These Facts Might Save Your Life... (18 GIFS)

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"If you are having a heart attack, chew aspirin instead of just swollowing it to have a quicker effect."


"If you are at a beach and see the ocean pull away from the shore, find high ground as a tsunami is likely to follow."


"If you are ever stabbed or impaled, leave the foreign object in place. It acts as a plug to the hole and prevents blood loss. "


"If your house smells like fish for absolutely no reason, it could actually be a sign of an electrical fire."


"If you don’t want to be killed by a drunk driver, avoid driving on Saturday between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m."


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"If you’re ever at a party and your drink tastes unusually salty, do not continue drinking it. Rohypnol is reported to have a salty taste."


"Your cell phone can still make 9-1-1 calls even if there is no reception. Cell phones will connect to the nearest cell tower to relay the call."


"If you are in a foreign country and don’t know their equivalent for 9-1-1, call 1-2-2 for the international help line."


"If a tornado does not appear to be moving right or left, it is possibly coming straight for you."


"If you ever encounter a group of wolves, DO NOT run away. Wolves will attack if they feel that they are the aggressors but will back down if you stand your ground."



"Laying down flat on an elevator is the best way to survive a fall."


"If you need to vomit, hum instead. Humming suppresses the throat and makes it virtually impossible to throw up."


"If you ever find yourself being dragged underwater by an alligator, shove your fingers into its nose. This breaks the seal alligators need to keep water out of their airways and will make them release you immediately."


"If you’re ever in a serious situation where you have triple A batteries but desperately need double As, ball up some tin foil and put it on the negative side of each battery where it connects."


"If a deer is running across the road it’s better to hit it than swerve and run into a ditch.

If there is a moose in the middle of the road swerve and run into a ditch. Hitting a moose is like running into a brick wall."



"No matter how thirsty you are, do not eat large amounts of snow. Too much cold ice in your stomach can cause you to die of hypothermia. Melt the ice and then drink it."


"If you’re ever buried in an avalanche, spit. Your saliva will follow the gravity and you can simply dig the opposite way."


"If you ever come across bears in the wild, follow this rhyme: Brown – just lay down. Black – better fight back. White – Say goodnight,

A brown bear will leave you alone if you just lie down. On the other side of the spectrum, a black bear or polar bear are more aggressive but can be scared away before attacking."


Mellony 2 month s ago
#5 How else will I get home from the pub?
Carmellia 2 month s ago
#10 No, they won't. They attack if you turn your back, but as pack hunters, a couple will circle around behind you as you are distracted by the one in front.
(This is the technique the velociraptors mimicked in the first Jurassic Park. You know- the "clever girl" scene...)
Even if you chase them off for a minute, as soon as you turn to walk away they'll come creeping up again, only more quietly this time. The best deterrents are fire and loud noises (like a gunshot.)
Russell 2 month s ago
#8 It's actually 112, not 122.
Eustacia 2 month s ago
#10 #13 These are comparable to the statement that every living mushroom picker is an expert. (the rest are dead)

#15 A deer totaled my truck, small that it is. The ditch would have done the same. Can't speak to the moose because I've only seen them while kayaking and they tended to hide behind a sapling.

#17 If you spit and it hits you in the face, dig the same way (lol!)

#17 if you spit and it hits you in the face, dig the same way.
Emma 2 month s ago
#8 there is an old transilvanian saying that goes: the Bear is not a toy.
Tillie 2 month s ago
112 !
Flossy 2 month s ago
#17 There is no such thing as "simply digging" if you're in an avalanche.

About 55-68% of people that are fully buried in an avalanche succumb, and only about 80% of those that end up by the surface survive.

There are different types of avalanches, but you are likely to be tightly packed in show in an uncomfortable position. You're probably better off conserving your strength, but your chances are still slim.

If you're rescued within 15 minutes you have about a 92% chance of survival. After 35 minutes that chance is reduced to 30%, and after an hour it is 20%. After two hours it's virtually zero.




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