What TV Show Was Amazing At First But Became Unwatchable For You Later On? (26 PICS)

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"First few seasons were great with pretty good pacing. Later seasons devolve into telling one story at a time. They’d have a cliffhanger of a character maybe dying and do 3 weeks of other stories. By the time it gets back to the cliffhanger you have no idea what’s happening. That and it got repetitive."


"I was enamored with it for the first 5 seasons. 6 only reinforced my love but I remember some cracks starting to show.

7 went downhill super fast and I refused to sully my memories with 8."


"Grey's Anatomy 100%. The show was great, but I just can't keep up with all the twists and turns and freaky accidents anymore. It's also a lot less funny. It should have ended seasons ago."


bog--wizard said:

"Once Upon a Time. The first 3 seasons were good! And then after that they just kept getting worse."


RittleMeThis27 replied:

"I watched about that much til it got boring and too weird. I enjoyed them giving Disney characters a twist separate from their movie counterparts. Then something about seeing Elsa basically cosplaying the animated movie made me stop. It was more fun when they left us guessing who the new person was and not throwing it in our faces like that."


Izismile Videos

Spider-Gwen_ said: "The 100."


agawl81 replied: "You are onecrew or you are an enemy of oncrew - choose. It has some really quotable stuff, but my god, the endless self sabotage by the main character just gets so old. "


"Season 1 was great and fresh. Season 2 didn't know what to do with itself and just started giving everyone super powers.

By Season 3, characters were just changing motivations at the drop of a hat and it was just a huge mess of bad writing."


"True Blood. When the fairies entered the picture, I exited."


"Not the worst offender, but That 70's Show tanked pretty hard once Eric left. He was sorely needed to make the chemistry of the group work."



fefvrisketa said: "Misfits, unfortunately."


doctor_x replied: "Let's replace the entire cast with less interesting characters and have them never use their abilities. Lunch?"


"How to Get Away with Murder. The first season had some intrigue and plot... and then they just start murdering people left and right after that."


HoraceSense said: "House of Cards."


usernameunavaliable replied: "The first two seasons were amazing. After that it started to get progressively worse.

IMO, it should have been 2 seasons of him reaching the presidency, and then 2 seasons of everything going downhill. 4 seasons total, 1 for each suit of cards. 2 for building the house of cards, 2 for making it fall apart."


monoloco-plus said: "Riverdale."


VeryDPP replied: "I'm not convinced the guy who writes Riverdale has ever spoken to a real teenager. I stick this one out purely for the hilarity of it. Archie and the gang have super powers now and are fighting an evil wizard (I am not making that up). "



nolaonmymind said: "I tried to rewatch it recently, remembered the last season, and just didn't want to."


Techerous replied: "What's especially frustrating is if they had ended the show after 4 seasons like the creators wanted to the ending everyone hated actually would have made sense because they wouldn't have proven 4-5 times that Robin and Ted don't work together."


DiegoDynomite said: "The Flash on CW."


Somerandom1922 replied: "Flash and Arrow both got screwed by Netflix DareDevil showing how good it could be imo. I was into both Arrow and Flash, then Daredevil came out and I just kept noticing inconsistencies and budget issues. But I will say Grant Gustin does make a good Barry Allen. "


whiteoff44 said: "Vikings … I’m shocked no one mentioned it yet."


w1987g replied: "I haven't watched anything past Ragnar. I love me Lagertha with all my heart, but I could see the writing on the wall knowing that boneless was going to go full psycho. Also, I'm still pissed Siggy died like she did. ASLAUG CAN ROT IN HEL! "


"So many loopholes and a never ending plot. I mean, the female hero (forgot her name) was wanted and had her pictures broadcast nationwide live, but a couple of weeks after she can do undercover work."



MiZe97 said: "It's what happens when you try to make so many seasons for a show meant for only a few."


Stewba replied: "Arrows first season is dope when he is murdering everyone. I wish he never discovered the power of friendship."


ClockNo4364 said: "I actually think that Glee was like a fun guilty pleasure show when it first came out.

