So What Is This? (33 PICS)

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"A Scissors Like Device I Bought Years Ago On Flee Market"

Answer: "It’s a vintage umbilical clamp. That’s why it’s shaped like a stork! Eventually this style did evolve into several types of embroidery scissors that the midwives would use while awaiting labor."


"Landlord Found It In The Basement. Heavy Metal. Google Isn't Responding Well To "Scary Wand" Or "Aggressive Pleasure Instrument""

Answer: "Soldering iron. The end you are holding is the head, and is usually copper. The other end would normally have a wood handle."


"Metal And Glass Locket With Writing"

Answer: "It's called a "theca" and it has relics from saints in it. If it can be confirmed authentic, it's very valuable. Each one of those relics is hundreds of dollars, each."


"Friend Received This Passed Down From His Great Great Grandfather. It’s Believed To Be From Persia & About 2,000 Years Old"

Answer: "It’s a hairpin or a clothes pin/brooch. If it’s something 2000 years old, you need to see a professional at a museum/institute of archaeology to get it evaluated AND then get it insured."


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"Ok, I Know It’s A Chair, But What’s With The Extended Arms?"

Answer: "It looks like a plantation/planters chair. You’d put your sore swollen legs up on the arms after sitting on a horse all day, like a pregnant woman with her legs up in the same fashion. This is why the back is so sloped as well. If you sit up straight it wouldn’t be comfortable to put your legs up like that, but in a reclined position it’s good for blood flow and air flow."


"Glass Bulb, Filled With Liquid, Metal Disk Floating Inside"

Answer: "Fire Extinguisher. Beware contains Carbon Tetratchloride."


"Found In My Backyard In East Nashville, Tn"

Answer: "Looks real for sure! It's a decent fit for Hopewell type points from about 2000 years ago, but a local expert would certainly know more. If it's found in your yard it's definitely yours and nobody would take it if you reported it, and I'm sure your state archaeologist or archaeological society would be happy to tell you more and make a record of where you found it!"


"Found In A Creek Bed In Oak Hill, Texas. Has A Small Hole On Top Of The Head That Goes All The Way Through"

Answer: ""Seems to be a pendent head from the Caddo tribe. Looks legit and definitely pre-columbian. There's an oak hill Caddo site near there. Could be an import as well but unlikely." -My Archeologist Father"



"Help Identify What These Are And What They Were Used For? Passed Down By Family - UK"

Answer: "Cover plates for a book. They are generally riveted over the normal cover. Probably for one involving royalty or heraldry from the engraving."


Witt: "Silver-Handled Vintage/Antique Clamp Of Some Kind. "Beak" Of Clamp Is Hollow - So Not Umbilical. Clamp Does Not Open Wide Because. US Quarter For Scale"

Answer: "That looks like a glove stretcher. To loosen up the fingers in leather gloves."


"Found At A Used Book Store. All Parts Rotate And The Markings/Months Makes Me Think It Could Be For Mapping?'

Answer: "An astrolabe, the ancient times GPS. Used usually for navigation, also for time measure and other science uses. I got one similar as a keyring.

If it's too small It won't be easy to use, by my experience."


"I Think Brass Man, Head Comes Off And Backpack Opens"

Answer: "Definitely looks like tobacco paraphernalia. My father-in-law has a huge collection of tobacco jars, pipe stands, and the like, and many of them share similarities with this.

Matches would be kept in the backpack, the head used to tamp tobacco down into the pipe, and the walking stick used to clean out the pipe."



"I Found This Under The Floor Boards In A 1800's Era House"

Answer: "It removed the top of soft boiled eggs."


"It's Made Of Really Heavy Hardwood. Unsure Of The Age Unfortunately. Given By Family Friend. Thanks"

Answer: "It's half a Viking chair"


"This Thing That My Friend Found In The Water"

Answer: "This is a figure of the Santerian Orisha Olokun. One hand holds a snake, the other a mask. They typically come off because these figures are kept in water 100% of the time. If you found this in the ocean, then this is more evidence towards that as Olokun is tied to the ocean. This was probably disposed of ritualistically and replaced with a new one."


"Antique From The 1800’s, Have To Figure Out What It Is For A School Project"

Answer: "Antique Soap Saver. Small scraps of soap were put in the cage and when people did dishes by hand the soap saver was swished though the dishwater to made suds"



"Found In A Garden. Metallic Object That Closes In On Itself"

Answer: "A Hindu ritual box. It is missing the middle piece that would sit in that central hole."



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Chet 1 year ago
#25 It's a coin. Worth 1 Euro.

I do enjoy these posts!
Tilford 1 year ago
Good post, Izi...keep 'em coming!
Les 1 year ago
#14 based on the motif it is probably relatively modern, certainly not Norse.
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