Do You Remember These Childhood Movies? (34 PICS)

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An American Tail (1986)

"Ah yes, the animated mouse musical that taught me about immigration at the turn of the century. Pogroms, "no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese" random Ellis Island name changes, the rise of social justice, suffrage, labor movements, and Tamanny Hall! "Are we men, or are we mice?!" "MICE""


The Rescuers (1977)

"The example that first comes to mind of a movie- particularly a Disney movie- where the sequel was better than the first. Rescuers Down Under."


All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)

"All dogs go to heaven

This film was so traumatizing even tho it was a kids movie, its seems like a nightmare that just became a movie.

Basically about dogs that are gambling and taking drugs lol"


FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)

"Basically all these movies are just dances with wolves. Fern gully, Atlantis, avatar, the last samurai, pocahontas and quite a few others all follow the same premise. Good guy from bad group gets enmeshed with locals, usually falls for a girl, discovers their magical culture, ends up joining them and defends them from his group."


The Black Cauldron (1985)

"For years, none of my friends believed that The Black Cauldron existed. I saw it in the theater, and never saw it again until several years ago. Convincing my friends that it existed (before the internet) was no easy task."


Izismile Videos

The Last Unicorn (1982)

"AND it's a movie about travelling through a desert with a horse with no name!

I always cry when poor old Molly Grue admonishes The Unicorn and then immediately forgives her. It takes strength to accept life as it is given to you."


The Adventures Of Milo And Otis (1986)

"Yes I remember this. As a kid I used to confuse this one and Homeward Bound because they were both about lost pets trying to find their way."


The Indian In The Cupboard (1995)

"My grandparents had this movie and the vhs case came with a key and a tiny figurine. The opening of the vhs had a “keyhole” and the backside of the cover insert looked like wood paneling so you could flip it backwards to make the entire thing look like a cupboard and then put the figurine inside"


The Brave Little Toaster (1987)

"I rewatched the whole thing this year. Still [email protected]#king incredible. The cars singing while being destroyed—that whole scene and song is pure art."


Flight Of The Navigator (1986)

"Wasn't Paul Reubens (aka Peewee Herman) Max, the ship's robot?

Also, I remember this movie feeling super intense, though I know it wasn't. It's weird how movies can generate such strong feelings as a kid."



Fly Away Home (1996)

"My partner worked on a film recently with Anna Paquin in it and although she's famous for a ton of other things, THIS is the film I remember her for!"


Batteries Not Included (1987)

"This movie hits so differently when I was a kid, versus when I was an adult.

I always knew there was something wrong about Faye's issues but I didn't understand/couldn't process what it was. But I was a kid, and WOO alien spaceships.

Watching it as an adult I realize how broken she was."


Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (1975)

"So many of these forgotten movies are Chuck Jones’ work. Cartoon Network used to have Chuck Jones marathons and it made me love so much of his movies and shorts. I wish they would go back to showcasing a certain animator’s work. It was cool to see what their specific styles looked liked."


The Borrowers (1997)

"I remember watching that movie on cable when I was in the hospital post surgery.

You may know the kid who played Arietty's younger brother. Tom Felton. AKA Draco Malfoy."


The Pagemaster (1994)

"Pagemaster. Remember that? MacAulay Culkin gets sucked into lots of books in a library. Loved it as a kid. Haven’t seen it since"



Drop Dead Fred (1991)

"I have the DVD. Haven't watched it for like a decade. Put it on to keep my kids busy for 90minutes.... [email protected]#k it's inappropriate for children."


Time Bandits (1981)

"Time Bandits. Scared the hell out of me as a kid. Get in bed and a damn horse jumps out of the closet. The whole movie could be different child nightmares."


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Gabby 6 days ago
Rik Mayall was a legend.
Zebedee 6 days ago
#5 Same. I remember loving it as a kid, and no one I've known has ever heard of it. I watched a few months back for the first time since childhood; it's a fun little fantasy adventure, but honestly, it's not really all that good.
I also found out there are deleted scenes, including one were the Horned King's undead army murders his henchmen in a very disturbing and frightful way. The movie's a lot darker than any Disney film I know of.



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