Family Life Is Full Of Surprises! (45 PICS)

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"Dominic Really Went Outside And Brought A Deer Back"

"Had My Leg Amputated And My Brother Shows Up To The Hospital Dressed As A Pirate"

"Ex Cheated. Called Off Wedding. Day Of “Wedding” I Was Sad. My Family Surprised Me With An Anti-Wedding Party"

"I Beat Cancer This Year And Lost My Hair In The Process. My 4-Year-Old Son Wanted To Be Darth Vader For Halloween, So I Surprised Him As Darth Mom"

"Parents Gave Me A Gift For College Today, Which Was All The Money That My Mom Found In My Pockets When Doing My Laundry"

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"My Wife Just Graduated From The Police Academy And Her Sister Sent These To Our House"

"My Friend Got A Christmas Card From His Nephew. He Decided To Copy It And Send It Back"

"The Look On My Daughter's Face When I Tell Her She Gets To Adopt A Kitten For A Surprise Birthday Present"

"My Grandfather Always Wears His Favorite 70s Suit To Every Family Event, So As A Surprise For His 80th We All Dressed To Match"

"Shout Out To My Brother For Replacing A Picture Of Jesus At My Parent's House With A Picture Of Obi-Wan Kenobi As Portrayed By Ewan Mcgregor"

"Three months and counting without them noticing."



"My Wife And I Like To Surprise Each Other With Unexpected Charlie. Charlie No Longer Finds This Amusing"

"My Parents Are Retiring And Want To Travel Full Time. My Brother Sent Them This Suitcase For Christmas"

"Was Wondering Why My Wife Was Giggling When She Asked Me To Change The Air Filters"

"My Mom Has Been Begging My Dad For A Dog Since Ours Passed Away In May. He Surprised Her Christmas Morning With This Gift. He's A Man Of Few Words"

"My Brother And I Became Uncles This Week To Twins. First Impressions Are Important, So Naturally, We Shaved And Dressed To Impress"


"My Mother-In-Law Was Visiting For Three Weeks Leaving My Father-In-Law 2,000 Miles Away To Fend For Himself. He Sent Her These Flowers After A Week"

"My Daughter Asked Her Dad To Be Launched Into My Photo Where She Struck This Pose. Now She Is Convinced She Is A Real Superhero"

"My Little Sister Knocked On My Door And I Came Out To This"

"My Dad Had Eye Surgery And My Mom Asked Where He Wanted To Go For Lunch After, So Here We Are"

"We Decided To Embarrass Our Daughter At The Airport After 3 Months Away. (We Don't Normally Dress This Way)"


"My Son Wanted "Cold Hard Cash" For His Birthday"

"I Turned A Picture Of My Labrador Pooping Into A Puzzle, Gave It To My Dad For Christmas As A White Elephant Gift"

"He put it together, framed it, and gave it back to me. That’s what Christmas is all about."


"Made Masks Of Sister's Fiance's Face For A Bachelorette Party, This Is What She Walked Into"

"My 11-Year-Old Daughter Has Insisted On Checking The Mail The Last Couple Of Days. Today, I Checked It. This Is What I Found"

"My Sister And Her Boyfriend Are Heading Up To Our Cabin Tomorrow Night, So I Left Them A Present For When They Turn On The Lights"


"My Wife Put "We Still Do. 13 Years" On This Letterboard. I Added A Word When She Wasn't Looking"

"She is posting this version to Facebook as I type this without realizing the change. Wish me luck."


"My Mother Sketches While Watching TV. She Turns Her Favorites Into Little Printed Greeting Cards For Family"

"Here is what she was using for birthdays a couple years ago."


"There Are Some Advantages To Being Married For 15+ Years. Like You Can Scare Your Wife With The Cardboard Figure You Found Buried In The Garage"

"My Mother-In-Law Made All The Men In Our Family A Pair Of These Sleep Pants For Christmas"

"Let's See How Long Till The Family Notices"


"My Family Is Pretty Odd. Tonight, My Mom Hired An Elvis Impersonator And Didn't Tell Anyone About It"

"I Bought My Parents A TV For Christmas But They Are Going To Think It’s Something Else At First"

"My Dad Thought He Was Home Alone. I Had To See Why He Was Laughing So Hard"

"My 13-Year-Old Sister Thinks She's Hilarious"

"Just My Mom And Aunt Doing Family Things In Wales"


"My Brother Gave Me A Framed Photo Of My Most Upvoted Comment Of All Time For Secret Santa This Year"

"I Replaced The Old Family Photo In My Mum's House With This. Still Waiting For Her To Notice"

"I Haven't Seen My Parents For Over A Year, So I Decided To Surprise Them For Christmas By Dressing Up As Santa And Coming Over"

"My Mom Always Finds A Way To Surprise Me On My Birthday"

"Bought My Family Customized T-Shirts With My Face On Them. They Loved It"


"My Wife Has Had This Photo Frame Hanging On The Wall Without Any Pictures In It. Tonight, After She Went To Sleep, I Decided To Take This Matter Into My Own Hands"

"My Brother Is In For Quite The Surprise Tomorrow Morning"

"Told My Dad He Was Having A Grandkid Before His Birthday Picture"

"My Dad Sneaky Sneaks Money Around My House"

"I Mailed My Sister One Square Of Toilet Paper And It Was Delivered"



Roberta 2 month s ago
Well at least he'll already be sitting in the right spot when it goes off... JC-LOL
Lyddy 2 month s ago
A lot of people out there have some very toxic families.
Vonnie 2 month s ago
Define toxic. To me, it's a person without a sense of humor.
Shirley 2 month s ago
#1 steak dinner for the family



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