These Historical Photos Are Very Powerful (48 PICS)

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"On 27 January 1945 was the liberation of Auschwitz. To forget would be to say these faces, the faces of millions of others didn't matter. Never forget. Teach the children to remember."


"Laughter has sounded the same throughout generations and languages.(Unidentified woman and child, Jemez Pueblo New Mexico, by Jesse Nusbaum)"


"Just one of the guys. (WWII)"


"Betty White in her Los Angeles home with her dog, 1952."


Izismile Videos

"He aims to please. (1954)"


"Some of our favorite old photographs are merely everyday people in everyday life."


"A family portrait. Gainesville, Florida - 1900."


"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." -Anne Frank



"This simple moment is brought to you by 1930."


"There is modern beauty in this photograph of Lota Cheek taken 99 years ago."


"Dressed to impress. (1908)"


"And then there was the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918."


"Animals bring a type of joy not found in other ways."



"Formal portraits rarely featured smiles, but they can be found in photographs of daily life during this period. (1912, South Carolina.)"


"Timeless photography looks as beautiful now as it did when it was taken."


"Is it possible the architects had this in mind when they designed Grand Central Station? (1934)"



"A boy makes a friend at the London Zoo, 1958."


"This 1931 photograph captures the spirit of the season as Santa delivers presents to the children of an adoption home in London."


"104 years ago this fountain in Detroit, Michigan was left running allowing it to build layer upon layer in to this 30 foot icy spectacle."



"A girl, a dog, a mule. From the 1921 silent film "Through the Back Door" staring Mary Pickford."


"Happy (and very lucky) to be alive - 1917."


"She was born Mary William Ethelbert Appleton "Billie" Burke, but you would know her as the Good Witch of the North in "The Wizard of Oz"."


"Fred Messer's life spanned three centuries. He was born in 1792, 16 years after the United States became a counrty and lived to see automobiles roll along roads, dying in 1907. (North Carolina.)"


"A woman on a mission with her baguette and six bottles of wine. (Paris 1945 - by Branson Decou)"



"They wear shoes and clothes with holes and dirt upon their faces, yet they are absolutely perfect. (1936)"


"1937: when even ice skating was done in a suit."


"Two innocent souls from days long ago."


"March 1938: 70-year-old Mrs Elizabeth Arnold, believed to be England's only woman blacksmith, shoes a horse outside the 400-year-old forge in Walmer, Kent. (Photo by Fox Photos)."


"Daddy's office, John Jr's playground."



"1890s Walmart. So many great details inside this general store. It was a time when you knew your grocer and they knew you. We have more, but we in some ways have less."


"How homework was done before google."


"An old photograph with a funny twist in today’s context."

"It took more than 15 years to take the Statue of Liberty from concept to reality. Construction is pictured here in 1884, less than two years before she was completed."


"Be thankful for what you have.

Be thankful for one another."



"Its not about where you are, its who you're with. (1945)"


"Rush hour in Chicago didn’t look any better 104 years ago."


"The Cornelia Vanderbilt wedding portrait. (1924)"


"The right day to hang laundry in New York. (1900)"


"Isn't it interesting that we meet some of the best friends we ever have within the first years of our lives.

(Photo by Edouard Boubat. Paris, 1952.)"



"The less you have, the more you appreciate what you do have.

(Western North Carolina 1914-1917, from the William A. Barnhill Collection.)"


"There’s nothing quite like getting hand delivered mail. (1900)"


"Today, be thankful.

(Arizona migrant family, 1940.)"



Ray 1 month ago
#14 #38
The good old times where you could say things like "wear a mask" and "save gas" without armed crowds showing up at the local parliament
Ellender 1 month ago
Ray, Yes, a time before extensive government overreach and before the "elite" tried to shape the world to their vision of how the servant class (you and I) should behave.
Deborah 1 month ago

Hahaha. Serously? Before the elite tried to to shape the world and tried to force people how to behave?
Until VERY recently, unless you were of noble blood or was a high ranking church member you had almost no say in what you could do. Not in the least because you were being kept too poor to barely make rent and buy too little food to remain healthy.
Freedom of religion or even not to believe? Nope. If you didn't show up in church you would be at the very least shunned.
And if the local elite didn't force you, everyone in your local village kept you in your place if you decided to do your own thing.

Throughout the whole of history you and most people reading this, who I presume has a "normal" job and not being of blue blood, has never been more free.

