Everyone Should Know These Safety Tips! (4 PICS + 15 GIFS)

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"Wear safety glasses when working.

Wear safety gloves when working.

Wear safety boots when working.

Do not make excuses, one mistake can cost you your finger, eye, toe."


"If you have a skin mole that has blurry edges, isn’t symmetrical, is a weird shade of red, weeps fluids, or acts like an open wound that won’t heal, you might have skin cancer. Go to a doctor IMMEDIATELY. Melanoma kills fast."


"The gates on a railroad crossing are meant to break away when driven through. If your car ever stalls out on a crossing don’t bother with 911, look for the blue sign posted on the crossing gates themselves and call that number. That number will get you in contact with the train dispatcher who can let oncoming trains know about it immediately."


"As a lifelong Floridian, I see this all the time here, and else where in the news. In the event of a disaster, stay the f@#k away from downed power lines!! Don’t walk along the street with them, don’t drive your car over them, don’t take selfies with them. They’re thunder noodles and have been known to kill."


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"You cannot drink the waters from cactuses in an emergency due to acidity and toxic alkaloids, which causes vomiting, diarrhea, and mass dehydration especially when you’re hungry or thirsty."


"If you’re treating a gunshot victim while waiting on an ambulance, the best thing you can do is apply constant pressure to the wound. Bind it if you can. But, whatever you do, absolutely do not remove bandages if they get too bloody. Just add more. Don’t give the wound any chances to bleed out more than it already is."


"Do NOT put objects in the driver’s foot space"


"Yep, once had a tennis ball run under my brake pedal. The sheer panic I felt in that microsecond was a big lesson"


"Sharp tools are safer and easier to control than dull ones. This goes for basically anything with a blade, whether it’s a saw blade, utility knife, chisel, or simple kitchen knife. You’re more likely to slip, lose control, or kick back with a dull blade."



"In the event of a disaster, such as an earthquake or flood, The drinking water system frequently becomes contaminated.

Therefore you need to shut off the intake valve to your water heater.

Then your water heater becomes an emergency drinking water tank."


"Around any body of water:


"Feet first first time – never dive unless you know how deep the water is.

Drowning looks like climbing a ladder, and it’s silent.

If you get into a dangerous current swim perpendicular to it."


"If confronted, it’s far better to run away if at all possible rather than try to fight your attacker. Even if you think you are a bad@$$."


"Never get into a vehicle if someone is trying to kidnap you. (if you can help it) Its better to fight and scream as much as you can because once you get in the vehicle your chances of survival go down significantly."



"One of the few occasions where you should absolutely fight a gun or knife (assuming you can’t run away). Better to get stabbed or even shot at a place you might receive treatment than wind up unharmed at a second location where worse things likely await."



"Always prepare for your car to break down in the middle of nowhere

Bring warm clothes, water, a charged phone etc.."


"if your child goes missing in your home, first check any spots that would be dangerous for them to be (near water heaters, sump pumps etc…) then check their common hiding spots."


"If everybody else is staying on the beach don’t go running into the ocean. They might all be staying on the beach for a reason. Like jellyfish."


"Never mix cleaning products"



"Head injuries can take hours to manifest. Go see a doctor even if you think it was minor. If you wait, it may already be too late once you start showing symptoms."


"When boiling a pot of water, turn the handle inwards towards the center of the stove/counter. That way somebody (especially a kid) won’t come by and knock it over or grab it and pull it over on themselves."


"If you are the passenger in a car with airbags, never put your feet on the dash."



"With or without airbags, don’t do it. Level-1 trauma hospital worker here."



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Rafaela 2 year s ago
"Wear safety gloves when working."

Actually, you shouldn't always wear those. Like when working a lathe for example.

If your glove snaps on you loose your hand (if your lucky, with a lathe it can go real bad real fast).
Sy 2 year s ago
You beat me to it, that and running a belt grinder are the times I don't wear gloves unless I absolutely have to (grinding metal can get hot). I also make sure not to have long sleeves (nothing much past my elbow) or jewelry of any kind, I've heard too many horror stories from older guys that taught me...
Essie 2 year s ago

Also never wear them while using a drill press for similar reasons to the lathe.
Sandy 2 year s ago
Always try to gain the high ground when fighting a Sith Lord or their apprentice.
Lorne 2 year s ago
#1. Don't operate any machine/tool w/o the proper guard, esp. grinders. They are very high speed and powerful esp. the big 9" hand grinders.





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