Plot Holes Big Enough To Drive A Truck Through (18 PICS)

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The Karate Kid

The final scene in The Karate Kid is one of the most exciting moments, as Daniel defeats his opponent with the “Crane” technique and earns the respect of his enemy. Curiously enough, it was mentioned in the film that kicks to the face were forbidden, so he should have been disqualified.


Home Alone

The film depicts a large family going on a trip to Paris. The conflict arises when they realize they’ve left their son Kevin behind after the mother makes a mistake when counting everyone at the time of departure. We wonder why she never called Kevin to check on him. While there were problems with the phone lines due to a storm, this is actually contradicted when the boy orders a pizza by phone.


The Avengers

The Hulk is undoubtedly the most complicated hero in The Avengers because he represents a person struggling with opposite sides of himself. Yet, Bruce Banner seems to suddenly be able to “control his anger” at the climax of the movie. Besides, if he says he’s “always angry,” shouldn’t he be transformed all the time?


The Sixth Sense

Although the film has received good reviews for both the acting and the plot, it still has some flaws. One of them is related to Malcolm. Throughout the film, he never notices that, except for Cole, no one else speaks to him or even looks at him. Maybe it’s because “ghosts don’t know they are dead,” but in any case, it’s still strange that it took him such a long time to realize he was “invisible.”


Izismile Videos

Independence Day

More than one of you must have enjoyed the fight between humans and aliens on Independence Day. One strategy to defeat the enemy is to attack them with a computer virus. If these creatures from space are supposed to be more advanced, these cyberattacks should not affect them at all.


Back to the Future

After Marty McFly returns to the present, he notices that his parents are happier and more successful because he’s rewritten the past. But the strangest thing is that they never realized that their son resembled the young man who mysteriously disappeared from their lives shortly after the school party.


The Dark Knight Rises

In the final scene of The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne appears in the same place where Alfred usually goes for coffee. Although the butler had mentioned that he would like to see Bruce there someday, there is no way the multimillionaire could have known the exact spot. This must have been one of the greatest coincidences in the world of cinema.


Ocean’s Eleven

Although this movie was a box office hit at the time, it still has some holes in the script. One is connected to the garbage bags that were placed in the safe to get the money out. What no one knows is how those bags got there since the crew didn’t have them when entering the place.




The plot revolves around a group of astronauts searching for a habitable world to save humanity. The problem is that the time span is different between both planets — a couple of minutes would be equivalent to Earth years. That is why the decision to venture into the mission of no return was quite hasty. They should have conducted an analysis or simulations to be prepared for possible scenarios that could happen on an unknown planet.



To prevent a meteor from crashing onto the Earth, NASA trained a group of oil drillers to become astronauts and place a bomb inside the meteorite. However, this is illogical since it would be more practical to have the astronauts learn to drill and not the other way around, as Ben Affleck pointed out to the director at the time.


Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

The plot of Tomb Raider revolves around a relic fragmented in two, which Lara Croft must destroy to prevent the Illuminati from using its hidden power. It’s only supposed to work if the pieces are put together, so it would make sense for Lara to destroy the part she managed to find instead of spending most of the movie looking for the missing one.



Near the end of Jumanji, the hunter attacks Alan Parrish just as he rolls the dice and gets the number that helps him win the game. Consequently, the hunter and his belongings, as well as everything related to the game, are sucked into the board. However, he had purchased his hunting supplies at a store in town, so it doesn’t make sense that they also disappeared into the game.



Mrs. Doubtfire

Entertaining as this movie may be, its plot is quite illogical, and we can’t understand why the father chose to disguise himself as a lady to be near his children. At the same time, we wonder why the children did not realize it was their father hidden under all that makeup and how the rest of the people failed to notice that he was a man.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The third Harry Potter film is one of the fan’s favorites due to the new plot twist. But it’s still illogical to see the wasted potential of the time-turner. Hermione used it to get to class on time and, later, to rescue Sirius Black together with Harry. If they had kept it, they could have probably used it to prevent Voldemort from returning to power and thus save many lives.


Beauty and the Beast

The Beast had been bewitched by a curse, and he had a period of time to break the spell through love. However, there are certain inconsistencies because he was supposed to be 21 years old. Since it has been ten years since everyone fell under the spell, he should have been a boy when he was transformed into a monster. But the portrait that Bella finds during her tour of the palace shows a young man, so it is not clear how old he is in the present.


X-Men: The Last Stand

Considering that Magneto had the help of a powerful mutant capable of dematerializing everything in her path, it was not necessary to raise an army of mutants for the attack. And if he could build a large metal bridge, he could also have launched it on the island where his target was located to end the battle without so many casualties.



Black Panther

The premise that a super-advanced civilization is hidden from the rest of the world sounds quite appealing. However, it does seem odd that, with all the technological advances within the Marvel universe, no S.H.I.E.L.D. agent or Tony Stark knew of its location. And T’Challa’s sister is the only scientist who reflects the idea that Wakanda possesses a high level of intellectual development.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The story is set in the 1920s and focuses on a dark wizard named Gellert Grindelwald, who escapes from prison and begins to gather followers. In one part of the movie, the Minister of Magic appears at Hogwarts when it has been said that no wizard or witch, except Dumbledore, could “appear” at the school. Moreover, anti-appearance spells have been around forever.




Mervyn 1 year ago
#5 Affecting or not, you don't just write a computer virus for an architecture/system you've never seen before.
Fifi 1 year ago
#5 The virus was functional, because all Computers on earth originate from alien technology found at Roswell…
Ada 1 year ago

Yup. Still not perfect, but at least they tried to explain it.
Midge 1 year ago
#10 nah it still makes sense. like in woodworking. it's easier to teach cad to a woodworker knowing all the practical aspects, than to teach a computer programmer to cut wood accurately.
Metta 1 year ago
Now let's examine global politics.
Rena 1 year ago
#6. Is so stupid. You see your son every day. You’re not going to make to connection that he looks like someone you knew 17 years ago, for one week.
Rena 1 year ago
#8. They brought those bags with them. That’s not hard at all to figure out.
Who writes this cr#p?
Rena 1 year ago
#10. This is your problem with the movie? Not the gravity on a meteor? Or the other million other plot holes?
Kingsley 1 year ago
#9 you cant be prepared at something you dont know about...
Fay 1 year ago
#15 he was sixteen at the time of the curse.

#2 the phone lines have broken when she tried and she never tried again
Malcolm 1 year ago
Most of these can be readily explained by watching the entire movie and not just he trailer.
Woody 1 year ago
#13 Never liked it, not one of his best films. I still didn't understand why I hated it, but now it makes sense.





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