History Is So Fascinating! (40 PICS)

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"In 1969, When Black Americans Were Prevented From Swimming Alongside Whites, Mr.rogers Invite Officer Clemmons To Join Him And Cool His Feet In A Pool, Breaking A Well-Known Color Barrier"

"Members Of The Polish Resistance During World War 2, Then To Now"

"In 1912, Jim Thorpe, A Native American, Had His Running Shoes Stolen On The Morning Of His Olympic Track And Field Events"

"He found this mismatched pair of shoes in the garbage and ran in them to win two Olympic gold medals that day.

He was also the first Native American to win a gold medal for the United States."


""Everyone You Meet Always Asks If You Have A Career, Are Married Or Own A House As If Life Was Some Kind Of Grocery List. But Nobody Ever Asks If You Are Happy" - Heath Ledger"

"Holocaust Survivor And The Soldier Who Rescued Her In 1944"

Izismile Videos

"Women In Afghanistan During The 70s. Before Taliban"

"A Goodbye Between North- And South Korean Relatives After A Family Reunion, Who Were Separated For Over 57 Years"

"Patrick Swayze Once Said: “I’ve Now Ceased To Worry About Image, Because I Don't Care What People Think Of Me Anymore. Because I've Had Such A Battle With What I Think Of Me And With Trying To Find A Way To Like Myself”"

"That Time When Princess Diana Broke The Royal Rules For Her Son William By Taking Part In The Sports Day Running Race At Her Son’s School"'

"The Man Behind The Iconic Photo"

"Never thought about it before, but you know that famous picture of a bunch of construction workers sitting on a girder way up in the sky and having lunch? Well here's the photographer who took that picture: Charles C. Ebbets"



"3 People Pose For A Photo Whilst Wearing Face Masks During The Second Wave Of The Spanish Flu In California; 1918"

"Job Hunting In 1930's"

"Rms Queen Elizabeth Returning 15,000 Soldiers To New York At The End Of Ww2 1945. The Ship Was Not Overcrowded, Soldiers Simply Ran To The Deck As They Arrived"

"Economy Class On Pan Am 747 In The Late 60's"

“An Empty Stomach, An Empty Wallet And A Broken Heart Can Teach You The Best Lessons Of Life” - Robin Williams


"A Skateboarder Zipping Through Central Park In The 1960s"

"The Models Of The "American Gothic" Painting"

"George Lucas Surrounded By Star Wars Props"

"Father Faints When He Meets His Triplet Babies For The First Time In 1946. This Was Before Ultrasound Was Invented"

"Lady Norman On Her Scooter/Autoped, 1916"


"Temple Of Kukulcán (El Castillo)"'

"A Woman Celebrating Birthday In Tehran, Iran In 1973"

"A Knocker-Upper Was Someone Whose Purpose Was To Wake People Up During A Time When Alarm Clocks Were Expensive And Not Very Reliable. They Earned About Six Pence A Week Using A Pea Shooter To Shoot Dried Peas At The Windows Of Sleeping Workers In East London, 1930s. She Would Not Leave A Window Until She Was Sure That The Workers Had Woken Up"

"Discovering The Mona Lisa, After Ww2"

"A Man Browsing For Books In Cincinnati's Cavernous Old Main Library. The Library Was Demolished In 1955"


"More Than 40 Years Later!"

"Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Titanic, 1997"

"“We were kind of the two goofy kids on the set,” Kate Winslet told Rolling Stone in 1998. “Y’know, working with Leonardo DiCaprio — he’s a bit gorgeous, and I was worried that I was going to be bowled over by him, or that he was going to find me all stuffy and Shakespearean and English. But the second we met, we just completely clicked.”

Leonardo DiCaprio said, “She was my best friend for seven months. We’d unload the stresses of the shoot to each other, vent to each other, watch out for each other....We were partners.”"


"A Llama In Times Square, 1957"

"Jerry Stiller- Takes His Son Ben Stiller To A Play (1978)"

"Goodbye Kiss At Penn Station, NY, Between A Soldier And His Loved One, And No Assurance He Ever Comes Back. 1944"


"New York In The Early 1900s. Colorized By Sanna Dullaway"

"Downtown Los Angeles Photographed In 1901, And Again In 2001, Exactly 100 Years Later"

"Rome, Italy In The 60s Was A Vibe"

"Beautiful Photo Of The Twin Towers In 1979"

"California Street, San Francisco. 1964"


"Old Photos Of The Cast Of "Friends""

"The Simpsons" Writing Room, 1992"

"Tobey Maguire And Leonardo Dicaprio Bowling, 1989"

"A Man Begs For His Wife’s Forgiveness Inside A Divorce Court, Chicago, 1948"

"In 1979, 16 Year Old Brenda Ann Spencer Was Arrested After Killing Two People In California. When Asked Why She Did It, Her Reply Was "I Just Don't Like Mondays""


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Odo 5 days ago
#11 100 years ago, people were smarter than people now
Deborah 5 days ago

Sorry. Actually meant to upvote but didn't because of butterfingers. sm_80 Add +2 To your score because I was the first vote.
Jimmy 5 days ago
Odo, Because they wore masks that don't work? or because they wanted to jail people that didn't follow their superstitions?
Natasha 4 days ago
Onnie 4 days ago
Odo, 100 years after, and medicine still uses the "cure" invented during the plague (in 1346). Good luck follwoing it!

Deborah 4 days ago

Yeah... You're talking about those bird masks right?
Maybe either do your research or stop trying to sway people by trying to make people believe the masks were what medieval doctors used to hold off the plague.
And therefore trying to make it seem masks are a backwards and stupid idea.

In medieval times, doctors believed there was a thing called a "miasma" that smelled foul and caused disease like the plague. Which actually is not that of a stupid leap of the imagination since they probably put a link to foul smelling water (which we now know was likely contaminated with organic garbage and some rotting rats at the bottom) and using that as drinking and washing water.
The masks they used (which looked like bird masks) had the beak part filled with nice smelling herbs and flowers because they believed nice SMELLS warded away that miasma or to keep "bad air" out and nothing else. We however don't believe in some kind of vague "bad air" now do we?

The reason we use masks is completely different, completely logical and completely scientific. You can look up all the reasons and how and why they work everywhere.

Let me know which of the real reasoning you don't agree with and we'll discuss that instead of baseless nonsense like "medieval doctors used some sort of mask so any mask use no matter how is medieval and stupid too !"
Edye 3 days ago
#13 Definitely overcrowded when you consider there would be only enough lifeboats for a fraction of those onboard.
Hessy 1 day ago
#10 Who made the picture of the photographer



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