Hidden Gold: Jobs That Pay More Than You Think (14 GIFS)

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“Underwater welding. I have several friends in that field in Southern California. They work six to eight months out of the year and make over $200k.”


“Tour guiding. I’m a water tour guide in Hawaii. I make four times what the average person my age makes. Half the time I’m chilling in the water or on the boat, the other half I’m a lifeguard, information dude, and boat flight attendant.”


“I worked as a massage ‘model’ at a massage school. My job was to lay there and be massaged for a few hours while the students did their lessons or took their exams. It was £30 an hour, which isn’t loads, but better than the £10 an hour office job I had before.”


“I’m a personal chef, but I only specialize in weekly meal prep (I don’t do dinner parties, cooking lessons, etc.). I created my own niche in personal cheffing, which no one else seems to do in my area, and it’s gone really well! I started my own business in 2020 and have been pretty solidly booked since. I only work two to four days per week and charge between $300–$400 for two and a half to four hours of active cooking time, which equals approximately $100–$120/hr. (There is also some extra time needed for planning and ordering ingredients, but it’s pretty minimal, and I get to do it at home in my PJs.)”


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“I work as a union organizer, and it pays six figures and is on the low end of staff union work. The pay needs to be high because of how much time you spend away from home (some years not much, some years I’m only home on weekends for almost a year), the stress of 15-hour days in the field, etc.”


“Travel nurse, especially if you have ICU or ER experience.”


“Trucker! My father went back to school this year at 56. It was schooling only during weekends for, I think, six weekends. Trucking companies are so desperate for workers that he was hired as soon as he got his trucking license. He’s now doing four weeks PAID training with the company, and he’ll be making about $78k when he starts.”


“Traveling CNC programmer/engineer. I started welding 12 years ago and built my skills along the way advancing with technology. I have some college (your basic core classes that don’t apply to my field), [and I make] $160k a year on 40-hour weeks.”



“Utility locator. It’s recession-proof. Every excavator needs utilities located before putting a shovel into the ground. All through the COVID shutdown, I was going day after day working. It was a beautiful time, driving on the highways.”


“I groom cats. I make $100/hr plus tips as a self-employed groomer. No dogs. I was tired of the administrative attitude of working in healthcare, so I decided to work on something that I love.”


“I’m a senior technical writer. I got my bachelor’s in English with a minor in professional writing. During various times in my career, I’ve edited systems engineering documents, software user manuals, standard operating procedures, and a host of other documents. I also create templates and ensure the organization maintains a consistent voice and style across documentation. If you have a talent for writing and a very organized, analytical way of thinking, this is a career I’d recommend. I make $138,000/year after nine years in the field.”


“I am a surgical neurophysiologist. I evaluate and monitor the function of the central and peripheral nervous systems during complex brain and spine surgeries, along with any other surgeries that may put important neural structures at risk. We provide real-time feedback of neurological function to surgeons and help prevent nerve damage, paralysis, strokes, and more. We work mostly with neurosurgeons but provide our expertise for orthopedic, endocrinology, and cardiovascular surgeries as well.”



“Intellectual property paralegal. We are ALWAYS looking for people, and if you can get experience in the foreign filing department, that’s in high demand right now.”


“I’d also say temp nurses make a lot. I’m an LPN. I worked at an inpatient addition treatment facility making $21/hr, right along side temp nurses from a staffing agency who were making $28/hr (the RNs were $40/hr). I was staff, doing the exact same job, but with added responsibilities. I quit, went to an agency, and was immediately assigned to an outpatient addiction treatment clinic making $30/hr. Their staff LPNs were making $23.”



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Hallie 11 month s ago
#5 Professional parasite.
Sibbie 11 month s ago

keep complaining about work-conditions in your country.
keep calling unions parasites.
Eloise 11 month s ago
#11 - It’s a good and useful skill but when companies need to downsize you’ll be one of the first to go.
Libby 11 month s ago
# 1. Make up for the high death rate..
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