You have more options, are healthier, and can live how you want more than almost everyone that has ever lived.
Choose your own religion and live as an open Buddhist for example? That has only been the case for someone in your "class" for a 150 years IF you lived in a bigger city. Maybe.
You can afford to eat a wide variety of foods from all over the world being healthier. Only possible for 60 years or so.
If you want to come out as gay you can do that only since VERY recently.
These days you can even criticize the local monarchy or government openly in most places and start coming up with crazy conspiracy theories about how they try to control you! :)
If I want to go to the other side of the world next week and start a completely different life of my choosing or even go on vacation I can. Name one time in history where someone not of noble blood or born rich could have done that.

And don't say when people went to America to start a new life living on their own trems. Because the only reason most people went America was because they couldn't make a living in other places and went there out of pure desperation to find a better life, mostly discovering it was just as hard trying to make a living or even survive there.
Absalom 1 month ago
Deborah, back to the hive you go now
Deborah 1 month ago

Sure... I'm making a pretty obvious case that we are free, advocating we can and should live how we want regardless of how anyone thinks we should be, and you obviously have nothing to counter any of my points.
But I'm a "drone" that's just following the herd...somehow...
Logic missing.
Simon 1 weeks ago
too many words!
Posthuma 1 month ago
Ray, The masks did not help with Spanish Flu, in fact it made matters worse. Tens of thousands died as a result.
Ray 1 month ago

That's not true. Masks and social distancing reduced death rates by up to 50% in US cities.
Rosie 1 month ago
Ned 1 month ago

Posthuma is correct. Masks have been shown to be ineffective against COVID.

And none of the Jan 6 crowd was armed. The only person shot & killed that day was Ashli Babbitt - one of the unarmed peaceful protesters.
Assene 1 month ago

An the earth is flat, they track us with microchips, Chem trails are real... Etc..
Thanks your comedy show made my day.

You are practicing one of the greatest features humans have... PHANTASY. clapping
Ned 1 month ago

You can hurl insults but you can't refute the statements.
Maybe you can provide the study showing that cloth & surgical masks prevented the spread of COVID.
Maybe you can provide the number of people shot or killed by the Jan 6 protesters.
Fact is, you can't - because neither exists. But I'm the one living in a fantasy world...
Deborah 1 month ago

You can find LOADS of logic and studies on why masks work with Covid. I can even break it down simply here.
Covid is spread by travelling on the bodily fluids you sneeze and breath out. If you do not wear a mask, they will spread far further than with a mask which keeps most if not all in. Likewise, the Covid particles of other people will stay on the outside of your mask.

Arguing anyone wearing a mask is stupid is the same as arguing a surgeon is stupid for wearing one. It's the same basic principel.

But let's be honest. You knew this already, didn't you.
In my country this has been featured many times on the news and I'm sure in yours as well.
If you would google the question, you'll get many sites, most official medical backed, that tell you the exact same thing. I'm sure you'll find scientific studies if you try.
I'm not going to bother finding them for you because you're not even gonna read them but dismiss them out of hand.

Because after all, every scientist and anyone associated with medical personnel is in on the "great conspiracy", right?

Every study or even explanation was planted by the elusive deep state or mindlessly copy pasted by some stupid, libtard sheep like myself as I just did,.. right???

Well, the explanation I gave you seems pretty logical to me. But whatever.
Just downvote this and keep on believing in your conspiracy nonsense that gives you a simple answer on why the world is bad, a reason why you don't have to do anything, and the sense that you're some lone hero fighting the evil forces giving your life meaning...
Deborah 1 month ago

You can downvote all you like but you obviously have nothing to say when I do what you asked and refuted! HAHAHA! rofl sarcastic
Kenzy 1 month ago
Quote: Ned

And none of the Jan 6 crowd was armed

Would that include the one who just went to jail for being there with a gun loaded with hollow points and who said -- in court -- that if he'd seen Pelosi he would have been standing in front of a judge for a different reason?
Simon 1 weeks ago

that was a female and she was just shooting her mouth off no weapon was ever [email protected]
Fie 1 month ago
This is the good stuff on this site!!
Gene 1 month ago
So why do I have tears in my eyes when looking at these powerful photos?
What a collection. Sincere thanks.
Christy 1 month ago
Steam tractors
Diesel driven ships



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