People Share Films That Blew Their Minds On First Viewing (28 PICS + 8 GIFS)

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"Jurassic Park"


"I loved how under wraps they kept the whole thing. You literally could not see what the dinosaurs looked like unless you paid for a ticket on release. I remember a photo of Stephen Spielberg in the paper posing with one of the dinosaurs and they completely blacked out the dinosaur. You only saw a tail for a brief second in the commercials.

And damn, when they show that first dinosaur and it rears up on its hind legs to get that high branch, I shrunk down in my seat a little. Had no idea what I was in for."


"Requiem for a Dream… Still my favorite movie. The first watch was just so good though. I’ve never had a movie be that intense."


"The Prestige"


"You think you know what genre movie you’re watching until you get to the end."


"Terminator 2"

"I still can’t watch any scene from it without immediately getting sucked in. I’m the type of person who only watches movie once, but I’ve seen T2 like 10 times.

Also, I still want to be young John Connor, blasting around on a dirt bike hacking ATMs with Budnick."


Izismile Videos

"Donnie Darko"


"Often overlooked in the US due to the timing of its release:… limited theatrical release on October 26. Because the film’s advertising featured a crashing plane and the September 11 attacks had occurred a month and a half before, it was scarcely advertised.[5] This affected its box office performance and it grossed just $517,375 in its initial run. – Wikipedia"


"Fight Club. It was such a weird movie with such crazy characters. Beautifully shot and a great story with themes that are still of interest today."




"The Usual Suspects."


“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”



"The Land Before Time

Granted I was like 4 years old but still."


"An American Tail"


"Sicario. The way the movie was shot. The tension, the violence, and the plot of the movie was great."


"Sin City"





"Shawshank Redemption.

Damn, I stood up and gave standing ovations…alone."


“Andy Dufresne, the man who crawled through 500 yards of sh#t and came out clean the other end.”


"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"


"Saving Private Ryan. My heart rate was sky high for the whole of the beach landing scene and I felt like I was there with them."


"After seeing Saving Private Ryan in a movie theater, I was in the lobby exiting and thinking it was one of the BEST movies I had ever seen in my life…but I honestly did NOT want to see it, again. At least for a long time afterward. Even today, I’ve never made it through the entire movie in a single sitting. Still, one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, but man, it’s intense."




"Just gets better with age! Wonderfully weird.

For fans of 1984, but make it a comedy? Like just as dark and horrible and frustrating as Orwell but funny. With the visual style straight outta Monty Python. Amazing cast too. Am absolute gem."



"Starship Troopers"

"It came out when I was in elementary…I just loved sci-fi, giant bugs and war movies.

Watching it all in one movie featuring epic battles was so much fun."


"Akira. It was the first anime I’d ever seen and I was quite young, maybe 12 or 13. The detail, the voice acting and the absolutely insane plot blew me away."


"Children Of Men. Clive Owen and Michael Caine are amazing. The direction by Cuaron and general dark feel of the movie just suck you right in to the bleakness."


"12 Monkeys. Still the best time travel movie ever, imo."



"American Beauty"


“1970 Pontiac Firebird. The car I’ve always wanted and now I have it. I rule!”



I’m a horror geek, but the final scene, the big reveal, blew my mind.

The literal gasp heard in the theater by everybody else was fantastic and made me happy I wasn’t the only one who didn’t see it coming."


"The Sixth Sense

Before the internet you could actually watch a movie with a surprise ending and have it be a surprise.

And anyone who says “I knew” is a f@#king liar."


"The Fifth Element"



"Aliens: What an incredible moviegoing experience! I was really engrossed the entire time."




"I’m not very good at picking up themes and subtleties in movies, but the first time I realized half the scenes being in reverse makes it so that the viewer has the same level of memory as the Leonard, blew me away. You see the motel guy doing him a favor and in the next scene you realize he’s just playing him, same with Natalie, makes you feel just how Leonard would feel. He was gullible because he could remember only the previous scene, and so could we cuz we hadn’t watched any scene prior to that. It made me appreciate everyone involved in the making of the movie."




"Primer didn’t blow my mind, so much as turn it to mush. It’s a fantastic movie, but it’s difficult to follow precisely even with timeline schematics lol. It’s a lucky thing that the movie didn’t require a complete understanding of what happened when in order to get the gist and enjoy it."


"Pulp Fiction. I had no idea you could tell a story non linearly. Blew my mind."


"I actually finished the movie, rewound the tape, and watched it again, just to make sure I understood it properly and also because of how awesome it was."



"Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

I didn’t think I could connect with a movie so much as I grow older and more cynical, whilst becoming more appreciative of the importance of being ridiculous. I didn’t think fight scenes could make me laugh so hard, and I didn’t know it was possible to encapsulate my worldview so simply: in a universe where nothing matters, being kind isn’t a weakness, it’s a necessary strategy!

There’s probably others from when I was younger, but for this to get me so hard at the ripe age of mid thirties, this was such a joy!"


"Star Wars (1977). I was 9 years old. Never saw anything like it before!"


"Gotta be Fellowship of the Ring for me"


"The Shining. I was super duper stoned."



"Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was about 9 and walked out of the theater like “wow…wow”"


"ADD-ing two movies to the List:Se7en!"


"This movie cracks me the F-ck UP:Kung Fu Hustle"


"The Matrix"

"I remember seeing it in a theater when it came out. Matinee on a Wednesday afternoon but the theater was still a quarter full. Guy in front of me said “what in the f@#k?!?” during the bullet-time scene. Sticks with me to this day."





Sulie 9 month s ago
#6 I was on nightshift when I saw it the first time and not really watching, but the plot-twist blew me away. I have since watched it at least 20 times and every time I see it, I tend to forget the true story, and when I remember, I notice something new.

And apart from the genius plot, technically the movie is truly great as well. The opening pan-down of the skyscraper for instance. It's not even 2 seconds long, but every frame is so detailed!
Sulie 9 month s ago
#18 and yes, Akira of course!
Eben 9 month s ago
These lists are always the same things. There are SO many other good movies out there, but everyone just puts the most popular ones so they get more upvotes.
That, or stupid sh#t like #35 as if to say "Teehee! Look at meeee I'm so quirky, teehee!" Come back when your b@lls have dropped, kid.
Ona 9 month s ago
Saw this on Izismile a few days ago: "Being constantly offended doesn't mean you're right. It just means you're too narcissistic to tolerate opinions different than yours." Take it to heart.
Missy 9 month s ago
#20 True that.
Merv 9 month s ago
#36 You all know that the GIF is from Matrix II, right?
Virdie 8 month s ago
What Dreams May Come, with Robin Williams. I didn't care much for him at the time, and I hear nothing about the movie beforehand. I almost fell asleep because of the slow start, but then sh#t came down and I was shaking when I left the theater because of the amazingly done special effects.
Jenny 8 month s ago
Most of these where good and had twists but #2 #5 and the Matrix really "blew my mind". Also Midsommar
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