People Sharing Their “It Can’t Be That Easy” Moments (17 GIFS)

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"One time I tightened my gas cap and the check engine light went off."


"Lived in Jersey and a friend invited me to a commercial audition at an NYC bar. Went because of bar. Auditioned after 2 beers. Left thinking it was a waste of time. A month later, I get a call that they want to use me for the commercial. Director was the guy who directed the original Space Jam. I got lines and ended up in two of their commercials and got a 40k payday where I thought someone made a clerical error. Started my acting career and now a writer/director/flight attendant."



"Suing someone in Small Claims. It was surprisingly easy because my case was rock solid and I had a professionally printed document of evidence, witness statements, and precise records sent over to the court while the Defendant did literally nothing but send unlabeled loose printouts of my Facebook page as her so-called evidence.

It was a very quick judgment for plaintiff!"


"Got a salary request when applying for a job, accidentally wrote double what I meant to write since the number keys were right next to each other. They accepted anyway."



"Worked on an almost 5 million dollar lighting rig for a concert as a junior guy on the job. We get it all plugged in and patched but none of it would turn on. All the guys were freaking out trying to figure out why. The team collectively had about 150 years of experience.

No one checked ro see if the generators were turned on.

I was like no way this is why but I’ll just go check if the generators are good. Flipped stuff on and viola."


"Found a 60” tv by the dumpster. Plugged it in, didn’t turn on. Looked up common problems with the model number, bought a part on eBay for $20, replaced part, had a huge TV."


"In college the professor advertised an internship and wrote the info on the board. Out of a class of 150 students, I was the only one to apply and I fulfilled my internship requirement for graduation."


"I started looking for a job last year and got three offers within two months, two of which were significantly higher pay. Made me realize I’ve been sitting around way too long."


"Tying shoe laces.

When I was a kid, no one ever managed to teach me how to tie my shoes. I remember never being able to get that last step that ties it all together and in general I s#ck with knots. I would have been garbage in the boy scouts. I got into my early 20’s relying mostly on velcro shoes.

But one day I sat down with a pair of new shoes determined to figure it out. I put one on and tied it correctly on the first try. I just sat there dumbfounded for a few minutes wondering how it had been that easy all along."


"Making my username"




"Changing my bathroom faucet. I’m a 56 year old woman that’s never done any plumbing before. Turns out YouTube is a wealth of knowledge. It really wasn’t that hard! I get joy every time I wash my hands knowing I did that."


"Applying for my Irish passport. My dad was born there, so I’m a naturalized citizen. I hate paperwork, so avoided ever filling out my application. Turns out it takes 10 minutes online."


"Lost 25 pounds and all I had to do was stop eating before bed."


"Raising my teenager.

I was regaled with horror stories about teens, but he was so easy. All it took was mutual respect and a genuine liking of one another.

Fwiw, he’s now a very well-adjusted adult."


"I was drunk at a party and saw a cute girl. Stumbled over to her and literally said, “You’re cute, can I have your number?”

Nearly a decade later, she’s next to me with our child asleep on her lap.

Sometimes, getting the date is just that easy.

(To shame her even further, she was sober! I was blitzed enough to silence all my normal second-guessing and internal thoughts that get in my own way, but she had a drunken nerd just straight-up ask her out, no small talk or anything, and decided that it was a good idea!)"


"My divorce.

No lawyers, no fighting. I gave her the house, she makes more than me so no alimony/child support, just filled out the paperwork, paid the nominal court fees, and it’s all good. I see my kids every few days and we have both moved on and get along."


"Reigniting a friendship. My current best friend lived abroad for a year and we hadn’t really met in person much if at all for a while before then either, only texting every now and then. When she moved back I asked if she wanted to meet up, and now we’re really close."




Mc 1 year ago
Even easier I just stopped drinking instant iced tea year round. Cutting all that sugar out had the same result (actually it was closer to 30 pounds).
Donnie 1 year ago
#2 Writer/director/flight attendant. JC-LOL

#14 Agree. Not everyone has psycho kids, either.
Donnie 1 year ago
#16 “I gave her the house.” 35
Delbert 1 year ago

I new this would trigger someone.
She kept the kids. It's good for them to stay in the house and she will pay enough for their living. It's fair.
Delbert 1 year ago

*knew JC-LOL
Medora 1 year ago

Same. My divorce was uncontested as well. No lawyers, no child support. I kept the house and the debut and the kids most of the time. We split time with them 60/40 or 70/30. No issues.
Waldo 1 year ago
#17 that MUST be a female. Guys may not have seen eachother for 15 years, and act like it was only yesterday that they did.
Woody 1 year ago
It was surprisingly easy to start a business. Really, just had to find something that I wanted to do every day, and then I get to have all the money from customers that's leftover after bills.
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