Things That Are Cool When You’re A Kid, And Very Uncool When You’re An Adult (22 PICS)

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"You were really cool if you were missing a tooth in school. If you’re missing a tooth in adulthood you just look like a crackhead."


"In 3rd grade I broke my arm and got a glow in the dark cast, I also had glow in the dark shoes, I think it was the most my peers have ever liked me in my life."


"It didn't make me cool, but an old friend of mine (we're no longer friends) was far cooler than me. Why? Because he didn't care about grades, was openly hostile to authority, smoked weed all the time, had a criminal record, and generally just had that "I don't give a [email protected]#k, I'm a [email protected]$$" confidence.

That's cool in high school. Nowadays, though, that guy is thought of as being very uncool. Why? Because not caring about your job performance (the adult equivalent of not caring about grades), being openly hostile to authority (such as your supervisors, or the cops), spending most of your waking life stoned, having a criminal record, and somehow still thinking you're a [email protected]$$ definitely isn't cool in adulthood."


"Laughing at weird people.

Socially awkward people often make good friends and are very warmhearted."


"Bragging about sex. Did it highschool, friends thought I was cool. Did it as an adult, everyone thought it was gross and my dad threw the family cat at me"


Izismile Videos

"Burping really loud in the cafeteria. Kids from other classes knew my name because of that. I haven't tried that in the office, and I don't think I'm going go."


"I was cool because I had a DSi in fifth grade. I would flex on my friends by drawing pictures in rainbow on pictochat. I have a nintendo switch now. No gf, no friends, and no rainbow drawings. :("


"I did 1000 bounces on a pogo stick when I was 12. As a 33 year old today, people would probably be concerned for my mental health."



"When I was eight or nine I found a huge stack of p**n mags in a paper recycling container. I had them hidden away in the woods close to school and would bring friends there to look at them during recess.Imagining adults doing this gave me a chuckle"


"Being the "class clown" in any sort of instructional setting. It's funny when you're a kid but seen as obnoxious and attention-seeking when you're an adult"


"Owning an absurd amount of Pokemon cards.

IDK what more a woman would want than a raquaza EX."



"Playing with beyblades and carrying around the giant arena for them at all times. You never know when a spin battle may ensue."


"I was voted "Most Likely to be Out of Dress Code" in high school, because I was always getting detention for breaking dress code. It was a pretty cool honor to have for a senior superlative, because it was about as rebellious as you could get at a Jesuit high school.

As an adult that would just get me fired if I was constantly breaking the dress code of a place that had one."


"God I used to impress people by smoking cigs up my nose.

I do not see that going over well at all now."



"Bragging about what your parents got you. New clothes, new toys, car, etc. Making kids jealous with the latest stuff

If you're an adult and bragging about still being dependent on your parents...definitely uncool haha"


"Knowing someone that would buy alcohol for underage kids."


"At my school, bragging about how drunk you got at the weekend was a thing! People would take pictures/videos if their friends who were falling about the place/passed out etc and everyone would come in on Monday and laugh about what ‘scenes’ they were. At our prom we gave out prizes like ‘most likely to...’ and we had a few drink related categories and there was just generally a vibe that if you didn’t go out every weekend and get really drunk, you were a bit of a weirdo.

Now though (I’m 25), seeing girls tripping over their heals and being so drunk they can’t open their eyes properly/talk without slurring is just embarrassing."



"Back in the day, Hot Wheels was the sh#t. We used to bring them into elementary school, show them off, and trade them.

Anything with gold wheels was hot sh#t. Anything that was a model of a real car was too. We used to just make stuff up that "boosted" the rarity of a car. Stuff like, "This one is in metallic white and only 10 were made!"

Collecting Hot Wheels now probably not so cool."


"In high school I sold pages of p**nography out of a briefcase that I named "Bob"."


"Being an overall [email protected]#k, or rude to other people made people think you were cool or something. Now you're just an @$$ and everybody is an adult so they can see it."


"Pretending to be a 1337 h4x0r by opening command prompt on a school computer, knowing a little bit of HTML and some similar trickery that may look cool until you know that it doesn't really do anything."



"During school lunch when a kid got in trouble I started the Jerry Springer chant and the whole class started chanting "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry"."


"In High School, I knew all of the lyrics to a ton of late-90s and early 2000s club banger rap songs. I was known for this throughout my entire school, and people would always dance near me at dances to watch me flawlessly lip sync these songs. I did the rapping hand movements too, and often some of the dances from the music videos, although I was a much better lip syncer than dancer. I am and was a tiny white girl from a small rural village.

It's so embarrassing to think about now. I do occasionally get asked to do it at the weddings of classmates, but I wiggle out of it by sticking to the bar. I can't imagine the brain power I wasted on this, when I should have been focusing on my studies. Probably one of the reasons that I had to take remedial math in college. Thank God I no longer live near where I grew up, I've been hiding from memories of my high school self ever since, I was so cringe."



"In 8th grade I made sure I had the HIGHEST heels out of all the girls in class. They were these clunky things from Payless. Not sure how I did anything in those considering I can’t even walk in heels as a 32 year old woman today..."



"Blasting a boombox in the hallway."



"Me and my friends showing up to school/ events dressed the same"



"Cheating and getting away with it was rad in school but if you cheat the IRS instead of getting cool points you get jail time"


"Wearing sneakers with your prom tux."



"I was the best club penguin sled racer in my 6th grade class."



Ray 2 month s ago
#3 okay mommy
Deborah 2 month s ago
Found the kid/uncool adult!
Kimberley 2 month s ago
As a kid, it was cool to get naked around other kids. Now, I'm on a list.
Riche 2 month s ago
#20 I wouldn't worry about it so much. Seems people like that skill you have. Run with it and make it fun.
Savannah 2 month s ago
Being a kid using a 50 year old’s house to get laid and drunk is cool. Being the 50 year old is not.



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