People Share Lasting Lessons That Can Be Learned In A Minute (20 PICS)

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"You can use the bottom of a coffee mug to put the edge back on a dull kitchen knife. The unglazed ceramic ring is harder than metal and acts as a sharpening stone.

Just run the knife over it at a 15 to 20-degree angle about 10 times each side and try slicing that tomato again. You’ll notice a big difference."


"When calculating percentages, the factors are interchangeable. This means that 50% of 14 is the same as 14% of 50, which can make it quite a lot easier to calculate in your head sometimes."


"Heimlich. Apparently an alarming amount of people don’t know what to do when someone is choking. My dad had to to run clear across a fairly busy restaurant once to save someone’s kid because nobody else was doing anything. The mom was screaming for help, everyone was aware but apparently nobody knew what to do about it"


"I choked on french toast when younger and I eventually got it out but found out the person that tried the Heimlich on me, did it too high up on the torso. It’s lower than I expected, but learned after that at a young age."


"If you have some fruits that arent quite ripe yet, place them in a bag and put a banana in with them. The ripening banana will release a gas that speeds up the ripening process of other fruits."


Izismile Videos

"Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging has shown that the brain has little “pathways” that information and dopamine and everything move along. These can form new connections when confronted with novel stimulus, but will reinforce existing connections if the environment is stagnant.

In other words, doing things you’ve never done before will prompt your brain to increase the number of pathways inside it, which may help you to develop a new outlook on life or even become more creative."


"Jump-starting a car.

Park close enough that the cables will reach.

Red clip to the dead battery’s positive terminal (also usually red).

Red clip to the good battery’s positive terminal (red again).

Black clip on the good battery’s negative terminal (either black cover or uncovered).

Black clip on a piece of exposed metal on the dead car’s engine block.

Start the good car and wait a minute or two, then start the dead car.

When disconnecting, don’t let the positive and negative clips touch each other."


"I think the exposed metal thing is what trips people up when they don’t know how to jumpstart, crossing their wires (both ways).

Truth is, on any car made in the past 20 years, or really, any current modern battery, you’re totally fine connecting red to red, black to black. I’ve done it many times, I know plenty of people who have done it, and I’ve talked to a couple of mechanics about it who respond with, “What? Why would you bother with exposed metal?”"


"Basic knots.

Super easy skill to learn and it will never stop being useful."


"I think it was Adam Savage who lamented in an episode or podcast about how many accidents in history could have possibly been avoided if people would just learn one other knot other than the basic overhand"


"The “Rule of 70”. Want to know how long it will take an investment to double? Divide the interest rate into 70.

You are getting 7% return? 70/7 = 10 years to double your money.You are getting 10% return? 70/10 = 7 years to double your money"



"Talk less, listen more.

Also, you don’t always have to offer your opinion all the time. It’s completely fine (sometimes best, even) to simply listen to people giving their opinions and acknowledge it all without inserting your own, even if someone asks for it."


"For all my near-sighted – If you aren’t wearing glasses/contacts, you can still view distant objects in focus by looking through a tiny hole. Easiest method is just to curl up your finger leaving a tiny space to look through. Extremely limited field of view, but it’ll be in focus."


"It’s called the pinhole effect. It basically focuses the light for your eye."


"Don’t wash rice with warm to hot water. You will end up starting to cook the rice while cleaning it. Cooking tip"


"Basic CPR. First and foremost CALL 911 or have someone doing that while you start CPR. 30 PUMPS ON THE MIDDLE OF THE CHEST BONE. Fast. Hard. Like your crushing something. Broken ribs are common. That’s OK. About 2 pumps per second. After 30 pumps, lean the head back, breath in twice. Hard. Repeat until emergency services get there."



"I can teach you how to benefit from spending 30 seconds noticing/savoring/soaking in any positive experiences that happen to you, whether happening right now or in the past. This 30-second practice re-wires our brains to focus on the positive instead of the negative (which we are hardwired to do for survival purposes)"


"Don’t eat the end pieces (the heel) of a loaf of bread until very last.

They keep in the moisture, and your loaf lasts longer and tastes better.

That only took ten seconds. Fifty to spare."


"Basic sewing stitches by hand. Yeah, it takes more than a minute to actually fix something sewing-wise, but learning to sew a button back on your shirt or fix a minor rip in your shirt or pants makes big difference rather than just buying new clothes when your old ones get minor tears and problems."


"Proper knife skills when slicing stuff to cook"



"Control + shift + T re-opens the last browser tab you closed"


"How not to lift with your back."


"If you’re bleeding, pour flour over the wound. It helps a lot if you own a small animal that needs immediate aid."


"Saliva is also a natural blood clot"


"All you need to do to succeed is just be tiny bit better than yesterday. Even if you only just make one thing better than it was. Just one improvement. A tiny one. Now you know you are winning.

Invest in yourself. Doesn’t have to be a lot but you have to do it daily."





Lionel 1 year ago
#12 - Always check for a pulse first and check on the neck(carotid artery). When blood pressure drops low enough, the peripheral pulses(including the wrist, where most people check) disappear. You could end up doing CPR on someone who doesn't need it
Hermie 1 year ago
#8 - 70 is a reasonable approximation, but 72 will yield more accurate results
Tilly 1 year ago
Don't stick a fork in a plug...
Midge 1 year ago
#18 lift with your back and legs. if you do one or the other you'll eventually ruin one. but age ruins both anyway
Waldo 1 year ago
#6 I love Menhi from ElectroBOOM
Woody 1 year ago
#6 DO NOT jump your car or try to charge the battery unless you have VERIFIED that you have a car that can be jumped/charged. Some cars with hybrid/electric/complex brainpower WILL be damaged by jumping or charging the traditional method.
Woody 1 year ago
#8 Well, obviously no one can get a 7% return when dividend rates are only 1.6%. This is basic dumb math. 7% is a dream for non-secured returns.





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