Hidden Internet Gems: TikToker Reveals Websites That Will Blow Your Mind (40 PICS)

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"This is a good one for anyone trying to get in shape. Go to that website, pick your settings and body weight. And then what muscle you wanna work out. Gotta get that booty! And it'll give you all the workouts you can do for that muscle."


"If you go to this website and then choose an MP3 to upload, I'm gonna pick AFRICA by Toto, it'll separate the music and the vocals from the track."


"You can pick two movies with your significant other. I'm gonna pick John Wick and my imaginary girlfriend will pick The Notebook. And it'll give you a list of movie recommendations to satisfy both of you."


Izismile Videos

"Did you know if you go to this website and type in the name of a city you want to visit, I'm gonna go with London, England, it'll give you a map of all the cool hidden places to eat and visit that not a lot of tourists know about. Like Platform Nine and Three Quarters and the Churchill War Rooms."


"You can design your own clothing. I'm gonna do a dress. Add your body measurements. I'm gonna add some sleeves to it. Every dress needs some pockets, and when you're done, it'll actually give you the exact pattern you need to make it yourself."


"Have you ever ate something at a restaurant that you want to recreate at home? Just go to this website, then you can search for a recipe or restaurant. I'm gonna search for Red Lobster and we gotta get them biscuits. And it'll give you the home recipe and instructions on how to make it."


"If you go to this website, you can listen to music from tons of countries in these decades."



"If you go to this website, you can actually copy an essay that you wrote, and then you can paste it on the website and it'll tell you how readable your essay is and everything that's wrong with it, so you can make it better."


"If you wanna watch old shows from the '90s for free, go to this website and select what genres you want. I want cartoons and comedy. Hit the power button and enjoy. You can change the channels and change the years."


"You can type in an Excel formula you need help creating. 'I wanna remove all the letters from a string of characters' and I need it for Google Sheets and click 'generate', and the AI will create a formula that you can use. All you need to do is copy it and paste it in your sheet, and it looks like it worked."


"If you are at a restaurant or store without internet, just go to this website, find the place that you're at on the map, click it, and it'll give you the wifi password for their network."



"If you ever accidentally spill something and need to remove a stain, just go to this website and search for the type of stain you have. Then find what you spilled it on, and it'll tell you all the things that you need and all the steps you need to do to clean it."


"Have you ever been watching your favorite TV show and wonder where they got their outfits from? Just go to this website. Then you can type in the TV show or the character. Then you can pick the exact episode or click a character. Just click on them and there's Penny's outfit from that scene."


"Did you know if you go to this website, you can get help creating a resume by adding any of this content? I'm gonna add my education first, and when you type your information, it'll add it on the screen and when you're done, you can start designing or just pick a template. And now, I'm ready to go apply at Google."


"If you're trying to go on a diet, go to this website. Then you can click on the type of food you're trying to eat. We'll go vegan. Type in how many calories and meals you want to eat per day. Then hit generate. Then it'll give you a meal plan that fits your calorie restrictions.

If you don't like one of the foods or meals, just hit the refresh button and it'll give you a new one."



"If you go to this website, you can type your road trip information. We're gonna do LA to Seatle and it'll show you the route that you can take and fun places that you can stop along the way. And there's the Pixie Woods. Definitely stop in there."


"If you go to this website, you can paste an article or some text that you have, I'm gonna do this email I need to send, then choose the tone that you want. I'm gonna go with formal and hit rewrite. It'll automatically rewrite your text to make it sound way better."


"Are you tired of stores calling the same piece of furniture a different name and charging way more for it? Just go to this website, then you can find the product that you're trying to buy. I'm just gonna go with this one and it'll show you what the original was and the other stores that had that same product under a different name.

It's almost $500 cheaper."


"So everyone knows about amazon.com, but if you go to amazon.com/outlet, you can find thousands of Amazon Overstock items that have great deals. There's 20 to 50% off deals all over the place."




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Es 12 month s ago

Enter two places in Australia and the rout shown is correct but the "Places of Interest" on the map are American? WTF?
Adela 11 month s ago

I'm in California but the places of interest are in Europe. Go figure.
Adela 12 month s ago
Great suggestions. Thanks!
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