Then after like 4-6 episodes there was a writers' strike and when it finally came back it just got worse and worse until it was unwatchable."


cdenton041793 replied: "The first couple seasons were really campy and fun, and I loved that. But eventually it felt like they got to a place where they were taking themselves way too seriously, and it just wasn't working anymore. I have not watched the last season, I got like halfway through the first episode and noped out. The season or 2 before that wasn't very good either, but I really tried, because I had loved it for so long."


toolfanatic said: "Breaking Bad. It was great for the first several full rewatches, unwatchable after I lost my phone and my computer and TV broke."



SassySSS replied: "Hahaha you got me. I was fully ready to be like WHAT Breaking bad is the antithesis of a show that goes off the rails. Just so happen to be deep into a rewatch now after several years and I literally can’t stop saying how more shows need to be like this, the story is so tight and focused. No sprawling casts of new characters or Flanderization of existing characters. The storytelling is so well done, just remarkable television."


UgliestDisability said: "The Office limped to the finish line."


The_Sound_of_Slants replied: "It was not unwatchable for me, but you can definitely tell the writers lost their direction after Steve left. Characters started acting... well... out of character. The new characters were pretty weird. Story lines were getting stretched thin.


I am glad they did not straight up cancel the show after Steve left. I would have been mad if I did not see how some of the characters' lives progressed.


But watching the last few seasons you can definitely tell they knew the show could not go on without Steve. They were just using the time to figure out how to wrap it all up nicely. And maybe throw a few cameos along the way. "



"Once Fonzie jumped the shark, while water skiing and wearing his jacket, the show just got progressively worse.

PS, I know."


"By the end of filming the two main leads hated each other… and you can tell! They had to come up with whacky storyline’s to keep them apart."


"The first seasons are so good and then it basically turns into "what weird monster can we come up with in between killing off and resurrecting the Winchester boys and all their friends/family?"

Like I tapped out with the episode involving Tinkerbelle. I did watch the series finale and it sure was a finale."


"Was a fun watch at the start, but it just devolved into fake, staged tripe. Not sure it was ever real tbf, but at least at the start it was somewhat believable."



"It was really cool. Then later on... Jesus Christ, the protagonist is a Mary Sue, everyone always listens to her, you can always guarantee none of her friends will die and you can always feel like the trouble she gets herself and her friends into aren't threatening. What a waste

For some reason people think I'm talking about the sitcom. Why? I'm talking about the god awful Netflix adaption. The first season was insanely fun. Everything after just felt like the most below bare minimum awful writing I have ever seen in any show."


"I hope this isn't too unpopular, but the last 2 seasons of Arrested Development were absolutely painful to sit through. The story just got unnecessarily convoluted and was just boring."



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Mittie 1 year ago
The TV show must be defined with a limited numbers of seasons, this will be much better for the writers, actors and viewers.
TV shows with 15, 16 or more seasons makes no sense !
Woody 1 year ago

Say that to the simpsons. Shows get more seasons if the financial backing can be convinced... and their tastes don't care about story needs, charactor roles, or anything else.
Minnie 1 year ago
I saw none of them. I should give up my life and spend more time in front of tv.
Vicky 1 year ago
There was a series called “Designated Survivor” with Kiefer Sutherland that was really good for about 1.75 seasons - and then it was like they flipped a switch and it became trash. They introduced all kinds of liberal garbage when previously the series was politically agnostic. The producers definitely wanted their political agenda in the script. Needless to say it didn’t last long after that - not many viewers want to see a parade of homosexuals.
Lyddy 1 year ago
#1 I think I stuck with TWD until Rick exited then I walked away. The show was already on an unstoppable downward spiral long before that point. It became the same shambolic formula of x amount of peril (involving characters you know wouldn't die) a lot of standing around, 5 minutes of story progression and then the credits.
Zolly 1 year ago
Amazing - all good films seems to be from the US (sarcasm cannot be ruled out)
Adele 1 year ago
By the 3rd season it was merely tedious.
Vince 1 year ago
#1 When they started killing main characters in the dumbest ways and for no reason but shock. Hershel, Beth and Glenn. Then the whole look at the flowers when they kill the kid. Killing humans became too easy and the walker threat was a secondary threat to other humans. Might have been how the source comic was but that is not how the TV show was marketed to those unfamiliar to the comic.
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