These Jobs Are Criminally Underpaid! (18 GIFS)

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"I made 9.50 an hour as an EMT.

Never ask “why is there an EMS shortage” around me I will go OFF."



They clean up all our sh#t, get no respect, and are sometimes some of the chillest people I’ve ever met. We should pay them more."


"Public Defenders. I have a private law practice. The public defenders make a fraction of what guys like me make, know criminal law inside and out, and carry obscene caseloads. The system would break down immediately if they went on strike. Which honestly they should."



"Pilots. Yes, older pilots do well but new pilots have to take on so much debt, only to make maybe $600/week. What many people don’t realize is they get paid for flight time, not actual time. And they are limited to something like 100-120hrs a month of flying, if they are given it.

That, and regional pilots are often away from home for days on end due to their routes. There is a lot of “paying your dues” for decades in that profession"


"Basically, any profession that requires you to work with vulnerable people."


"Social workers. High dollar educational costs with licensure for caseloads that are not humanely manageable safely and not enough money to eek out a living."


"Teacher’s aid. I get headbutt, kicked, scratched, bitten, spit, kick, thrown up on, and peed on for less than 700 every 15 days. The parents are worse."


"Librarians and library support staff. It’s not uncommon that the wage on paper is decent, but the institution cuts costs by keeping jobs part-time or temporary to avoid providing benefits. The education required is high, and the job requires continual education once in the field. With the exception of smaller institutions or institutions with unique bylaws, it’s increasingly difficult to take the journeyman path through libraries.

One really can’t advance past a certain point without a master’s degree. Pitiful pay for the level of education required and for the level of customer service labor involved. This can be extended to museum workers and archival and public history workers, as well."


"People in wildlife/conservation."


"Used to work in childcare. Can confirm the pay is garbage. I make more as a receptionist at a law firm where I mostly just sit there and occasionally answer a phone than I did doing actual work. It’s sad. And children need stable people for them at school, but turnover at schools is high because the pay is so bad."


"Firefighters in some places, you’d be very surprised."


"Majority of our firefighters in the US are volunteers."


"I’m a therapist at a non-profit. I have a master’s degree and most of the time I’m getting paid $15/hr to fill out tons of paperwork that only someone with a master’s degree can fill out. It sucks. I also only get paid hourly. If I only have 3 clients that day, I get paid for those three hours only. If someone cancels on me, no pay for that time wasted, even though I structured my whole day around seeing them.

At this point, I’m basically working for dirt cheap so I can get licensed and go about my own business. I didn’t get into this field for the money, but it’d be nice if I could at least live off my paycheck, ya know."


"$15 / hour as a therapist with a Master’s? McDonald’s in California pays $17 / hour starting."


"Everyone who is governmentally declared “essential” when covid hit."


"Resident Physicians

The vast majority of all resident physicians are forced to work hours and conditions that are literally illegal anywhere else in the workplace. It’s just that no one cares that you work more hours than people with two jobs, with > 30-hour shifts, and for less than minimum wage, because they justify it with “oh you’ll be a doctor and make lots of money”.

No one cares that you owe hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ignoring the fact that doctors had the highest suicide rate by profession in 2021."




"A friend’s wife is an in-home caretaker for old people. He told me she makes like $12/hr. It’s a travesty. These people need to be trusted to do what’s best for people that can’t help themselves, as well as being trusted to be in the homes of those people, that can’t do anything about it if they aren’t doing what’s in their best interest. You would think they would pay enough to attract somebody that isn’t just hard up for a job, or maybe can’t get a better one."



"Scientists, imagine studying 10 plus years, holding the highest academic title possible and earning less than most common 9 to 5s that require little to no education. But hey, it’s honorable right."


"Cooks and chefs."


"I’m getting retire from the military next month after 20 years as a chef and no one will hire me for more then 50k [email protected]#k that. I am fully burnt out on the kitchen and I don’t wanna start over, I simply chose the wrong profession."


"Veterinary professionals."


"8 yrs of schooling, six figures of debt that the salary will never help bring down, incredibly draining and emotional job, all for people to say you’re heartless for charging for medical care…. it’s no wonder there are shortages for veterinarians AND veterinary nurses in sooo many countries.

The corporations that own vet clinics are getting the cash, not all the staff just trying to do their best in a constantly understaffed scenario."


Reba 1 week ago
Zero sympathy. In every case the person that is whining did not think through their choices thus it is their problem to deal with. Everyone has a choice to stay with their job or find a new one. Stop acting like a victim.
Elmira 1 week ago

Wow. You s#ck.
Midge 1 week ago
he's not wrong, you know.
Mimi 1 week ago

Just to clarify: he is wrong.
Medical and teaching personnel, firefighters, caretakers, pilots, cooks, veterinarians are all kind of important and need to be able to afford a life.

I don't even want to start to list the vast amount of jobs, that pay well, but contribute nothing to society... (mostly even harm it)
Mally 1 week ago

Old and sad BOOMER
Buren 1 week ago
Maybe it’s because they like their profession and just want to be able to live from it? Just a thought …
Cleatus 1 week ago
Buren, every profession has wage range. I may like being a Beach Lifeguard but I would not become one with the assumption that I’m going to be living in a $250K house - I would know that I’m going to be relegated to renting an apartment. Just because I went in to the profession doesn’t mean that now the employer needs to pay me more because I can’t afford a house and other nice things like an Engineer (that made wise choices).



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