Unlocking Secrets: Everyday Objects With Hidden Features Revealed (7 PICS + 12 GIFS)

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"If you get an email in Outlook and you don’t want to deal with it right then but also don’t want to forget it altogether, right click or select the 3 dots on the email and select ‘Snooze’. Pick when you want the message to reappear (later that day, the next morning, etc) and it will be delivered at the top of your inbox at that time!"


"Many ceiling fans have a switch to reverse the direction for differences of summer and winter Temps. Your fans should pull up in the winter and push down in the summer."


"Rubbing alcohol kills bugs within seconds. Pour it into a spray bottle and go on a killing spree in a well-ventilated area.

Also stops itching from bites. Dap some on those mosquito bites before you scratch and the welt shrinks and goes away."


"Many libraries in the U.S. have portable wifi hotspots and laptops that you can check out for a month at a time.

My local library has a “Library of Things,” and I love it! You can check out wifi hotspots, telescopes, laminators, a home theater projector, an external CD/DVD drive, and lots more. It’s really great for when you need something for a project but don’t want to invest money in it because you’ll only use it once or twice."


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"If you find the childsafe function on the cap of a prescription medicine bottle annoying (and you don’t have kids you need to protect), a lot of the tops are designed to be used upside down as well, as normal, easy-to-open screw tops."


"Hearing aids, believe it or not, are also used as an aid to distract your brain from tinnitus or other very annoying audio intrusions."


"A potato peeler can peel a perfect slice of hard butter from the fridge. No tearing of bread trying to spread hard butter."


"The metal posts in your car’s headrests can be used to smash the window in an emergency – same as the little hammer you can get."



"Many microwaves have a secret silent mode. The most common methods to activate it are holding either 0, 1 or 2 for about five seconds. If none of these work, try holding Start or Cancel for five seconds. Otherwise, search for your microwave brand and include the word “mute”."


"You can set custom keyboard shortcuts. I use @@ to paste my email and && to paste my address. It’s really useful

Edit: For iPhone: Settings-> General->Keyboard->Text Replacement"


"Honda CR-Vs from the early 2000s have a secret picnic table under the floor in the back."


"The stapler built into the work printer is the best stapler in the office. If your stack of documents can fit in the slot at all, it’ll staple."



"I had been using disposable five-blade razors for years before I realized there’s a single blade on the flip side for doing edges."


"Some tubes of medicine have a pointy thing on the cap that allows you to pierce the tamper resistant packaging."


"The US dollar bill is roughly 6 inches. So if you needed to measure something you can use that. Fold it in half to measure roughly 3 inches, etc."


"Those little plastic “tables” in the middle of your pizza box keep the cheese from sticking to the cardboard, but they also can be used to hold down the neighboring slice, so you can remove your slice without touching any others."



"You can replace the large jar on your blender with a mason jar when you need to blend or chop a small volume of something.

Just screw the cap with the blades onto any small mouth canning jar and proceed.Blenders were designed for this use."


"The top rack in most dishwashers adjusts up and down so you can fit taller things in the top rack. There are little clips on the sides of the rack that you use to adjust it. Go take a peek at your dishwasher"


"Running shoes have an extra hole so you can lace them more securely. Called a heel lock."



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Yulan 1 month ago
And if you want to know about how big 1/4 or 1/10 of an ounce of silver is look at a US quarter or dime. Even though they haven't been made from silver for a long time they are still the same size as when the silver dollar was used (which was about 1 ounce of silver). And there's your useless info for the day...
Nickie 1 month ago
#9 - mine is the 8 button
Fran 1 month ago
Kind of a waste of time here, since people who don't know most of these things probably can't read anyway.
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