat. As this would have been the only phone, and was likely in the hallway, a chair would have been in the way. Would have been two shelves in the slot that stuck out beyond the face. Phone book in between, phone on top shelf. The hole just above the top shelf on left side is where the cord would have come through the wall."


"Celtic(?) ornate sticks, different lengths, with the year “1966-7” written on."

A: "Walking sticks are a touristic item sold in many places. Some people collect them."


Izismile Videos

"I got it as a freebie. It is very stretchy and has two cuts in it."

A: "It’s a gator."


"White metal thing with different size hooks on both sides and a curved middle? too shallow to store anything enough to be a proper drying rack"

A: "It’s a soda can holder for a fridge."


"Bought a new shirt. This small packet was attached with the tags. What are these for?"

A: "Collar stiffeners . You can insert them in your collar to keep it stiff."


"My oil change guy found this just lying on the bottom of my engine floor. It’s about 3″ in diameter and an inch tall. Do I need it?"

A: "Idler pulley for your serpentine belt, yes you need it."



"What is this metal object with Ts and hearts at the top? (Minifigure for scale)"

A: "It’s a bandage/gauze applicator for fingers or thumbs!"


"Found on the side of a road. 2 feet long. Bout 3/8 inch thick on the hook side. Painted."

A: "It’s a tool for hooking up weight distribution bars on a trailer hitch."


"Found in a river in Manchester UK (white number painted on) – seems to have a light bulb but no electric mechanism inside, knob on top pushes down and twists, then releases with a loud click. Engraved “Patent No. 217135” with no results."

A: "Looks to be an Eveready bike light of some kind. I recall something about bikes and cars in ww2 having that kind of deflector to reduce lights in blackouts (so it only shines directly below the vehicle, not out into the road so much."


"What is this small tool found among antique sewing supplies? Metal with a cupped eye on the end and a handle that resembles ivory."

A: "It’s for earwax removal."



"Found this deep in my church’s storage. Looks like there’s a place for a battery, multiple lights, and even a knob that only clicks when you twist it. It seems to be from the 70s and made primarily out of aluminum. All I can think of is it was some sort of tithe device, but it doesn’t seem to open."

A: "A device found in a church that says “PLEASE” on it only has one meaning, MONEY. It some sort of offering collector. Sell it on eBay and donate the proceeds to a charity that helps abused altar boys recover."


"These red and green lights on the outside of this medical clinic"

A: "A lab I worked at had the same thing, but we used them to signal that we had FedEx packages for pickup."


"Found this box of weird tiny plastic things with cross shaped hole on top, and a regular hole on the bottom. Every family member I asked denies ever owning these… things."

A: "These are fake toy gun bullets from the 90’s."


"Found in a kitchen cupboard. Hard plastic tool with dimpled metal section on the end, rough but not very sharp, looks like it might be removable. The metal section is lower down leaving a gap above it. Says ‘stainless rostfrei inoxydable’ on it. About 19 cm long (7.5 inches)."

A: "This is a hard skin remover. For your feet. True story. The fact you found it in a kitchen drawer is a concern."



"What is this tower in the middle of a shopping center?"

A: "Cell tower."


"A rusty wheeled machine found on a fire trail near Sydney, Australia"

A: "It’s an air compressor."


"Found this hard plastic item in a kitchen drawer. Pictured next to a keychain for scale."

A: "It’s a wine stopper. It’s made by Rabbit and has a pourer as part of a set. Amazon: Rabbit Wine Pourer with Stopper"


"Bought this two-tiered wooden rack from a thrift store thinking it was to store shoes. Wasn’t until I got it home that I realized it’s ridiculously small for adult shoes. What is this supposed to be used for?"

A: "CD/DVD rack"



"Found in my basement. My husband was into home fixit. Has a suction cup with it that appears to be a stand for it. One is open and one is closed as in the photo."

A: "It’s a grip for changing light bulbs that are out of reach."


"What is this small black plastic square found on the bottom of a truck? It wasn’t there before."

A: "It’s a GPS tracker."




Nick 1 year ago
#1 Those are a pair of speakers made by Empire. They were made in the mid-'60s and are the Grenadier model. They had heavy marble tops.
Bart 1 year ago
#8 That's the difference between taking your car to an "oil change guy" and a qualified mechanic.
Tina 1 year ago
Bart, It probably failed sometime in the past and dropped when replaced. I do that all the time with nuts,bolts,and screws.
Nick 1 year ago
#21 These actually work. I use the small, suction cup attached to an extending pole to replace light bulbs.
Mindy 1 year ago

I remember using and dropping a light bulb from one of these in the late 90s in a department store thank goodness the department store was closed. It was about a 25 to 30 foot drop, the noise of the bulb crashing to the marble floor was deafening throughout the closed store at the time.
Ellen 1 year ago
#16 if it was in the kitchen, than it might have been used as a food shredder. Both devices are made very much the made, although most shredders are on the side of a square grater.
Rox 1 year ago
#12 No, its not. It is a variation of a comedone extractor. The little hole is where the blackhead sprouts out.
Monty 1 year ago
Wow, alot of these worry me that people didn't know what they were.
Edyth 1 year ago
#3 lift for dirty laundry to basement; for food from kitchen

#15 blanks for powdered drugs - capsules empties
Maris 1 year ago
#13 That answer was not helpful in any way.




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