Millenials Know This Pain… (38 PICS)

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Stella 2 year s ago
A whole lot of whining going on in this thread. Too many of these require the wealthy to be against their own interests. Nothing will change.
Stella 2 year s ago
#4 Funny that they would blame the right wing, when right now the left wing is forcing higher gas prices on everyone in the name of saving the planet. They are also making food more scarce and expensive by going green. All the while the politicians are enriching themselves and hurting the people. It is all a scam.
Deborah 2 year s ago

The left wing is not forcing higher gas prices... Clear misinformation.
Gas prices are higher now because of Russia's invasion into Ukraine. Putin is forcing anyone that wants to buy oil and gas to do so in Rubels.
The left wing does not somehow control gas prices.
But it would be better if less cars use a combustion engine yes. Obviously.
And "in the name of saving the planet" clearly is meant to allude that the left wing has some hidden agenda that you don't name. Trying to make people's imagination fill in the blank, possibly some random conspiracy theory they might have seen.

Food exactly the same. Different foods and especially sunflower oil is very hard to get right now because half the world's supply comes from Ukraine.
A lot of food contains or is prepared with sunflower oil making producers raise the price because they pay more for it or find expensive alternatives.
How the hell would the left even make food scarce?
If you are saying to ban pesticides or whatever, the left does not control what farmers use. What might have influence on food scarcity is drought caused by global warming which just about every scientist says IS a thing.

And about half of those politicians belong the the right as well btw.

Now I'm not saying there are no left politicians that are enriching themselves over the backs of people, but there have been a lot of scandals, egotistical actions, and corruption from right-wing politicians who usually seem to have a lot of industrial tycoons backing them. But that's not the issue here.

The issue here is that you're the one trying to run a scam here spreading obvious lies and misinformation.
Once again, the ones screaming faken news the most are spreading it the most.
Stella 2 year s ago
Deborah, Let me guess. You thought the Hunter Biden laptop was disinformation. Saying both sides do it never makes it right. Today's conspiracies are just truths a few months later. Strange that you blame Putin for gas price increases yet gas was skyrocketing long before Putin invaded Ukraine. Just the usual whataboutism from political bias.
Deborah 2 year s ago

Because what I'm saying is untrue? Putin is not demanding unreasonable terms for anyone even willing to trade with Russia anymore?
And the reason of food prices?
You can easily check all these facts.
While all you have is some vague insinuation that the left is secretly controlling food and gas somehow while not even giving a reason why this conspiracy would do this...
And all you come up with is some claim that dozens of conspiracies turn out to be true.

Must have missed all these world shattering revelations that the earth is flat after all, Covid vaccines had tracking chips in them, and we are really controlled by the shapeshifting alien lizard people...

And yes. Gas and other prices have been rising before the invasion.
What could the reason for that have been? Hmmmm. Let me think...
Wait! I know! How about the global pandemic that halted industrial processes, trade, and shipping for the last two years?
Naaah. That was just a fake news hologram staged by actors paid by the scientist, left-wing, green, conspiracy order I suppose. I'm sure the truth about us (because obviously I'm an agent of them) will come out in a few months too.
Midge 2 year s ago
huh, right on the nose of all media talking points. please tell me how putin is forcing anyone to buy his oil? i figured there were other options. plus buying roubles is awesome since they are now backed by gold and not by some invisible promise.
global trade hasn't been halted by anything. it's the same as it has been for years. there are less workers because of efficiency. more money to overbuy and flip for profits on materials and housing etc. i think you missed the early 2000s yo. it's the same exact things.
Deborah 2 year s ago

True. Putin is not forcing anyone to buy, but that was not even what the point was... The point was that it wasn't this elusive green conspiracy that was behind the rising gas prices.

Sooo, now that we have established your comment had very little to do with what I said and I was not logical to make in reaction to me, let's treat it separately.

Putin is not technically forcing anyone. In fact, a lot of countries, including my own, are trying to get rid of their dependency on Russia as fast as possible and asking the people to use less energy.

BUT, you do understand that a lot of countries have been using their oil and gas for decades? Systems, contracts and the like have been in place and those just cannot be changed easily in a few days, weeks, months, or even years. Not without extra costs to the countries and therefore it's citizens by rising prices of food and gas.
And putin knows this damn well and that Russia has one of the largest supplies while most countries don't.
It is just another pressure point to try to force everyone to do his way.

Even though the "buying rubles is awesome" remark is clearly a pro-russian statement only a diehard Putin fan or paid Russian troll would use and shouldn't even be addressed, I'll do it anyway.

Money in just about every country has not been backed by gold because it works. Has been working fine for decades. And a government saying money is backed by gold is just as trustworthy as saying money is backed by a system.
No one is gonna exchange their money for pure gold, I very much doubt a bank would do that anyway, and, in the case of rubles, you have to go all the way to Russia to do it.
Not so awesome after all.

The shortage of things ranging from wood, steel, and aluminium, to computer chips is well known in about any industry.
Anyone wanting to buy heavy machinery, a car, or a ps5 knows it and that's just one product. A computer chip.
How does a factory earn extra money by saying they can't deliver a car for a year? Not selling, and therefore producing, means the factories are not working. A lot of times halting a process costs a lot. More than any fictitious flip would gain.
No one is gonna by a car for an extra 50% anyway, or 25%, or even 10%.

Lots of people haven't had a job for a long time. A lot didn't have too much to spare before. How are they gonna by flipped products now? Anyone wanting to make money knows you have to make people buy more and you earn more if people buy more even at lower prices. Less profit per item but more items sold = more profit.

I could buy a lot more in the early 2000's yo. Everyone could.

The only thing remaining the same is your pro-russian bullsmeg.
Ray 2 year s ago

I like your energy. It's so nice how you try to explain how complex the situation is and the response is just "it's the left and the media". Simple answers for simple minds.
Deborah 2 year s ago

Thank you. These smegheads hope playing on fears by insinuation and misinformation will sway people. I react not to convince the smegheads, but to counter them with facts and logic so other people can judge both and decide for themselves.

Not reacting would give these smegheads a unopposed platform with only their story which is full of holes if you look closely. I point them out.

Always speak out against them. If you don't, who will?
Morris 2 year s ago
eat the rich!!!
Julie 2 year s ago
I am a victim! All of my poor life decisions are the fault of the Boomers! Wah!
Odo 2 year s ago
#7 is perfect... and so true!
Montgomery 2 year s ago

It is a problem which has defined my career.
Winnie 2 year s ago
To summarize: "Socialist policies keep making everything harder. We want more socialism." Seriously, find some Thomas Sowell videos on youtube and learn something.

Also, remember that the 4 of the 5 highest value US companies (Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Tesla) support the policies that these people want. If the billionaires support it, is it in the interest of the average person?
Woody 2 year s ago
#22 At least student loans end when you die, while your hospital and healthcare bills get passed onto your family... IF they admit you are a relative, any relative.





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